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Chilli Law
Chilli Law
201 Leichhardt Street

chili law is a law firm in Australia.

law firm
Garling & Co
Garling & Co
We are a modern, unique and customer focused law firm who specialize in workers compensation claims, motor vehicle compensation claims, negligence compensation claims and total and permanent disability compensation claims.

Our Aim

We are a modern, unique and customer focused law firm and our primary aim is to achieve the best possible settlement for our clients, in the shortest amount of time whilst providing outstanding customer service.

Our founder, Matthew Garling, is a NSW Law Society Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law. Matthew has built a team focused on delivering outstanding results.

“Our aim is simple; to obtain the best possible settlement we can for our clients. We appreciate that our clients want to get their lives back on track, as soon as possible and that is exactly what we do. We support our clients through these major life decisions with outstanding levels of communication and customer service. We believe we are here to help."

Our Difference

At Garling & Co, our primary aim is to provide outstanding service to our clients; we do this by utilising the most current technology and by ensuring our clients are fully informed of their rights throughout the claim. This is done with simple courtesy and manners, promptly responding to our clients needs.

At Garling & Co, we take pride in providing affordable legal advice. We have available “no win no fee” costs agreements in certain matters and have developed a fair method of value billing (lump sum billing) to our clients rather than charging hourly rates for our work.

We believe charging an hourly rate is in direct conflict with our client’s interests and needs. Our clients want their matter finalised as quickly and efficiently as possible for the right result. Charging an hourly gives no incentive for the lawyer to resolve the claim quickly, just the opposite in fact, the lawyer wants the claim to go for as long as possible and be as complex as possible so they are paid more. The outcome for the client is not aligned with the lawyers interests. We believe this is unacceptable yet it is the normal method for charging legal costs.

We have developed our legal costs system so as to align both our and our client’s interests, so we are both working towards the same goal which is the best possible outcome as quickly as we reasonably can resolve the claim.

For your FREE no obligation appointment call us on 1300 851 201 or email us on Alternatively, you can visit our website for more information.

Compensation Lawyers Sydney
1300 851 201
Best Wilson Buckley Family Law | Toowoomba
Family Lawyers in Brisbane and Toowoomba, Best Wilson Buckley Family Law is one of the largest family law teams in Queensland.

We are one of the largest specialist family law firms in Queensland, with offices in Toowoomba and Brisbane. Our dedicated team of professionals is well placed to provide you with expert, individual advice on your family law needs. We were recently voted one of Queensland's leading law firms by independent reviewer, Doyle's.

Family Law Lawyers Toowoomba
BPC Lawyers
BPC Lawyers
BPC Lawyers are a Sydney based law firm specializing in compensation and personal injury with over 30 years industry experience.

BPC Lawyers is a leading compensation law firm in Sydney with specialist Personal Injury Lawyers. We are providing legal services including compensation law, personal injury law, worker's compensation claims, motor accident claims, professional and medical negligence claims in NSW region.

Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney
(02) 8280 6900
The Personal Injury Lawyers
Experts in personal injury and compensation law.

Not sure if you are entitled to compensation? Speak with The Personal Injury Lawyers who are the leading Compensation Lawyers Brisbane and QLD wide for a free, no obligation meeting regarding your claim today.

Compensation Lawyers Brisbane & QLD
1800 958 498
McNamara & Associates
McNamara & Associates
McNamara & Associates provide expert solicitor services throughout Ipswich, Queensland. They have been in operation for over 70 years, professionally handling a range of legal requirements from their four offices scattered around the region.

McNamara & Associates is a well-established law firm in Ipswich providing comprehensive range of legal advice and services including personal injury law, family law, divorce law, child support, will disputes, commercial law, conveyancing.

Ipswich Lawyers
Migration Australia WA
Migration Australia WA
Providing Partner visa and general immigration advice to residents of Perth, Western Australia.

Imagine; you are a traveller free, not a care in the world, ready for new experiences, new discoveries and just when life couldn’t get any better you meet a certain someone, a drink becomes a meal. A meal becomes endless conversations and lots of time together and a little change in course happens, we like to call love and you find yourself in a very happy and fulfilling relationship.

One of you is from Australia and one of you is from another part of the world. Everything is great, you feel you are on a wonderful journey of discovery together, you might even be living together starting a new life in Australia, then comes some uncertainty. Your current visa is about to expire. You want to know your best route to ensure safe passage.
08 6460 9761
Migration agent in Perth

Best & Professional Migation agents/ consultants in perth, provides residential visa, spouse visa, return visa processing, australian citizenship online and gives information about 186, 190, 457, 187 visa processing time

student visa
resident visa
special purpouse visas
residential return visa
partner visa and more

Best & Professional migration agent
Hede Byrne & Hall Lawyers Warwick
Hede Byrne & Hall Lawyers have recently expanded into Warwick, our experienced solicitors can provide professional advice and representation for all areas of law, including commercial, property and conveyancing, mining and resources, criminal, wills and estates, and family law. Contact our Warwick office today!

Hede Byrne & Hall Lawyers has opened a new office in Warwick. We are dedicated to developing a great reputation and highest standards of integrity, honesty and professionalism across the region.

We have highly experienced lawyers team for all of the areas of law, including business law, family law, employment law, criminal law, mining and resources law, agribusiness and property law.

Please contact our Warwick office for legal advice on any matter by calling or filling out our enquiry form.

07 4661 1977