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10 Best Accident Lawyers in Adelaide

These are the 10 Best Accident Lawyers in Adelaide.

While every human is a potential victim of accidents and injuries, the fact is that only a few people hold the required training and the necessary qualifications to handle personal injury cases. Has someone caused you to get into a road accident and also it wasn’t your fault in the first place? Has this made you spend thousands of dollars on medical treatment and covering damages to your vehicles? Well, then there is something which you can do to make it up for it.

In this post, we would like to present you the best accident lawyers in Adelaide city with whom you can discuss your case and take their opinion before moving ahead. These all are the best of the best law firms and with their guidance, the chances of you being able to secure will be better.

There are so many different lawyers with different approaches when it comes to making your life easier after an accident. In this article, you’ll find 10 attention-grabbing accident lawyers in Adelaide who will make your experience after a motor vehicle accident much more enjoyable.

1.      LawCall

While their name might be short and sweet, their reputation is built on detailed positive reviews from their past clients. Under the CTP scheme applicable in South Australia can be leveraged to ensure that you get your compensation.

They have a modern, clean website that is responsive and easy to navigate, with good information about the company and their range of services. Contact details are clearly displayed, including a phone number and email address at the top of each page. They also have a simple online enquiry form on the contact us page which has several fields to fill out before sending. They provide information on key criteria such as cost of service, insurance companies they deal with and how long the claim process may take.

Also, if they are correct, the CTP has undergone some recent changes and hence, it is better to take the help of someone who deals with cases like these on a daily basis. Do get in touch with them via either email or by phone and get your case appraised for free.

Address: 22 B26, Wayville

Phone: 8 7070 2707

Website: https://www.lawcall.net.au/

2.    Websters Lawyers

They operate in Smithfield, Ridgehaven and Adelaide. They do have an impressive website which we must say. They also tell us about how one can apply for compensation even if one doesn’t know the identity or whereabouts of the driver who caused the accident.

They explain why early intervention of a legal firm is necessary since they need to interview the witnesses, taking the photographs of the vehicles involved in the crash and paying a visit to the place of accident. They are one of the largest legal firms with offices in Adelaide and throughout South Australia. They have a team of dedicated lawyers who specialise in vehicle accident claims. They will help you get your compensation for damages, injuries and loss of income that you may have suffered from the accident.

Do you feel that they are trying to tell something of value? Then what are you waiting for? Call them today and book an obligation free appointment or call.

Address: 1261 North East Road, Ridgehaven

Phone: 8 8395 8000

Website: https://websterslawyers.com.au/injury-claims/motor-vehicle-accidents

3.    C+F Lawyers

C+F Lawyers are your trusted motor vehicle accident lawyers in Adelaide. They are one of the most recognised personal injury law firms in South Australia, and have been helping our clients with accident claims for over 30 years. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, we understand that it can be an overwhelming time. You may not know where to start or who to turn to for help. C+F Lawyers are here to help – they will guide you through the process and ensure you receive compensation for your injuries.

While their name may sound funny, they mean serious business and this can be attested by the fact that their past clients who dealt with road accident cases say that they are one of the best lawyers in the whole of Adelaide in case you ever meet with a road accident.

And these are their words not ours. Still in doubt? Go check the reviews on their GMB listing. They also explain us about what types of claims can be made for motor vehicle accidents. They are special damages, general damages and future losses.

Address: Suite 2, Level 1/395 Payneham Rd, Marden

Phone: 8 8368 7000

Website: https://candflawyers.com.au/services/motor-accident-lawyers/

4.    Johnston Withers Lawyers

Johnston Withers has a well-earned reputation for providing quality legal services with a strong focus on client care. The firm’s lawyers are recognised for their specialist knowledge and expertise and their commitment to achieving outstanding results for clients. Armed with a clean and user-friendly website, Johnston Withers are ready to fight it all out for you. They have listed out a range of situations for which you can file an accident claim. Also, they have talked about the types of injuries which can be covered.

They specialise in all aspects of personal injury law. This includes claims for compensation for car accidents, public liability, workers compensation, criminal injuries and medical negligence. They also handle wills and estates, criminal law matters and rare instances of family law matters.

Tin Downie leads the personal injury division in this firm and he is assisted by a capable team of lawyers and senior lawyers. Also, they discuss how one can file a claim.  Do get an initial FREE appraisal done from them if you are interested.

Address: 17 Sturt St

Phone: 8 8231 1110

Website: https://johnstonwithers.com.au/

5.    Andersons Solicitors

They are a local firm of solicitors who have been serving the Port Adelaide area, as well as South Australia, since 1851. Their reputation is built on trust and reliability, offering a high standard of professional legal advice and representation from experienced lawyers. They have a dedicated blog for the LGBTQ community as well where they share articles which relate to them. They do deal with a variety of personal injury related cases including road accidents as you may have guessed.

They offer a wide range of legal services, including personal injury and criminal law. They are also experienced at family law and commercial law. Their lawyers and support staff are dedicated to offering a high quality of service, as well as compassion for their clients. They take the time to listen to their clients needs, and offer the best possible advice and representation for their case.

While they do have positive reviews on their business listings on Google, we do feel that they can provide a bit more in-depth content on their road accident-related page. Also, the existing content hasn’t been broken down into subtopics or bullet points for easy understanding.

Address: 113 Lipson St

Phone: 8 8447 4911

Website: https://www.andersons.com.au/andersons-offices/andersons-port-adelaide/

6.    Duncan Basheer Hannon

They are a law firm specialising in all types of personal injury claims and motor accidents, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, and truck accidents. They caution people about how they should discuss things before accepting an offer which the insurers are trying to make. This is because as per them, the extent of injuries and the possible impact of them on your future earnings should be assessed.

They also offer to fight on a no win no fee basis for most cases related to road accidents. This might a blessing for those of you who come from a low- or medium-income background. They have 16 lawyers who manage their road accident cases department.

They’re a very well-established firm who have a long history of helping people who have been injured in accidents, or the families of people injured or those killed in accidents. They offer a full range of legal services including workers compensation, motor vehicle claims, and work accident claims.

Address: 66 Wright St

Phone: 1800 324 324

Website: https://www.dbh.com.au/

7.    Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

They have a proper video explaining in details regarding road accident law and what they can do for you as a law firm. They have also listed the various types of car accident claims which also includes brain damage and spinal damage because of a car accident.

They offer a ‘no win, no fee’ service for most claims, meaning there’s nothing to pay upfront for our professional legal services. They also offer free initial consultations so you can find out whether or not you have a claim without any obligation. Their legal practice is focused on getting the best outcome for their clients. They will stand up for you and fight for your rights when it comes to compensation claims, financial planning disputes, superannuation issues and employment law matters.

They even have a video story of one of their clients about how Maurice Blackburn changed her life for the better after an accident affected her life. They do seem to be ready to go an extra mile to give the desired result to their clients.

Address: Ground Floor/420 King William St

Phone: 8 7109 2700

Website: https://www.mauriceblackburn.com.au/contact/adelaide/

8.    Lindbloms Lawyers

Lindbloms Lawyers is a boutique law firm in Adelaide, South Australia. Specialising in motor vehicle accident compensation claims, we can help you bring your case to a successful outcome. While they do have a positive GMB listing, they don’t seem to have a dedicated page for road accident-related cases or any in-depth relevant info. They understand that accidents can cause a great deal of anguish and financial burden to you, your family and anyone else involved. That’s why their accident lawyers Adelaide offer the best possible care for you and your case.

Their team of personal injury lawyers are experienced in providing matters or advice relating to traffic accidents, public liability claims, work place accidents, medical negligence and more.

Though there was a case in which they managed to secure a compensation of almost 10 million dollars for one of their clients. They have also received a number of awards for the work that they have done in their existence as a firm. If you have been injured in a car accident, motorbike accident, or as a pedestrian or passenger, call their accident lawyers to discuss how they may be able to help.

Address: 9 King William Rd, Unley

Phone: 8 8357 7611

Website: https://lindblomslawyers.com.au/

9.    McLean Santoro Lawyers

McLean Santoro Lawyers is a highly respected Adelaide law firm which specializes in personal injury compensation claims. They are lawyers who listen to what their clients say, and always act in their best interests. They have a list of guidelines in the form of bullet points which they want you to follow to increase your chances of securing compensation claim. While their website design in without a doubt somewhat poor, their performance isn’t.

Their lawyers are available to meet with you at your home, hospital or a location that suits you if you are unable to travel. They can even assist you in making a claim if you live interstate or overseas.

They also provide advice and representation in relation to workers compensation, Wills and Estates, criminal matters, family law and general civil litigation. Their experienced team of lawyers are passionate about helping you recover the compensation you deserve and will do everything possible to make sure your claim is resolved with minimal stress for both you and your family. Wondering why? Well they have a fabulous record in terms of client satisfaction and related feedback from them.

Address: 61 Carrington St

Phone: 405 570 243

Website: https://www.mclean-santoro.com.au/

10.  Liptak Lawyers

While they do have dozens of positive reviews, their website page which is dedicated to traffic and motor vehicle related injuries isn’t organized much so that it can give some actual value to the reader.

They have the skills and experience you need to help you get the compensation you deserve. Liptak Lawyers are experts in traffic, work and personal injury law. All they do is fight to make sure their clients receive every penny they deserve following an accident. They even offer no win no fee as a service to their clients who cannot afford legal advice.

However, do feel free to fill the contact form on their site to get a FREE professional review of your case. Also, ask them for a related case which they fought in the past for some other client.

Address: 262 Melbourne St

Phone: 8 8123 1808

Website: https://liptak-lawyer.com.au/


If you have met with an accident while driving or walking on the road in Adelaide and you feel that it wasn’t your fault at all, we request you to consult with either of these best accident lawyers in Adelaide. They are completely professional and will also keep your case details confidential.

But, needless to say, you need to exercise discretion while choosing which one to go with since it is a very subjective choice. But we have done our best to help you make that choice. We wish you all the best and hope that you will get the rightful compensation which you deserve.

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