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10 Best Accident Lawyers in Melbourne

These are the 10 Best Accident Lawyers in Melbourne.

Have you been a victim of a road accident in Melbourne and had to suffer as a result of that financially and mentally? Then we have great news for you. You are eligible for monetary compensation from the guilty party. Whomsoever it may be.

But there is a caveat, your case needs to be evaluated first to check whether if it does satisfy the conditions set by the local state law in Australia. If you have been involved in a car crash, motorcycle crash, truck crash or just sustained a serious injury that was not your fault then you might need to find a reliable and affordable accident lawyer.

To help you increase your chances of winning, we have brought to you a list of the 10 best accident lawyers in Melbourne city. Starting with, there are hundreds of accident lawyers in Melbourne. Many of them advertise on TV, radio, or online too. So how do you know if they’re the best? Here’s our short list of the best 10 accident lawyers in Melbourne.

1.    Arnold Dallas McPherson

They have explained every aspect of claims related to road accidents in Melbourne. Interestingly, this is the most comprehensive explanation which we have ever found on a law firm’s website pertaining to the type of cases which they deal with.

And the good news is that they exclusively deal with personal injury cases and the related compensation. You can either make an enquiry, call them or even meet their lawyers on a one-on-one basis to discuss your case in detail and don’t worry, this will all be FREE of cost.

They are a leading personal injury law firm based in Melbourne, Victoria. They specialise in all types of compensation claims including car accidents, public transport and slip and fall injuries. Their personal injury lawyers are experts in their field and will help you to get the compensation that you deserve. They have been providing a premium legal service to the people of Melbourne for over 25 years and can assist with medical negligence & workplace accidents as well as superannuation claims. If you need accident lawyers in Melbourne, trust the team at Arnold Dallas McPherson for expert legal advice.

Address: 224, Level 1/236 Queen St

Phone: 3 9007 0659

Website: https://admlaw.com.au/

2.    Polaris Lawyers

They are an Australian owned and operated legal firm who provide advice and assistance on a range of legal issues, including car accident compensation claims.  They understand that it can be difficult to cope with the physical side effects of an accident; let alone the financial and emotional burden that may follow. They have a comprehensive contact form on their website so that you can explain to them about the circumstances of the accident which you were involved in. Though we think that their website can have a better color scheme so that it can be more pleasing to the eyes of the visitors.

Their Melbourne car accident lawyers understand your situation and will help you navigate the complexities of the compensation claim process. They work hard to ensure you receive appropriate compensation for your injuries, losses and other expenses associated with your accident.

They have also won a number of awards for their work and are having a combined experience of more than 50 years. Incidentally, they also have an all 5-star rating on their Google My Business listing. This in itself is a testimony regarding the type of service which they offer to their clients.

Address: 456 Lonsdale St

Phone: 1300 383 825

Website: https://polarislawyers.com.au/contact-polaris-lawyers/

3.    Henry Carus & Associates

If you are planning to visit their physical office then there is good news, they have FREE parking available. They also proudly sponsor a number of great initiatives. They have a number of offices in the state of Victoria including Melbourne. They have been operating for over 30 years and have a very strong reputation in the industry, and they only work on a no win no fee basis so there is no risk to you. They can also help with things like suing for compensation after an accident or personal injury, unfair dismissal at work and even debt litigation.

The team at Henry Carus is particularly experienced in motor vehicle accidents, and they regularly provide legal advice to clients on all kinds of matters relating to this (including bike accidents). This can include things like helping you get compensation from your insurance company if you were not at fault for the vehicle accident (i.e. the other driver was to blame), as well as helping clients who have been injured by uninsured drivers or hit-and-run drivers.

They will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours and do feel free to call them to get FREE legal advice pertaining to your case as it currently is. There is also a live chat option available on their website if you wish to make use of it. They operate in a number of cities in the state of Vcitoria.

Address: Tower 1, Level 8/1341 Dandenong Rd

Phone: 3 9001 1318

Website: https://www.hcalawyers.com.au/

4.    Burt & Davies

They specialise in motor vehicle accident claims, workers compensation, TAC and public liability claims. They have a team of highly skilled and professional lawyers who are committed to guiding you through your claim, assisting you to get the compensation you deserve and obtaining the best possible outcome for you. Though their website is missing favicon, they are one of the few law firms in Melbourne which claim to be experts in cases related to road accidents. They have been doing this for the people of the state of Victoria for 16 years.

Other interesting facts about the way they operate is that 99.5 percent of the claims which they file get resolved via out of court settlements. Also, the average time which a case takes to be cleared for compensation with them is just 12 months

They also have a stories section on their website where their past clients have shared their experiences regarding how Burt & Davies helped them with their cases. They are a dedicated team of lawyers in Melbourne who fight for people injured in car accidents, workplace accidents and public liability accidents.

Address: 2/451 Little Bourke St

Phone: 1800 822 529

Website: https://burtdavies.com.au/

5.    Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

No list related to discussing best law firms of a particular type of case can ever be complete without mentioning Maurice Blackburn in any given major Australian city. They have a vast amount of experience in dealing with every type of case including road accident cases.

Their commitment towards helping their clients can be gauges by the fact that they have even a video explaining their vision related to road accident cases and potential clients. They will also fight your case if you feel you have suffered psychological trauma because of an accident. They represent clients in cases on a no win no fee basis and specialise in car accidents, work injuries, workers compensation, medical negligence, disability insurance claims, public liability claims and superannuation & injury claims.

They have a team of dedicated workers to fight for compensation after a car accident. If you have been injured in a car accident, you could be entitled to significant compensation. Their lawyers can help you make a claim to cover your pain and suffering, loss of income and expenses associated with the car accident such as medical, rehabilitation and travel costs.

Address: 21/380 La Trobe St

Phone: 3 9605 2700

Website: https://www.mauriceblackburn.com.au/

6.    Henry Carus & Associates

Henry Carus & Associates Accident lawyers in Melbourne are experts in injury claims and compensation law. Their clients include people who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents, work related accidents, slip and fall accidents. They focus on compensation law: they are personal injury lawyers and compensation lawyers. This means that we help people who have been injured (or the family of someone who has died) in motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, public place accidents and other situations where someone has suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence.

Besides calling or emailing them ([email protected]), you can also send them a FAX on 03 9445 9232. In case you are comfortable with reading only Spanish and Chinese, they have their website available in these languages too.

They too have a number of offices in the state of Victoria and also, they mostly fight on no win no fee basis when it comes to compensation law. If you wish to learn more about what the law says about road accident cases, then you can refer to their blog section.

Address: Level 2/990 Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill

Phone: 3 9001 1318

Website: https://www.hcalawyers.com.au/

7.    Melbourne Injury Lawyers

Melbourne Injury Lawyers helps people in Melbourne and the surrounding areas who have been injured at work, have had a motor vehicle accident, a public liability claim or a medical negligence claim. They have ears of experience helping injured people collect damages to cover medical bills, lost wages and other expenses. They tell us about how we need to file our claim within 12 months and that the TAC will tell the applicant within 21 days about whether or not his or her claim has been accepted. Then, the TAC can also conduct further investigation by sending a doctor and this might take two more weeks.

The catch which they caution us about is that the TAC can REJECT the claim of an applicant as well or can halt the payment of the compensation amount. In both the cases, they advise us to contact them so that they can work on things and get stuff resolved. Melbourne Injury Lawyers understands that when you are injured you need legal help fast. Their team of highly specialised lawyers will guide you through the complex legal process to make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve as quickly as possible.

Address: 209 Glenroy Rd, Glenroy

Phone: 3 8311 1888

Website: https://www.mil.com.au/

8.    LHD Lawyers

LHD lawyers too are a well-known name in the Australian legal industry. You can fill their contact us for on their website to get in touch with their legal team. To validate their commitment of providing all Australians with access to the legal system, they work on a no win no fee basis.

They are a specialist law firm that provides legal advice and representation to people who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident or at work. Legal Help Desk is aware of the difficulties faced by people involved in accidents and seek to offer compassionate, practical and professional advice on all matters related to compensation claims.

Address: level 7/555 Lonsdale St

Phone: 1300 273 248

Website: https://www.lhd.com.au/

9.     Maxiom Injury Lawyers

Maxiom Lawyers is a law firm based in Melbourne that specialises in personal injury related matters like WorkCover and TAC claims, motor vehicle accidents, public liability claims and medical negligence.

They are a top personal injury lawyer in Melbourne with offices located in the CBD. They offer a free consultation and legal advice to people who have suffered an injury as a result of an accident. They specialise in motor vehicle injuries, work related injuries, public liability claims and medical negligence claims.

Address: Office Tower 1, Level 8, 1341 Dandenong Rd, Chadstone VIC 3148, Australia

Phone: +61 1800 853 085

Website: http://maxiomlaw.com.au/

10.  National Compensation Lawyers

If you have been injured in an accident, you may be entitled to compensation. National Compensation Lawyers is a leading law firm that specialises in personal injury claims for clients that are based in Melbourne. They provide the highest level of legal representation and take pride in our ability to recover the maximum amount of compensation for our clients. Their lawyers are highly regarded across the industry and have years of experience working on all types of accident related claims.

National Compensation Lawyers offers fixed fee services and they will never charge you if they don’t win your case. If you would like more information or would like to speak with one of their lawyers, please contact them today!

Address: Level 12/200 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone: +61 1300 332 753

Website: https://nationalcompensationlawyers.com.au/


Hope that you will find your suitable law firm to fight your accident compensation claim case for you. You might be wondering what is the need to find the best possible law firm to represent you? Well, it is for the simple reason of increasing your overall chances of winning.

The best accident lawyers in Melbourne have years of experience of fighting similar cases for other clients like yourself. Taking a chance with a newly established law firm is something which you would not want to get yourself involved with. Do try to connect with their past clients as well to get an idea about their performance.

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