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10 Best Business Lawyers in Adelaide

These are the 10 Best Business Lawyers in Adelaide.

Running a business is rewarding if done right, but there can be sometimes a need of a lawyer to sort out some issues. Which is why we have decided to bring to you the best business lawyers in Adelaide city.

If you have any aspect of your business which needs clarity from a person who is expert in the associated legal framework, then you must choose the best possible business lawyer in town. If you are in need of advice, you will get a proper one like this and if you are fighting a case, your winning chances will get better.

1.    Belperio Clark

They offer a wide range of legal services which includes dispute resolution, wills & estates related cases and family law related cases besides commercial cases. They acknowledge that for an individual or a small business, staying up to date with changing business laws can be difficult.

They also say that people need to take legal advice before venturing into a new business deal or acquisition. They also promise to solve your issues in the simplest possible manner that will encounter least resistance.

Some of the other areas which they can help you with are franchising, leasing and property, IP (Intellectual Property), and Liquor Licensing.

Address: 94 Sturt St

Phone: 8 8212 1322

Website: https://bc-lawyers.com.au/

2.    Kain Lawyers

They are niche law firm which specifically focuses on transactions. They work with Australian as well as foreign companies and helps them with disputes, fund management, financing, ECM, structuring and acquisition of assets, M&A etc.

They a large number of legal professionals who are experts in their fields of practice. They also have a new section which gets frequently updated and currently even has a Covid-19 News subsection to cater to the changes in the financial legal field due to the pandemic.

You can also subscribe to their monthly newsletter and if required can drop them an email on [email protected] if you feel that is the best way of contacting them.

Address: 315 Wakefield St

Phone: 8 7220 0900

Website: https://www.kainlawyers.com.au/

3.    Costi & Co

While they do need an SSL certificate for their website, this cannot negate the fact that they are a Gold Alliance Firm as per the Law Society of South Australia and they specialize in commercial law.

Their areas of practice include criminal law, insolvency, ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution), Civil and Commercial Disputes (Litigation), Estates and Wills, Property law and conveyancing, commercial leases and commercial transactions. They have maintained a 5-star rating on their Google listing too.

Address: 106 South Tce

Phone: 8 8231 3566

Website: http://www.costico.com.au/

4.    Cowell Clarke

Another dedicated law firm to commercial law. Their expertise is in such a large number of topics, that we advise you to visit their expertise page on their website (yes, they have it).

You can fill their contact us form which needs you to write your name, firm’s name, contact number, email address and your enquiry statement. They also a large number of lawyers who will be made available to work on your case as per the required type of expertise.

Incidentally, they are also the member of the ALFA International which is a well-known global legal network. As per them, most of their clients want them to either of these two things. Managing risk or creating value.

Address: Level 9/63 Pirie St

Phone: 8 8228 1111

Website: https://www.cowellclarke.com.au/

5.    Andersons Solicitors

They have been in the legal business since the last half a century. They a large number of practice areas which also includes commercial and business law.

They also have a dedicated page for that on their site. Interestingly, their Will and Estate Planning department falls under their commercial department.

From fighting disputes via litigation and protecting assets to advising about wills, Andersons is a firm which you can completely rely up on. Their team which works on commercial law cases is made up of 7 members.

Address: 53/69 Franklin St

Phone: 8 8238 6666

Website: https://www.andersons.com.au/

6.    Duncan Basheer Hannon

Whether you choose them or not, you have to at least visit their website once. We have seen many sites while reviewing firms but theirs perhaps is the best that is there amongst all Australian law firms. As for commercial law, they cover these types of cases.

Commercial property, gaming, liquor licensing, debt collection & insolvency, commercial agreements and much more. They have 4 offices in the Adelaide metropolitan region. In total, there are 35 lawyers and solicitors in their team.

Address: 66 Wright St

Phone: 1800 324 324

Website: https://www.dbh.com.au/

7.    Evan Richards & Associates

They know that it is the small and medium business owners which need the help of law firms the most and which is why they have dedicated them to serving them. And yes, they aren’t a big team either. But this doesn’t mean that they haven’t built a reputation for themselves.

Their services are related to shareholder agreements and related disputes, M&As, preparing business related documents and a few more. Their aim as their website stats is to help businesses grow themselves and become prosperous.

Address: 4/22 Grenfell St

Phone: 8 8110 6033

Website: https://adelaidelaw.com.au/

8.    Beger & Co

They have more than a hundred positive reviews. And if you happen to be dealing with either reverse mortgage loans, ownership structure, gaming & liquor, franchise related issues, securities and finance or business sale, you can contact them. These are all kinds of issues which you might face while running your business in Adelaide.

Address: 213 Payneham Rd, St Peters

Phone: 8 8362 6400

Website: https://www.beger.com.au/

9.    Lynch Meyer

Interestingly, they have China related advisory service available too. They along with this cover a plethora of issues related to business, corporate and commercial law. A few of their lawyers have been featured in best Australian lawyers list too.

They have worked in every segment that you can imagine or think about. You can follow their news and latest updates sections too to stay up to date legal news and changes brought to the law. Needless to say, use your discretion before going with them or not.

Address: 190 Flinders St

Phone: 8 8223 7600

Website: https://lynchmeyer.com.au/

10.  Haarsma Lawyers

Their main focus is on helping businesses do franchising. And not only that, they also help in settling franchise disputes via litigation or negotiation with the other involved party. They will also assist you if you don’t wish to be part of a franchise agreement anymore. However, they have somewhat poor GMB listing rating.

Address: 116 Wright St

Phone: 8 8410 8788

Website: https://www.haarsma.com.au/


Hope that you liked this list of the best business lawyers in Adelaide. If you have the tiniest of doubts related to business law, don’t hesitate from getting a consultation. Remember, it is better to be within the limits of the law then to unknowingly cross it.

Also, you can take their services on a yearly basis too if you want them to update you about how the new changes in tax and business law will affect your business. Knowing these things is vital and especially for small business since big business have a dedicated legal department.

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