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10 Best Business Lawyers in Darwin

These are the 10 Best Business Lawyers in Darwin.

Business related laws are best understood by law firms that deal with them on a day-to-day basis. Which is why we have decided to bring to you the best business lawyers in Darwin.

These lawyers and the law firms with which they are associated have decades of experience behind them and are ready to help businesses and address the issues faced by them.

It is better to let these professionals deal with the complications associated with commercial and business law. Their experience will come handy no matter how much of a self-proclaimed expert you are. Allow us to start discussing them.

1.    JUDE Lawyers

For a list of commercial areas of their practice, visit their website. Besides that, they will assist you with litigation, dispute resolution and recovering debt.

You can also contact them if you want commercial legal advice and help related to licensing and leasing. They also like to proudly proclaim that in terms of litigation, they are battle hardened veterans. They aren’t that old of a firm since they were established in 2006 (around a decade and half ago).

You can also email them as they have an email us now button on their website. With regards to ratings and reviews, they have all 5-star ratings on their Google listing.

Address: Ground Floor/9 Cavenagh St

Phone: 8 8941 8229

Website: https://jude-lawyers.com/new/commercial-d1-2/

2.    Tindall Gask Bentley

They deal with finance and banking related issues too along with litigation services related to selling and buying properties for business related causes. They also reiterate the fact that every business that is successful needs lawyers who have experience, legal knowledge besides commercial acumen.

Besides giving enormous help to businesses, they fight a variety of other cases as well which can be found on their website. The firm is quite big since it operates in a number of major Australian cities that we know of. Their office is open from Monday to Friday with exception of public holidays. You can also fill their contact us form with associated details so that they can get back to you.

Address: 1/21 Cavenagh St

Phone: 8 8941 7814

Website: https://tgb.com.au/services/business-property/

3.    Bowden McCormack

Their goal as they state on their website is to get disputes resolved without making the need to arise for the parties involved to go to the court of law. They build proper legal strategies for cases which are already in court or those that are going to be. They have a list of commercial disputes made available on their website which they regularly fight for.

They have a number of sections on their website which you can check out and those who are interested to learn more about Australian law and associated changes can refer to their blog section. They operate throughout Northern Australia.

Address: 101 Mitchell St

Phone: 8 8941 6355

Website: https://bowden-mccormack.com.au/services/

4.    Ward Keller

As per them, they are the largest and the oldest law firm in Northern Territory. Of their large number of areas of practice, debt collection and share transfers are a few which concern businesses. They can also help you to resolve disputes with your adversaries outside the court of law.

Do feel free to fill their contact form for your first consultation with them. They also have made available an ask a lawyer service on Facebook for those who wish to get an answer to their legal queries.

They have divided their areas of practice into personal and business divisions. You can read their blog posts to know more about how laws function in the Northern Territory region of Australia.

Address: Level 7/22 Mitchell St

Phone: 8 8911 0715

Website: https://www.wardkeller.com.au/

5.    De Silva Hebron

They do offer a limited number of services related to commercial law. Liquor licensing, financial agreements and purchase and sale of businesses are a few of them. They are also ready to solve legal issues that are quite complex. If you want, you can also email them to [email protected].

Their physical office is open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Besides business related cases, they do take up a number of other legal cases too.

Address: 47 Knuckey St

Phone: 8 8924 4944

Website: https://desilva-hebron.com/

6.    Hunt & Hunt Lawyers

Interestingly, an all women team leads the Darwin office of the firm. They are ready to help you with a wide variety of commercial law issues. All you need to do to find that is to check the expertise section of their website. The firm is quite old since it was created in the year 1929. As of now, they have offices in every major Australian city.

Address: Level 2/13 Cavenagh St

Phone: 8 8924 2600

Website: https://www.hunthunt.com.au/darwin/

7.    Halfpennys

Their head, Richard Henschke has been fighting for the rights of businesses in Darwin from three decades. In case you wish to start a brand-new business, do contact them. They will be more than happy to help you with things. And things don’t end here. They also assist those who are in trouble while running businesses as of now.

The list of issues related to which they can advise you is on their website’s relevant page. Commercial and business law is one of their largest areas of practice in the Darwin region.

Address: 3/69 Smith St

Phone: 8 8942 8888

Website: https://halfpennys.com.au/














So, these were the best business lawyers in Darwin as they are as of now. They do tremendous amount of work every year to ensure that businesses in Darwin thrive and grow by leaps and bounds. Remember to have realistic expectations when you get in touch with them.

If you are a small business or an emerging startup, it is highly recommended that you secure the services of law firms like these since your competitor’s have entire legal department for the same function. Lastly, we wish you all the best and loads of luck for your business to prosper and grow by leaps and bounds.

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