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10 Best Business Lawyers in Sydney

These are the 10 Best Business Lawyers in Sydney.

Running a business in a city like Sydney can be quite rewarding in terms of possible financial gains. But there is a catch. You need to be compliant with associated laws in the city and have to follow them while doing several things pertaining to running a business.

Which is why we have brought to you a proper list with all the details of best business lawyers in Sydney. They are well-experienced and do their jobs with complete regard to professionalism and client satisfaction. We hope that this list assists you in making an informed decision. Let us begin.

1.    Ivy Law Group

Their tagline related to their business law division is that they help their clients to minimize risk and get closer to their set business goals. They also have made available the facility of a FREE initial consultation which has no obligation attached to it.

Allow us to list the matters with which they can help you. Retail and commercial leasing, agreements related to allotting franchising, laws related to hiring people, corporation laws, contracts, structuring of businesses, selling and buying businesses.

Their office is just nearby to the Queen Victoria Building. They have maintained an impeccable track in terms of the ratings left by their previous clients.

Address: Suite 201/127 York St

Phone: 2 9262 4003

Website: https://www.ivylawgroup.com.au/

2.    ABP Lawyers

While they did make sure that there is a captcha to avoid bot messages on their contact us form, they are yet to pay attention to the missing SSL certificate on their website. But nevertheless, they are a well-established firm with many positive ratings.

They offer fixed quotes for most of their legal services and will respond to the queries raised by you within 24 hours. Best of all, their lawyers can be contacted directly without you needing to go through a layer of assistants. Also, they are more driven towards giving results to their clients.

Address: Suite 29.03, Level 29/201 Elizabeth St

Phone: 2 8880 6505

Website: http://www.abplaw.com.au/

3.    MistryFallahi

Besides some obvious looking legal services for businesses, they are also providing some out of the box services like anti-money laundering, E-commerce and AR & VR related services. You can also email them at [email protected]. They were also the technology firm of the year for 2014 and 2016.

They also have a number of testimonies on their website of their previous clients with their name and designation besides the company which they represent. Their team consists of three lawyers out of which two are principals (Bhavesh Mistry and Ehsan Fallahi) and a partner (Jennifer Pham).

Address: Level 14/15 Castlereagh St

Phone: 2 8094 1247

Website: https://www.mistryfallahi.com.au/

4.    Clearys

Their website is almost bizarre given the fact that it is so little content on it. With regards to businesses, they provide services like creating commercial and personal contracts. If you are a new businessman, then they will help you with proper agreements for your shareholders.

They are also ready to help you with financing and banking besides a myriad of other related services. However, as we said before, the website can be way better than what it is now. This is because the visitor needs to have some clear idea and his or her doubts need to be taken care of.

Address: 3 Spring St

Phone: 2 9060 6411

Website: https://clearys.com.au/

5.    Blackwattle Legal

Their focus seems to be on bankruptcy and insolvency. And indeed, it is great if you are looking for services like these for your firm or company in Sydney. Moreover, they have dealt with international business beyond Australia too.

Their legal team consists of Trevor Withane, Patrick Gallego, and Olivia Dudley. You can message them via a contact us form on their website.

They will be able to help you with whistleblowing, fraud, JV disputes, defamation and commercial arbitration besides other business law related services. Another point to note here is that they allow other firms to refer their clients to Blackwattle too.

Address: Suite 4, Level 6/111 Elizabeth St

Phone: 2 8005 3057

Website: https://www.blackwattlelegal.com.au/

6.    Woods & Day

They will be able to help you with consumer and competition law, arbitration on an international level if the other business firm is from outside Australia, IP theft, recovering debt and much more.

In case you wish to get help for immigration related issues for those professionals of your company which need to be settled in Australia, they can help you with that too.

Their legal insights section will give you immense amount of knowledge and also, they are member of Law Society of NSW and Queensland Law Society. They operate in the cities of Melbourne and Brisbane too.

Address: Level 20/6 O’Connell St

Phone: 2 9299 6111

Website: https://www.woodsandday.com.au/

7.    Townsend Lawyers

With respect to businesses, they will help you to establish or end a business besides expanding it with legal point of view. They have also listed what they call legal business services on their website which you can purchase as per your requirement. Overall, a decent firm which is helping a number of businesses in Sydney.

Address: L9/65 York St

Phone: 2 8296 6222

Website: https://www.townsendslaw.com.au/

8.    Heathfield Grosvenor Lawyers

They have been finalists of various awards related to the law field. They are rated 5-star on their Google My Business listing, 4.3 stars on Trustpilot, and 9.5 on FirmChecker. Their expertise in commercial matters is unparalleled by their zeal towards helping their clients. And incidentally, they help you with marketing and advertising.  

Address: Level 21/133 Castlereagh St

Phone: 2 8005 7388

Website: https://hglaw.com.au/

9.    RBHM Commercial Lawyers

They too have the SSL certificate missing from their website but are promising legal costs that are realistic, on time delivery of services, and they also have built their reputation with respect to excellence, quality and attention to detail. They also say that they are accredited business lawyers in North Sydney.

Address: 1/66 Berry St, North Sydney

Phone: 2 9957 4242

Website: http://www.rbhm.com.au/

10.  Rockliff Snelgrove

Before we say anything, we would like to commend the for having a well-organized website with proper flow of information.

They also have given an option to you to obtain quotes from them on their website. Interestingly, they also assist their clients with carbon trading, energy laws and climate change as per their website.

Their website is also available in whichever language you want thanks to Google translate. The combined experience of their lawyers and solicitors is almost a century.

Address: 5/50 King St

Phone: 2 9299 4912

Website: https://rslaw.com.au/


So, these were the best business lawyers in Sydney as we know them via independent reviews on their Google My Business listings.

Being on the right side of the law is the way to go ahead with doing business in Sydney. Remember, not following rules laid out by the Australian government can result in you getting fined or even jailed in worst case scenario.

Hopefully, in case you feel that you are in doubt, you will take the help of these able law firms and stay on the right side of the law. We wish you well with your business and hope that it grows by leaps and bounds.

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