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10 Best Commercial Lawyers in Hobart

These are the 10 Best Commercial Lawyers in Hobart.

Are you in need of commercial law services for your business but don’t know where to start? Whether you are a startup or established in your industry, you will find yourself in need of commercial law services at some point, so it is best to be informed. Searching for commercial law practices and firms need not be so painstaking and time-consuming, especially with your limited time, money, and various resources. In this article, we list down some of the best commercial lawyers in Hobart to choose from for you and your business’s legal needs.

Choosing the right lawyer is crucial in ensuring you receive the result that you want. This is especially relevant if you are entangled in a legal case. There are numerous law firms and lawyers in Hobart and deciding on the right attorney can be challenging. Below is a list of my top 10 commercial lawyers in Hobart which will assist your search.

1.    Simmons Wolfhagen Lawyers

Simmons Wolfhagen is a known name in Tasmania, having been established and operating for a long time. The firm is also reputed for its progressive and modern approaches to all cases it handles. It is also a general service law firm that practices across the different fields of law including commercial law and commercial litigation. From contract drafting, negotiation and execution all the way to entering purchasing preexisting businesses, Simmons Wolfhagen is equipped with the expertise to help clients succeed in their business.

The team at Simmons Wolfhagen Lawyers have worked with a range of clients in Adelaide and across South Australia – from individuals to large companies. They provide clear, detailed advice to ensure their clients are well informed, whether they’re dealing with business contracts, employment law, insolvency and bankruptcy or any other area of commercial law.

They work closely with their clients to devise legal solutions that meet their needs, and help them achieve the best possible outcome. Their lawyers are approachable and down-to-earth, and take the time to understand the individual circumstances of each client.


Level 4, 99 Bathurst Street

Hobart, Tasmania 7000

Phone: +61 3 6226 1200

Website: https://www.simwolf.com.au/

2.    Nick Beattie Barrister and Solicitor

Nick Beattie Barrister and Solicitor is a boutique law practice handled by its namesake Nick Beattie. The practice was founded in 2007, and Nick Beattie is well-versed in a wide array of legal services including corporate, commercial, and contract law. No business matter is outside his expertise; having practiced law for over 20 years, Nick Beattie is one of the most competent and professional commercial lawyers in Hobart.

Their experienced team is able to provide a high level of service and practical advice to our clients. They aim to exceed expectations, providing timely and cost-effective solutions. Please contact them today to arrange an appointment.

They help clients negotiate agreements and prepare the documentation required to give effect to those agreements. Their negotiations are based on an understanding of what your business needs and objectives are, so that they can make sure you get the best deal possible. They also ensure you are protected by including appropriate terms and conditions in your agreements.


Highfield House

Level 1, 114 Bathurst Street

Hobart TAS 7000

Phone Number: (03) 6234 6420

Website: http://www.nickbeattie.com.au/

3.    Ware & Partner Lawyers

Ware & Partner Lawyers is a law firm that practices in commercial law, commercial litigation, and business law. They see their role as the ones who understand the legal situation of the client in the context of that individual client’s operations, and from there, offer sound, customized, and tailored advice and legal assistance.

They offer clients legal advice and guidance across a wide range of commercial matters including: banking and finance; business structure; commercial property; construction law; employment law; joint ventures; mergers and acquisitions; mining leases; partnerships; sale of businesses; shareholder agreements and trade practices. Ware & Partner Lawyers have a strong focus on commercial law matters. They have extensive experience dealing with all sorts of commercial contractual issues and act for either party involved in a transaction or dispute.

Ware & Partner Lawyers are the legal team behind hundreds of successful businesses and individuals in Adelaide. The team at Ware & Partner Lawyers are motivated to provide their clients with the best service possible, through understanding their needs, listening to their concerns, answering their questions and explaining the legal process in plain English.

Address: Level 3, NAB Building, 86 Collins Street, PO Box 643G, Hobart Tasmania, Australia 7001

Phone Number: (03) 62 349399

Website: http://www.warepartners.com.au/

4.    Dobson Mitchel Allport

When it comes to providing legal services in Tasmania, Dobson Mitchell Allport is one of the more reputed names, being a leading provider in the industry. Their client base includes business, individuals, and even government units. Instead of just focusing on providing advice, Dobson Mitchell Allport goes the extra mile to provide practical solutions with a central focus on the client.

Dobson Mitchel Allport is a law firm that offers a variety of services for both individuals and businesses. You can also contact Dobson Mitchel Allport by filling out their contact form. They will respond as soon as they can. They also provide legal assistance in areas such as franchise law, employment law and unfair dismissal claims. Many of these matters involve complex legislation and their lawyers will take care to explain your options in clear terms. Feel free to contact them for a consultation about how they can help you with your matter. Their aim is always to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients. They do this by providing clear, practical advice designed to suit each client’s individual needs.

Address: 59 Harrington Street, Hobart Tasmania 7000

Phone Number: +61 3 6210 0000

Website: https://doma.com.au/

5.    Ogilvie Jennings Lawyers

Ogilvie Jennings Lawyers is a specialist commercial law firm based in Adelaide, South Australia. They are experienced in providing legal advice to individuals and businesses across a range of industries and sectors.  In this list, Ogilvie Jennings is one of the oldest firms, tracing its roots all the way back to 1937. When it comes to providing commercial legal assistance, they take care to ensure that all advice they give is pragmatic and always with the client’s best interests in mind. Their lawyers continually keep themselves updated with the law, and they pride themselves in providing solutions instead of just information.

Ogilvie Jennings Lawyers is a full-service law firm with offices in Adelaide and Darwin. They have a wide variety of clients, ranging from individuals and small businesses to large corporations and government agencies.  Their team of lawyers have experience in providing innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions for their clients. They have a wide range of commercial and business clients across Australia from sole traders, partnerships, companies and trusts to government agencies.

Address: Level 4, 39 Murray Street, Hobart TAS 7001

Phone Number: (03) 6235 0800

Website: http://www.ogilviejennings.com.au/

6.    Roberts & Partners Lawyers

Roberts and Partners is a firm that has been operating since the 1980s. They have a wide law practice area, but with regard to commercial law, their principal focus is and has always been on helping startups develop into respectable businesses. The firm also ensures that in all their cases, they take a proactive — as opposed to a mere reactive — approach which allows them to come out ahead, a value that is especially important for commercial law, one of the most complicated fields of law.

Roberts & Partners Lawyers are an Adelaide based commercial law firm that provides legal services to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individuals.

Their team is comprised of experienced lawyers who have a wealth of expertise in their respective fields. They provide experienced legal advice, with the aim of achieving an outcome that is in the best interests of their clients. They are happy to answer any questions you might have about their legal services. If you would like to know more about Roberts & Partners Lawyers, please contact them or visit their website.


Suite 5a, 1 Stanton Place, Cambridge

Phone Number: 03 6248 4144

Website: https://robertsandpartnerslawyers.com.au/

7.    Baker Wilson Davies

Based in Southern Tasmania, Baker Wilson Davies is one of the more established firms dating way back to 1982. While they are a general practice law firm, their unique feature is providing specialist legal services, and they do this by ensuring that for each branch of law that they handle, there are always lawyers specializing in that field ready to oversee and handle that case. This kind of personalized service that they offer is very appealing for new clients who may find themselves intimidated by the thought of consulting with lawyers for the first time. Their client base is not just limited to Hobart; they cater to clients all across Australia.

Their team has extensive experience in all types of commercial disputes including litigation, mediation and alternative dispute resolution. They are also experienced in insolvency and bankruptcy matters, and can assist with any legal issues you may encounter as a result of these issues. In addition to this, they offer advice on employment law matters as well as intellectual property rights protection such as trademarks or patents. With their knowledge and expertise, they are able to advise on every aspect of your business needs.


3 Wilmot Road


Tasmania 7109

Phone Number: (03) 6264 1055

Website: http://www.bakerwilsondavies.com.au/

8.    Page Seager Lawyers

Page Seager is the go-to commercial law firm for most corporations in Hobart, whether they be public or private, domestic or international. From mergers & acquisitions to obtaining capital all the way to handling and advising on everyday commercial transactions, Page Seager has the competence to handle even the most complex corporate commercial transactions that may arise throughout the lifetime of the business. They have achieved renown because their lawyers have had considerable experience working for some of Australia’s biggest law firms and organizations.

Page Seager is a multi-faceted legal practice with divisions for property, litigation, corporate and commercial law, employment law and wills, estates and probate. Their experienced team has the knowledge and expertise to handle your matter in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

They are a highly experienced team of commercial lawyers based in Adelaide, South Australia. Their clients include both small businesses and large organisations with their expertise covering a range of areas including Commercial, Property and Dispute Resolution.


RACT House

Level 2

179 Murray Street

Hobart, 7000


Phone Number: 03 6235 5155

Website: https://www.pageseager.com.au/

9.    Butler McIntyre & Butler

Butler McIntyre & Butler is led by 10 lawyers, all of whom are known for both their integrity and their legal expertise, whatever field of law may be involved. The firm itself has been providing legal services for the Hobart community for almost 200 years, whether the clients are individuals, businesses, corporations, and even developers. Recognizing that property law and commercial law tend to go hand in hand, Butler McIntyre & Butler has a specialized team dedicated to all matters related to Property and Commercial Law.

Their lawyers provide expert advice and practical solutions to assist businesses and individuals to manage risk, solve problems, seize opportunities, grow and prosper. They have a reputation for providing the highest quality legal service, advice and support for businesses and individuals throughout South Australia. Their team of highly qualified lawyers are focused on providing you with professional, effective and timely legal advice.

Address: 20 Murray Street Hobart TAS 7000

Phone Number: 03 6222 9444

Website: https://bmbtas.com/

10.  Tierney Law

Tierney Law is a general practice law firm that provides legal assistance that is both informative and practical. They take pride in being able to provide quality legal advice that is both affordable and delivered in clear English, so clients who value transparent communication will like Tierney Law’s approach to commercial law.

Their range of services is wide and varied, from general commercial advice and litigation to intellectual property, branding and IT law. They also have a special focus on aviation legal work. Whether you’re a business looking to protect your assets or an individual with a legal matter you need help with, their team of specialist Hobart lawyers can help.

Address: 1/18 Elizabeth St, Hobart TAS 7000

Phone Number: (03) 6220 2777

Website: https://tlaw.com.au/


With this list of some of the best commercial lawyers in Hobart, your business will have hopefully benefited from knowing who and what to look for when it comes to legal advice and law services and practitioners.

The firms and lawyers listed in this article have been around for years, and they will handle your legal cases and individual business’s needs with expertise and competence as you concentrate your energies, time, and productivity on your business operations.

Your business will be in good hands with any of these firms as they provide you with practical solutions while valuing you and your business’s best interests and needs.

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