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10 Best Commercial Lawyers in Perth

These are the 10 Best Commercial Lawyers in Perth.

In need of commercial law services that value your business, time, and money? This list contains a wide array of lawyers and practitioners who will no doubt handle your cases with competence and excellence, and best of all will give you value for your time and resources.

The law firms listed below are competent, business-minded, and experienced, led by individuals who have been practicing for a long time and have acquired the expertise you want for your business to succeed. Without further ado, here are some of the best commercial lawyers in Perth. Sometimes, you may need a legal team to help you make some strategic changes in your business. Now you have a question, who do you hire? The 10 best commercial lawyers in Perth. It is hard to find the right attorney to come and help you deal with your business matters. That is why we suggest the following best legal team that will serve your needs well.

1.    Hunt & Hunt Lawyers

Hunt & Hunt builds a deep rapport with their clients anchored on genuine trust and cost-effectiveness. Recognizing the fast-paced nature of the business and the legal environment nowadays, the firm emphasizes not just delivering legal solutions for their clients, they also aim to make their clients’ businesses be more efficient. Because of their client-focused model, one of their standout aspects is legal advice that is easily understandable and provided openly and straightforwardly.

Their commercial lawyers are top-notch and have years of experience working in the Western Australian legal system. Whether you need help with commercial disputes or ongoing advice on intellectual property matters, they can help you with all your business law needs. The lawyers at Hunt & Hunt Lawyers are highly trained and extremely knowledgeable about their fields. Their team is comprised of experts in many different areas, so no matter what kind of legal issue you have, they will be able to find someone who can help you out.


Culshaw Miller Lawyers

Level 1

16 St Georges Terrace

Perth WA 6000

Phone: +61 8 9488 1300

Website: https://www.hunthunt.com.au/ 

2.    Summers Legal

Summers Legal has a strong legal team all composed of lawyers and law practitioners, and this diverse team allows them to not only obtain the best results for their clients, but also maintain strong relationships with them. Their unique feature is that they practice value-based billing; in this setup, clients work with the lawyers to set a fixed price for the services instead of the lawyers unilaterally offering a price leaving the client to take it or leave it.

Their lawyers are not only experts in their field but also approachable and easy to talk to. They build their client relationships around trust and respect and work hard to ensure that they get the best possible outcome for you. They provide a wide range of legal services to a large group of clients including mining companies, financial institutions, property developers and investors, local and international business organisations.

Summers Legal is one of Perth’s leading commercial law firms, providing legal advice on a number of commercial matters. Whether you are an individual or business, they can help.


104 Colin Street

West Perth, WA 6005


Phone Number: +61 8 9420 8222

Website: https://www.summerslegal.com.au/

3.    Rowe Bristol Lawyers

Rowe Bristol Lawyers practices a multitude of law specialties including commercial law and contract law. In fact, majority of their practice is oriented to corporate and commercial law. Like most firms, they also provide emphasis on establishing personal relationships with all their clients, which is important given the fiduciary nature of all lawyer-client relationships.

Their team of experienced lawyers work closely with you to understand your business, needs and goals, enabling them to deliver the best possible outcomes. Their lawyers have years of combined experience and are renowned for providing commercially focused legal services to clients ranging from start-ups to multinationals.

They have a broad commercial practice that includes advising on mergers and acquisitions, franchising, business structuring, employment arrangements, intellectual property matters and commercial contracting. The firm is large enough to provide specialist advice in all areas of corporate and business law and commercial property transactions, yet small enough to ensure that each client receives the attention they deserve.


Level 6, Exchange House, 68 St Georges Terrace,

Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone Number:

(08) 9322 8111

(08) 9322 8911

Website: https://www.rowebristol.com.au/

4.    Lynn & Brown Lawyers

Lynn & Brown Lawyers is a longstanding law firm with over 60 years of experience, and their offices are all conveniently located across three areas in Perth. The firm is an Approved Quality Practice, which adds another mark of assurance for clients looking for the best representation available. All their pricing is fixed-fee and agreed beforehand so clients do not have to worry about surprise fees at the end.

Their team is made up of highly qualified and experienced lawyers with expertise across a range of legal areas. The firm’s focus on exceptional service and the delivery of quality advice has seen them grow steadily over the years.  They are a law firm that specialises in commercial and business law, including property law and estate planning. They help clients manage their legal needs with practical advice and personal service. Their team approach to client relationships means that you will always work with someone who understands your situation and is ready and able to help.


Level 12, 197 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA, 6000

Phone Number: (08) 9375 3411

Website: https://www.lynnandbrown.com.au/

5.    Robertson Hales Lawyers

Robertson Hales Lawyers is another firm with over 60 years of experience, and their knowledge reflects in their wide array of practice areas. Although they are a full-service firm, their fees continue to remain affordable which is precisely one of their aims and values as a law firm. What makes them stand out is their multilingual team; the firm is competent to offer their services in a multitude of languages including Croatian, Italian, Malay, Serbian, Mandarin, and even Bahasa Indonesia.

They are a group of highly experienced, commercially astute and results driven lawyers who believe that the legal profession should be about service, efficiency and results. They have the expertise to handle legal matters for clients across a wide range of industries and matters.

Robertson Hales Lawyers is a Perth based law firm with extensive experience in commercial law, property and town planning. They offer comprehensive legal services in these areas and pride themselves on providing timely, practical and cost-effective advice to their clients.


Ground Floor, Irwin Chambers, 16 Irwin Street

Perth WA 6000

Phone Number:

61 (8) 9325 1700

Website: https://www.robertsonhayles.com.au/

6.    Fletcher Law

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary this 2021, Fletcher Law is a boutique law firm that continues to be a strong name for commercial law. The firm is led by founding partner Paul Fletcher, who is a renowned commercial lawyer practicing for over 30 years in various commercial and corporate endeavors.

Fletcher Law are a team of commercial lawyers based in Perth, Western Australia. They enjoy working with entrepreneurial businesses and individuals to help them achieve their business goals. They take pride in providing prompt, clear and practical advice to assist our clients reach their business objectives. If you would like to speak to one of their friendly staff about a legal matter that you are having, please contact them.

They are a team of experienced commercial lawyers in Perth. As a corporate law firm, they work with clients all over Australia to help them achieve their business goals. They have extensive experience in commercial and corporate law including start-ups, mergers and acquisitions and selling businesses.

Address: Level 5, 41 St Georges Tce, Perth Western Australia 6000

Phone Number: (+61 8) 6211 8600


7.    Tang Law

Tang Law is able to assist clients not only with the legal aspects of the business, but also with general business advice as well in order to provide the best and most favorable outcome possible. Not only are the competent with handling legal transactions like litigation and dispute resolution, but they can also draft and review related documents. The firm values its excellence in negotiation and contract drafting, so those who are looking for lawyer specializing in these fields will find Tang Law an excellent firm of choice.

They are a leading boutique commercial law firm based in Perth, Western Australia. Their specialty commercial law practice focuses on all aspects of corporate and commercial law and they have the experience to help you with your legal matters. If you need a lawyer who can advise and represent you or your business then contact Tang Law today and speak to one of their experienced lawyers.


Level 3, 12 St Georges Terrace Perth WA 6000

Phone Number: (08) 6245 1257

Website: https://www.commerciallawyersperthwide.com.au/

8.    Hale Legal

What Hale Legal prides itself in is the experience of all its team members; most of them have more than 10 years’ worth of experience. They are led by Alan Skinner and Matthew Gent who have worked for more than ten years at a general practice law firm and this kind of experience allows them to tap into a deep level of knowledge and expertise. The firm itself is conveniently located at the central business district of Perth, offering clients an easy way to access and contact the firm.

Their team has decades of experience in commercial law and have worked with companies big and small in Perth and across the country. That means they know what it takes to run a business, which helps them understand your needs from day one.

Hale Legal is a boutique commercial law firm providing legal services to businesses and individuals. Their team of lawyers is experienced in dealing with all aspects of commercial law and corporate transactions. They understand that the best legal outcomes are achieved when their client’s legal requirements are met in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost.

Address:       Level 5, 5 Barrack St, Perth WA 6000

Phone Number: (08) 6144 4470

Website: http://www.halelegal.com.au/

9.    Clairs Keeley Lawyers

As business-minded individuals, Clairs Keeley Lawyers recognizes that different business structures require different asset protection levels with different tax consequences. As such, they are able to advice new business owners on these matters which arise way before operations actually begin. They are a team of highly qualified and experienced commercial lawyers who are able to provide clients with the most accurate and efficient legal advice.

Their team of lawyers focus on providing high quality legal advice at an affordable price. They are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for their clients and helping them achieve their goals. They provide their clients with the certainty they need to make informed decisions regarding their affairs. Their objective is to assist you to achieve your goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Phone Number: (08) 9228 0811

Website: https://www.clairskeeley.com.au/

10.  Perth Commercial Lawyers

Perth Commercial Lawyers is a fairly new law firm; in fact, it was founded in 2017. However, don’t let the firm’s young age mislead you; they are composed of lawyers who are all experienced in commercial and corporate law. They are led by Maria Lamattina, a lawyer with over 15 years of experience in corporate law and many other areas of law.

Their dedicated team of commercial lawyers based in Perth provides expert advice on all aspects of commercial transactions and agreements. They offer a full range of commercial law services to small, medium and large businesses in Perth.

Address: PO Box 2167 Yokine South WA 6060

Phone Number: +61 (0) 438 908 974

Website: https://perthcomlaw.com.au/


For these firms’ clients, whether it’s easy-to-understand business and corporate advice in various languages, contract law, legal solutions, or general help in efficient operations, they have it all covered.

When it comes to commercial law, you would want to give your business over to the best hands, the kind of practices that would give you peace of mind, with you knowing that your business will flourish in their care. Hopefully, this list should be able to assist you in choosing the best commercial lawyers in Perth.

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