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10 Best Criminal Lawyers in Canberra

These are the 10 Best Criminal Lawyers in Canberra.

Are you in need of criminal law experts to handle your criminal offence cases in Canberra?

Whether you or anyone you know is charged with minor or major offences, you need not look any further than this list of some of the best criminal lawyers in Canberra.

1.    Aulich

Aulich is composed of the leading criminal lawyers of the Canberra city. Their team is composed of expertly trained criminal lawyers who have plenty of courtroom experience, making them an ideal pick for those who want the best lawyers to handle criminal cases. Their principal started out with practicing exclusively in criminal law, giving him a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. All their lawyers have a combined 30 years of experience between them, allowing them to give direct and practical advice to clients.

Address: Ground Floor, 1 Farrell Place, Canberra City ACT 2601.

Phone: 02 6279 4222

Website: https://aulich.com.au/

2.    BDN

BDN is perhaps the oldest firm in this list — it has over 150 years of experience as a law firm, providing an unmatched experience to their clients. The firm has invested very much in technology and they pride themselves in having innovative approaches to every case. They also operate in both the ACT and NSW jurisdictions, allowing for a wider client base.

Address:  Level 1, 1 Farrell Place Canberra City ACT 2601

Phone Number:


3.    Kamy Saeedi Law

Kamy Saeedi Law is composed of young, talented lawyers who are passionate about serving the community, especially when it comes to criminal law matters. They also work in two jurisdictions, ACT and NSW, and they also deal not only with the courts, but also with the police and the prosecutors so that the client can rest easy knowing their team has got everything handled. Additionally, their lawyers are available 24/7 so in case of an emergency that arises any time, they can be right there on the dot.


Level 1, 1 University Avenue

Canberra ACT 2601

Phone Number: (02) 6230 6600

Website: https://www.kslaw.com.au/

4.    Armstrong Legal

Armstrong Legal practices in a wide variety of legal fields, but they also practice criminal law, and they have a team dedicated to exclusively practicing in this field. The cases they handle in this field are diverse, including sexual assault, break and enters, drug charges, and stealing, just to name a few. They also have former prosecutors on their team so they can offer a wholistic view to every case that comes their way.


Level 13

575 Bourke Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone Number: 1300 038 223

Website: https://www.armstronglegal.com.au/

5.    McKenna Taylor Criminal Defence Lawyers

In Mckenna Taylor, their lawyers practice exclusively in criminal law, true to their name. They are able to offer advice and assistance before the client even speaks with the police, and the cases they handle include white collar crime, coronial inquests, drink driving, traffic offences,  drug offences, and protection orders. Their lawyers have also practiced in Canberra’s biggest firms, so clients can definitely rely on their team’s knowledge and expertise.


Level 6, AON Building

15 London Circuit

Canberra ACT 2601

Phone Number: (02) 6243 5115

Website: https://www.mckennataylor.com.au/

6.    United Legal

United Legal is a general practice law firm that is composed of barristers and solicitors ready to act at their client’s needs. Their lawyers bring over 50 years of experience combined to the table and their principal partner has over 30 years of experience working on various criminal law cases. From start to finish, expect United Legal to be with you all the way.

Address: Unit 1/54-56 Townsville St, Fyshwick ACT 2609

Phone Number: 02 6295 2283

Website: https://www.unitedlegal.com.au/

7.    TranQuill Legal

TranQuill Legal has lawyers who have expertise in criminal law and their team has been practicing law for many years now. Their office is very accessible, being located right at the heart of Canberra, and they are a general practice law firm, too, so in case clients have criminal law concerns that also touch upon other matters — which most cases do — they can rely on TranQuill Legal to bring a nuanced approach to these kinds of complex matters.

Address: TranQuill Legal, Level 2, 28 University Avenue, CANBERRA, ACT 2601, AUSTRALIA

Phone Number: +61 (0) 26140 5311

Website: https://tranquill.com.au/

8.    Boxall Legal

Boxall Legal is led by their principal solicitor who has been exclusively practicing Criminal Law, and they can assist clients with any criminal law matter, including bail applications, traffic offences, food standards prosecutions, sentence appeals, murder and manslaughter, assaults, and dishonesty offences. With their principal solicitor having worked for Canberra’s biggest law firms in the past, you can rely on Boxall Legal to fearlessly advocate for your cause all the way to the end.

Address: Level 3, AMP Building, 1 Hobart Place Canberra ACT

Phone Number: 02 6257 5776

Website: https://www.boxall.legal/

9.    Tu’Ulakitau McGuire

TM Law prides itself in having a diverse team who have over 100 combined years of legal practice experience. Their practice range is wide and diverse, with one of these practice areas being criminal law. The way they approach their cases ensures a personalized approach to each client, and they do not employ blanket, “one size fits all” techniques. This ensures that they handle each and every case uniquely in order to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

Address: Level 4, 15 Moore Street, Canberra City

Phone Number: 02 6169 4070 or 0415 150 670 or 0400 059 506

Website: https://www.tmactlegal.com.au/

10.  Pennicott Weir Lawyers

Pennicott Weir Lawyers is led by a principal solicitor who has more than 25 years as a practicing lawyer under his belt. The firm itself handles all kinds of criminal law matters on a daily basis, inside the court or outside of it. Their specific practice areas in criminal law are criminal offences, traffic offences, and AVOs whether domestic or personal.


7/48 Gungahlin Place


ACT 2912

Phone Number: 02 6971 7072

Website: https://pwlaw.com.au/


Whether your cases involve minor criminal offences or major crimes, you can trust that the practices mentioned in this list will be able to assist you with expertise, experience, and offer you sound and practical solutions and advice.

Some of the best criminal lawyers in Canberra in this list have unrivaled expertise, with some having invested in technology.

They are passionate about serving their community, and can provide innovative and personalized approaches to every case they encounter.

Whatever your case, you can trust that that these law practices can swiftly and adequately handle a wide array, such as sexual assault, drug charges, just to name a few, and will be able to assist you in handling them with holistic and expert approaches.

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