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10 Best Criminal Lawyers In Townsville

Need a criminal lawyer in Townsville? Here’s our pick of the best 10.

One never imagines that they may need them, yet when we do, they become probably the most important people in your life- criminal lawyers. At this juncture, you probably would be tempted to question the importance or place of such lawyers. Here’s why you shouldn’t.

It is true that every lawyer must have done criminal law to get their degree. It comes standard. However, the law is highly specialised and nuanced. A commercial lawyer, although having done criminal law, will be a very blunt sword in a criminal defence case. In fact, even criminal law itself is somewhat specialised. Point being you that you should seek to find a lawyer most adept at handling your charge.

Now below, you’ll find a list of law firms in Townsville with a great reputation in criminal matters.  That being said I’m afraid you still have some homework to do. How do you choose the right lawyer? We’ve done the reference checking for you, but you still need to figure our if they’re the right fit. Part of it will be a gut feeling i.e do you resonate with them, do you understand them?

That said, below is our list of the ten best criminal lawyers in Townsville.

Connolly Suthers

Connolly Suthers

Adress: 416 Flinders St, Townsville QLD 4810, Australia
Contacts: +61 7 4771 5664
Website: connollysuthers.com.au

Having been established in 1895 Conolly Suthers is one of the oldest law firms in Queensland with an age of 124 years. It is also one of the largest law firms. Conolly Suthers is a multispecialty firm that has Criminal Law as one of its specialities.

The firm’s criminal law division handles different crime areas including criminal charges, traffic offences, work licenses, domestic violence and white-collar crime. Conolly Suthers understands that a criminal charge can result in the most stressful time of one’s life. That is why their approach is one of understanding and patience.

For more information on the firm kindly use the contact information above.

Resolute Legal

Resolute Legal

Address: 120 Denham St, Townsville QLD 4810, Australia
Contacts: +61 7 4724 5563
Website: resolutelegal.com.au

Resolute legal is another great option for those looking for criminal law lawyers in Townsville. The firm is also a multi-speciality, although their criminal law department is highly acclaimed.

For more information on Resolute Legal, see their contact details above.

Strategic Lawyers

Strategic lawyers

Address: 7/51 Sturt St, Townsville QLD 4810, Australia
Contacts: +61 7 4795 1114
Website: https://strategiclawyers.com.au

One of the larger law firms in Townsville, Strategic Lawyers is an excellent option for criminal lawyers in the area. The firm is known not only for its amazing legal team but more so for is customer service. To this end, Strategy Lawyers has what it calls a client concierge for every client who opens a file with them.

The firm is highly acclaimed being regularly voted as one of the best three firms in Townsville by ThreeBest awards. It also has more than forty-five five star reviews as of this writing.

Strategic lawyers is a multispeciality with one of its key disciplines being criminal law. One aspect that sets this firm apart from the rest is their fee disclosure, it is the most detailed we’ve seen so far. That goes a long way in helping you plan your defence.

For more information on fees and to learn more about the firm visit their website linked above.

Purcell & Taylor Lawyers

Purcell Taylor Lawyers

Address: Level 2, Dalgety Place, 84 Denham St, Townsville QLD 4810, Australia

Contacts: +61 7 4758 5858

Website: purcelltaylor.com.au

Specialising in all areas of law, Purcell & Taylor is another law firm with a great criminal law department. With a near five star review from both google reviews and facebook, you won’t go wrong with Purcell & Taylor lawyers.

For more information visit their website linked above.

Anderson Fredericks Turner

Anderson Fredericks Turner

Address: 85 Patrick St, Aitkenvale QLD 4814, Australia
Contacts: +61 7 4724 3003
Website: aft.legal

Anderson Fredericks Turner is a large law firm with offices all over Queensland, including Brisbane, Beenleigh, Sunshine Coast and Toowomba. The firm is a multispeciality dealing with many areas of law including employment and industrial law as well as criminal and misconduct and domestic violence.

Acclaimed as one of the leading criminal law firms in the area, AFT is capable of handling any criminal charge you may be facing. The firm is highly recommended as it has a five-star rating on google reviews.

AFT offers a free case assessment too. For more details regarding AFT, visit their website linked above.

Crosby Brosnan Creen

Crosby Brosnan Creen

Address: 150 Walker St, Townsville QLD 4810, Australia
Contacts: +61 7 4772 3644
Website: cbclawyers.com.au

Established in 1975, Crosby Brosnan Creen has been in operation for more than forty years. Over that time, the firm has become a multispeciality farm, specialising in many disciplines including criminal law.

Crosby Brosnan Creen is a family-owned firm, so you can expect the personal touch, customer service and passion that comes with that. Headed by Michael and Sandra, the Criminal Law department deals with assaults, traffic offences, work licenses, domestic violence, drug offences, firearm/dangerous weapon offences, murder and manslaughter, sexual assault, perjury, fraud and computer crimes.

For more details, visit their website.

Anderson Telford Lawyers

Anderson Telford Lawyers 

Address: 62 Walker St, Townsville QLD 4810, Australia
Contacts: +61 7 4721 5870
Website: andersontelfordlawyers.com.au

Unlike many other law firms on this list, Townsville Criminal Law & Defence specialises only in Criminal Law. This is not to say that other firms an inferior, but there’s an added advantage to having a firm that is this specialised. As they say- jack of all trades, but a master of none.

Anderson Telford has a twenty-four-hour hotline, so the firm is easily reachable in the event of arrest or questioning. This is important, as it is always advisable to have a lawyer present during questioning. Moreover, if you do decide to open a file with them, the firm has an obligation free first meeting.

Anderson Telford deals with numerous criminal matters including but not limited to Assaults, Traffic Offences, Offences of Violence (including domestic violence offences), Drug offences, Firearm or dangerous weapon offences, Murder/Manslaughter, Robbery, Sexual offences, Theft, Perjury, Fraud offences and Computer-related matters.

For more information on the firm, reach them using the contact information above.

Brooke Winter Solicitors

Address: *Contact Firm To Access Mobile Consultations

Contacts:0413 723 107

Website: brookewintersolicitors.com.au

Brooke Winter Solicitors is a regional law firm operating throughout Queensland. The firm specialises in family law, traffic law, domestic violence and criminal law. The firm is highly mobile meaning that even in the event that you’re out of Townsville, they can come to where you are!

The firms Criminal Law department handles virtually all kinds of charges. For a full list though, visit their website, or better, give them a call. Brooke Winter Solicitors also offers a free consultation upon request!

Brooke Winter Solicitors are highly acclaimed, and we’re sure you won’t go wrong with them.

Rennick Lawyers

Rennick Lawyers

Address: 291 Ross River Rd, Aitkenvale QLD 4814, Australia
Contacts: +61 7 4775 1700
Website: rennicklawyers.com.au

Located in Aitkenvale, Rennick Lawyers are also a safe bet when it concerns criminal law. They are highly specialised in criminal law and their extensive team led by Phil Rennick is more than capable of handling your charges.

The firm has a twenty-four-hour helpline for those in need of emergency representation. They also offer a free consultation upon request. To contact Rennick Lawyers you may use the number shown above or simply fill out an online enquiry form on their website.

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