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10 Best Divorce Lawyers in Hobart

These are the 10 Best Divorce Lawyers in Hobart.

Divorce is a tricky thing. One day you’re enjoying the bliss of your new marriage, and the next day you are looking at its downfall along with all the accompanying emotional fallout of the whole ordeal. It is a very distressing experience and that’s putting it lightly. If you are undergoing or are about to undergo a divorce, one of the most useful people to have on your side is a good lawyer who can help you not only get through the legal aspects of the divorce, but also ensure that you see it through smoothly.

That is why we are giving you this list of the best divorce lawyers in Hobart who are all experienced and credible to help take the load off your shoulders.  If you’re considering filing for divorce, do you know where to find the best lawyers in your local area? Whether you are getting a divorce or are simply considering the possibility, it is helpful to learn about some of the top local divorce lawyers out there.  Below is a list of 10 best divorce lawyers in Hobart, by state.

1.    Ogilvie Jennings Lawyers

If you are considering a divorce, you want to ensure you receive the best possible legal advice from a family lawyer. Family law is a particularly sensitive area and can be very confusing and emotional. Ogilvie Jennings Lawyers are experienced in all aspects of family law and have helped many clients through the complex process of separation. Ogilvie Jennings started out as a merger of two longstanding firms dating way back to 1937. These two firms had plenty of legal resources which the present Ogilvie Jennings has capitalized on in order to provide quality legal service to Hobart.

The firm considers itself to be primarily a problem-solving law firm and constantly pushes itself to take innovative and out of the box solutions to all problems. Their lawyers also accessible at all times, so if constant communication is a big factor for you, you will find Ogilvie Jennings to be right up your alley. They are committed to ensuring that they provide a service that is both professional and caring so that they can assist you in resolving your legal matter with sensitivity and understanding.

Address: Level 4, 39 Murray Street, Hobart TAS 7001

Phone: (03) 6235 0800

Website: http://www.ogilviejennings.com.au/

2.    Simmons Wolfhagen Lawyers

Simmons Wolfhagen Lawyers are a family law firm in Hobart, Tasmania. They specialise in divorce and separation law.  Combining a long history with a modern and progressive take on handling legal cases, Simmons Wolfhagen is another addition to this list of quality legal professionals based in Hobart.

The firm is a general practice law firm, handling different areas of the law including family law and divorce law. Their focus is on providing effective and personalized legal assistance, recognizing that no two cases are ever alike. Their approach is to provide fast, affordable and effective legal advice so that they can ease the stress of this period in your life.

Their family law legal services are not just purely transactional; they also approach these cases with empathy and understanding for all their clients who are going through tough times. If you need professional divorce lawyers in Hobart, Simmons Wolfhagen Lawyers can help you. They have a team of experienced family law solicitors who have your best interests at heart.


Level 4, 99 Bathurst Street

Hobart, Tasmania 7000

Phone Number: +61 3 6226 1200

Website: https://www.simwolf.com.au/

3.    Jacobs Family Law

Jacobs Family Law specialises in family law, divorce and separation. They provide advice and representation on all aspects of family law including property division, parenting arrangements for children and any contested hearings which may arise. For Jacobs Family Law, a divorce case is not just about protecting the client’s rights, it is also about protecting the children’s rights, if there are any.

Their divorce lawyers always seek to negotiate cases and have them settled out of court, so their approach can be a breath of fresh air compared to the other firms who insist on litigating every confrontational aspect of divorce.

Their approach to family law is a simple one that is based on respect, expert advice, and dedicated service. Whether you are looking to apply for a divorce or need help with child custody arrangements, Jacobs Family Law has the experience and know-how to make sure you get the best outcome for your situation.

Address: 2 Davey Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7000

Phone Number: 03 6108 2224

Website: https://jacobs-family-law.leapwp.com.au/

4.    Brooke Winter Solicitors

Brooke Winter Solicitors are highly experienced family lawyers. They focus on getting outcomes that their clients can be happy with, while ensuring they have all the information they need to make good decisions.  Off the bat, one of the things that makes Brooke Winter Solicitors stand out from this list is their remote availability: clients do not need to go to or even be near this firm’s physical offices.

Regional mobile consultation is available where their lawyers will be the ones who will come to you anywhere in Tasmania, New South Wales, or Queensland. The best part about this is that the firm won’t charge clients for the travel expenses incurred.

They also allow free initial phone consultations, so if distance and affordability are your main criteria, Brooke Winter Solicitors is a good firm of choice. Brooke Winter Solicitors has the best divorce lawyers in Hobart, Tasmania. If you are looking for a family lawyer, contact then now. They have a team of efficient lawyers who will help you with all kinds of legal matters.


Reserve Bank Building

Level 6, 111 Macquarie Street

Hobart, TAS 7000

Phone Number: 1300 066 669 / (07) 5554 6622 or 0413 723 107

Website: https://brookewintersolicitors.com.au/

5.    Tremayne Fay Rheinberger Lawyers

They are a boutique law firm of divorce lawyers in Hobart. They are a family law firm who understand the emotional strain that you are under. Their team have unmatched experience and expertise in navigating the family law system and will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation. They can assist you with property settlements, child support, child custody disputes, court cases and more. Tremayne Fay Rheinberger practices across a broad spectrum of legal practice areas and one of them is family law and divorce law. The firm itself has been operating since the 1970s.

They aim to provide the highest quality legal services in a manner that all our clients can understand and afford. We have offices in Hobart and Launceston, but we are happy to meet with you at any convenient location. They are not just focused on providing legal transactions; their focus is also on building end establishing trust and genuine relationships with their clients.

Address: 119 Macquarie Street, HOBART TAS 7000

Phone Number: (03) 6224 9888

Website: http://tfrlawyers.com.au/

6.    Blissenden Lawyers

Blissenden Lawyers has been established for over 25 years and is located in Hobart, Tasmania. They are a dynamic and progressive law firm that seeks to provide exceptional client service. Families, business groups, and even local communities will recognize the name Blissenden Lawyers, and that’s because they have spent their years establishing connections and building relationships in northern Hobart.

In fact, Blissenden Lawyers is the largest firm in the northern suburbs of Hobart and they have reached this level of reputation precisely because of the quality of the legal services that they have providing to the community since their inception. Blissenden Lawyers is committed to delivering practical, realistic advice to our clients, who range from individuals to large corporations. They are known for being approachable and providing clear advice at competitive rates.

If you are looking for a firm whose reputation is backed by the locals, look no further than Blissenden Lawyers.


120 Main Road, Moonah

Tasmania, Australia 7009

Phone Number: (03) 6272 7766

Website: https://www.blissendenlawyers.com.au/

7.    PWB Lawyers

PWB Lawyers does more than just working among themselves to achieve solutions for their clients. They consider the client as an important member of the team whom they work alongside with to provide the best legal solutions possible.

Their experienced team of family lawyers in Hobart will tell you honestly what is likely to happen based on their experience and knowledge of the Family Law Courts. They will give you advice about how best to manage your time and money during this difficult time.

With over 80 years of experience, PWB Lawyers is a reputed and well-established family law firm. They will guide you through the process as painlessly as possible and work with you to achieve settlements which are in your best interests. Their focus is always on providing cost-effective solutions for clients and achieving practical outcomes.

Address: 25 Murray Street, Hobart TAS 7000

Phone Number: 03 6235 1111

Website: https://www.pwb.com.au/

8.    Murdoch Clarke Lawyers

For Murdoch Clarke, providing the highest quality of service is at the center of their mission. All their lawyers collaborate and work with each other in order to give the best possible legal solution to each client’s unique legal problems.

The lawyers at Murdoch Clarke can help you with your divorce proceedings by offering valuable legal advice and representation in court if necessary. They have extensive experience in the process of divorce and can help you with issues surrounding division of property, custody arrangements, maintenance and child support. Their team of experienced lawyers will help you through the whole process as quickly and as smoothly as possible. People want to get through this difficult time as quickly and cost-effectively as possible – so they listen carefully to their concerns and provide advice accordingly. Call them today.


Phone Number: (03) 6235 9311

Website: https://murdochclarke.com.au/

9.    Wallace Wilkinson & Webster Lawyers

Wallace Wilkinson & Webster Lawyers is one of Tasmania’s oldest law firms and has been serving clients for a while. Today, the firm consists of eight solicitors who are well-versed in family law and other areas of law practice. They offer a friendly approach to all cases, regardless of how complex they may be. Wallace Wilkinson & Webster considers itself to be a progressive law firm, and this approach has allowed them to earn the trust of a wide range of clients all across Australia.

They pride themselves in their cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and responsiveness, three traits that are important to establish for all clients, which are especially important in family law matters such as divorce.

Address: 169 Liverpool Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7000

Phone Number: (03) 6234 8022

Website: https://www.wwwlawyers.com.au/

10. Tierney Law

Tierney Law is a boutique law firm in Hobart, specialising in Family Law.  Their lawyers have extensive experience in Family Law and are able to provide tailored legal advice to suit your individual circumstances. They are skilled negotiators, however if an agreement cannot be reached outside of Court, they are experienced litigators who can represent you in Court proceedings. For Tierney Law, legal services are not complete without personal care for their clients. Thus, establishing genuine relationships through fair fees and clear, understandable language is at the forefront of their practice.

The firm understands how divorce is challenging both legally and emotionally, thus, compassion and understanding complement their legal assistance, which is very helpful for cases as sensitive as divorce.

Address: 1/18 Elizabeth St, Hobart TAS 7000

Phone Number: (03) 6220 2777

Website: https://tlaw.com.au//


When going through a divorce, it’s not just the legal aspects that you have to worry about. You also have to worry about the costs. Not all of us has infinite resources for legal services, so it’s extremely important to choose the best lawyer for the money you pay for.

Whether you choose to go for fixed fee or hourly pricing, what matters is that you get the service you pay for. Choosing a wrong lawyer can be extremely costly because you will have to spend much more overall when you have to get a new one.

With our list, we hope we have helped you to get it right from the start. These are the best divorce lawyers in Hobart, and you cannot go wrong with paying for quality.

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