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10 Best Divorce Lawyers in Melbourne

These are the 10 Best Divorce Lawyers in Melbourne.

Getting a lawyer can be a very expensive thing to do, and the costs can rise the longer your case goes on. This is especially true for divorce, where things can get really messy especially with all the conflict and emotions involved.

That is why it is very important for you to choose only the best lawyers so that you get what you deserve after having spent your hard-earned money. Since you are here, you are most probably already looking for a lawyer to help you out with a divorce.

Thus, we are providing this list of the best divorce lawyers in Melbourne.

1.    Armstrong Legal

Armstrong Legal is one of the bigger firms on this list, with 25 lawyers and a 40-year history.

What makes them unique is that, to minimize client costs, they sometimes recommend that clients represent themselves with their assistance.

The firm prides itself in being industry leaders across all the different fields of law that they practice, and that includes family law, where they have accredited specialists.


Level 13

575 Bourke Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone Number: 1300 038 223

Website: https://www.armstronglegal.com.au/

2.    PCL Lawyers

PCL is an outcome-oriented law firm that aims to provide not just legal assistance, but also a personal and understanding approach to all of their clients’ cases.

The firm understands that divorce causes much stress and uncertainty for the client, which is why they their goal is to ease some of that uncertainty by providing the best legal assistance possible, and that includes walking the client through the entirety of the divorce process.


Level 15, 440 Collins Street,

Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: 1300 907 335

Website: https://www.pcllawyers.com.au/

3.    Blackwood Family Lawyers

Blackwood places its approach on pragmatism, making sure to provide only realistic advice to ensure that clients are not wasting their time and money with them.

Their focus is also on timeliness and cost effectiveness to minimize legal costs, and their website has plenty of rave reviews from their past clients, so you can just look them up to see exactly what others think about them.


Level 3, 224 Queen Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone Number: 03 8672 5222

Website: https://www.blackwoodfamilylawyers.com.au/ 

4.    Tausig Cherrie Fildes

As exclusive family law practitioners, Taussig Cherrie Fildes has the specialized know-how when it comes to dealing with all the complexities of a divorce case.

Eight of their lawyers are accredited family law specialists, with a few of them having further education in family law.

They are also led by their partners who have been practicing family law for a long time and have gained a solid reputation in the field.

The firm itself has been recognized as a First Tier firm in Family law by Doyles in 2020 and 2021, along with being recognized as Preeminent, Recommended, and a Rising Star in 2021.

Clients who want a reputed law firm will definitely want to call them up.


Level 3, 530 Lonsdale Street

Melbourne  Victoria  3000

Phone Number: (03) 9605 1700

Website: https://www.taussigcherriefildes.com.au/

5.    McClure Law

In Melbourne, when it comes to licensed divorce lawyers, McClure Law is number one.

In addition to their legal knowledge and expertise, they also ensure that all their lawyers are compassionate and understanding, which is a must in stressful cases like divorce.

Their lawyers have a high success rate in divorce cases, and they are also able to negotiate with the other party to obtain the best outcome for their clients.

Address: 8 Horne Street, Sunbury, Victoria 3429

Phone Number: 03 9744 1881

Website: https://mcclurelaw.com.au/

6.    Coote Family Lawyers

Coote Family Lawyers is one of Melbourne’s leading law firms when it comes to any matter involving family law, and their expertise in this field has even been recognized by Doyles Guide.

The firm has gained multiple recognitions for 2021 as First Tier, Preeminent, and Rising Star, all for Family Law.

It is a multidisciplinary firm that customizes their approach according to the client’s specific needs, and they also have plenty of reviews from past clients on their website.

Address: Level 1, 971 Burke Road, Camberwell, 3124 Victoria

Phone Number: 03 9804 0035

Website: https://www.cootefamilylawyers.com.au/

7.    Bardo Lawyers

Bardo Lawyers is a very progressive law firm that constantly seeks to innovate. Their heavy investment in innovations and technology allows them to provide topnotch legal service while keeping their costs transparent and competitive, all in the name of efficiency.

Since one of their specializations is family law, clients can expect quality and creative solutions that few firms can provide.


Level 24

570 Bourke Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone Number: (03) 8658 5829

Website: https://belawyers.leapweb.com.au/

8.    Aston Legal Group

For Aston Legal Group, every case is unique and needs to be handled differently according to the needs of the client which are all different as well.

They aim to have all cases resolved as quickly as possible, and this works especially well for divorce cases which can be both costly and emotionally taxing on clients. Cost-efficiency is one of their main aims when handling cases.

Not only are their lawyers knowledgeable and skilled in the law, they also pride themselves in their vales of honesty, integrity, and competence.

Address: Level 1, 91 William Street, Melbourne

Phone Number: 0423 729 686

Website: https://astonlegalgroup.com.au/

9.    Carew Counsel Solicitors

Carew Counsel Solicitors is another entry on this list with plenty of recognitions from Doyles Guide, such as Recommended for Complex & High-Value Family Law, Leading in Family Law, and Recommended for Parenting Law, all in 2019.

The firm takes a team-based approach to all cases, so clients are assured that they have multiple of the city’s best minds all collaborating to obtain the most favourable outcome for their cases.

All of their lawyers are practicing family lawyers, so you can believe that they have the necessary expertise and knowledge to handle your case efficiently.

Address: Level 10, 313 La Trobe Street, Melbourne

Phone Number: 03 9670 5711

Website: https://www.carewcounsel.com.au/

10. Justice Family Lawyers

One thing that makes Justice Family Lawyers stand out is that they have a good track record of resolving their cases successfully before it even reaches court, so those who are hesitant about lawyers who unnecessarily drag cases can be at peace.

Their lawyers are experts on family law who constantly give their legal opinions on both television and on newspaper, so they can definitely help with divorce matters from start to finish.

Address: Level 23, Tower 5, 727 Collins Street Melbourne 3008

Phone Number: +613 8609 0329

Website: https://justicefamilylawyers.com.au/


A divorce can be very costly if you don’t choose the right lawyer for you. While there are certainly plenty of capable lawyers in Melbourne, you might as well get the best lawyers out there if they all offer competitive or similar rates anyway.

With a good lawyer, you can focus on taking care of yourself and your wellbeing without being forced to worry if you wasted your money. When you are going through a divorce, worrying about wasting money should not be an additional cause for concern.

That being said, we hope our list has been helpful for you in choosing among the best divorce lawyers in Melbourne.

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