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10 Best Employment Lawyers in Hobart

These are the 10 Best Employment Lawyers in Hobart.

If you’re a small business owner, it’s likely you’ve heard that you need to hire an employment lawyer. That’s because when an employee feels they’ve been wronged by their employer, they may file a lawsuit against the employer for discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, or other workplace violations.

Well, ranking the best employment lawyers in Hobart is not the way to go while choosing a lawyer for your case, but it does help a lot in making decisions. These 10 law firms are the best of the best in the city of Hobart when it comes to professionalism, competence and reliability related to employment law.  Employment law is a sensitive issue given the fact that it is related to things like unfair dismissal and discrimination at the workplace.

And it isn’t just about the employees, employers too need proper legal assistance before drafting legal agreements and contracts related to their employees. While most firms try their best to resolve issues by negotiations, they don’t really shy away from going ahead with litigation.

1.    Ware and Partners Lawyers

This is a legal firm that offers representation in personal injury, workers compensation and employment law. They are committed to providing the highest standard of legal advice and representation to individuals and businesses in a professional, courteous and efficient manner. Their vision for the firm is to provide a fresh approach to legal services in Tasmania, which is based on the traditional principles of honesty, integrity and hard work.

While they have a decent reputation in terms of ratings and reviews from their customers, they do take up cases pertaining to employment law. However, their website has very few details that there are. They do have a recent updates section where they update details of significant cases.

The average experience of their lawyers on an average basis is more than a decade implying that the firm is comprised of well-experienced lawyers. They also say that their goal isn’t simply giving generic legal advice but rather they work on actionable and practical solutions.

Address: 3/86 Collins St

Phone: 3 6234 9399

Website: http://www.warepartners.com.au/

2.    Murdoch Clarke

Murdoch Clarke is a specialist employment law firm based in Hobart, Tasmania. Their lawyers have extensive experience acting for businesses, organisations and individuals in all aspects of employment, workplace and industrial relations law. Whether you require assistance with an employment contract or enterprise agreement, or require representation in an unfair dismissal claim or work place bullying complaint, their team of specialist employment lawyers can assist you. Luke Golding leads the firm’s employment law division. Also, they have divided the work that they do related to the employment law in two categories.

Entitlement advice for employees and employment contracts and agreements related to independent contractors. And they don’t limit themselves to giving advice to employers or employees. Rather, they work with both of them to help them secure their interests.

They are also a firm that is active since more than a century is serving the citizens of the city of Hobart since a long time. Do feel free to contact them if you have doubts about contracts of agreements drafted by you.

Address: 10 Victoria St

Phone: 3 6235 9311

Website: https://murdochclarke.com.au/

3.    Tremayne Fay Rheinberger Lawyers

They mainly deal with workplace relations law when it comes to employment law. While the font size of the text on their website can be a bit more appropriate, they fight cases related to bullying at the workplace, discrimination, and unlawful termination besides many other. Their lawyers also refrain from using legal jargon and do their best to explain things in simple plain English.

They are a local Hobart law firm that specialises in employment law and workplace relations. They also handle legal issues relating to defamation and discrimination. They understand the importance of guiding their clients through complex legal issues and obtaining a positive outcome. Their ability to assist you when you are dealing with a difficult situation at work, in your dealings with another person or business, or applying for a job depends on our knowledge of the relevant laws and the ways they can be put to use for you.

In total, the firm has more than a dozen lawyers in the capable legal team. They were established back in the 1970s in Hobart itself. That is also their strength since they have solely operated in Hobart, Tasmania. If you want, you can email them at [email protected].

Address: 119 Macquarie St

Phone: 3 6224 9888

Website: http://tfrlawyers.com.au/

4.    Page Seager

Page Seager Employment Lawyers in Hobart. They are a firm of independent, specialised employment lawyers in Hobart who aim to be the best at what they do. They mainly assist business and employers with proper implementation of the employment policy as set by the government. The principals at the firm are Justin Hill and Brett Cassidy.

Their legal team will help you with drafting agreements pertaining to employment, resolving disputes if any, managing external regulators and other bodies’ influence, implementing changed policies, managing the behaviour of the workers and employees. Their practice covers all aspects of employment law, with the aim of providing practical and cost-effective advice to employers and employees. They also offer advice on safety matters and discrimination issues (including sexual harassment).

If you are wondering about the benefits or successful outcomes of these things, they have listed those too on their website. You can check out their news and insights section for the latest changes into the Australian law related to employment and employers.

Address: 2/179 Murray St

Phone: 3 6235 5155

Website: https://www.pageseager.com.au/employment-safety/

5.    Ogilvie Jennings

Ogilvie Jennings is a boutique employment and industrial law firm. They take pride in their reputation for providing clients with high quality, professional and individualised advice. Ogilvie Jennings are widely recognised as one of Tasmania’s leading law firms in the area of commercial and residential property conveyancing. Their experienced real estate lawyers can assist you with all aspects of your project. Richard Grueber and Leigh Mackey are the ones that lead the firm. Interestingly, they have included compensation claims into employment law related fields.

They are experienced lawyers who specialise in employment law. THey offer personal and prompt service and sound advice. They are committed to resolving employment issues in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Still, they do give advice to independent contractors, address issues related to safety and health, harassment and bullying, discrimination based on sex and race, unfair dismissal, contracts and agreements and other associated entitlements.

Address: 4/39 Murray St

Phone: 3 6235 0800

Website: http://www.ogilviejennings.com.au/

6.    Abetz Curtis

Abetz Curtis is a full service law firm located in Hobart, Tasmania. THey provide legal services to both businesses and private individuals across a wide range of legal areas with a particular emphasis on employment law, commercial law and property law. THeir reputation as one of the leading law firms in Tasmania is due to their high standard of service, dedication to clients and their expertise in the many areas of Tasmanian law.

They will advise you if you are an employer regarding how can you be compliant with the Tasmanian employment law. If you are an employee and have been discriminated against or harassed or unlawfully terminated from your job, worry not, they will be helping you as well. If we talk about litigation, then are ready to fight your case in all types of tribunals and courts.

They are also well-versed in Fair Work Act of 2009 and will help you review HR policies as per that. Needless to say, they assist employers with the drafting of legal contracts and agreements too. They also claim that they act as a legal advisor to a number of businesses in Tasmania and Hobart in particular.

Address: 83 Davey St

Phone: 3 6223 8955

Website: https://abetzcurtis.com.au/practice-areas/employment/

7.    Simmons Wolfhagen

Simmons Wolfhagen is the leading specialist employment law firm in Tasmania. Their lawyers have extensive experience advising both employers and employees on a wide variety of workplace issues. By listening intently to our clients, we are able to deliver client specific solutions that achieve the best results.Their dedicated employment law team is comprised of highly qualified solicitors with a diverse range of skills and experience. They offer a broad range of services and we provide advice on all areas of employment law

Their employment law consists of a capable duo of Rebecca Crawford and Neil Readett. They also have expertise in industrial relations law besides employment law if that is also a service that you are looking for your business or firm. While they do make a few generic statements regarding what they can do for you, we do feel that they should have elaborated on things and stated things in a more organized manner. If you want, you can also email them on [email protected].

We also recommend to choose them as an adviser since employment laws keep changing and you should align your firm’s internal policies so that they can be compliant with these changes.

Address: Level 4/99 Bathurst St

Phone: 3 6226 1200

Website: https://www.simwolf.com.au/services/employment-law/

8.    Wallace Wilkinson & Webster

Wallace Wilkinson & Webster, Hobart’s specialist employment law firm, has been helping Tasmanian employers and employees with employment law issues for over 30 years. THeir employment law team is headed by one of Tasmania’s most experienced employment lawyers. Their lawyers have extensive experience in all facets of employment law, and are recognised as experts in the field.

Their main focus is towards workplace disputes and they mainly serve the interests of employers and assist them with discrimination, employee termination and other issues. They also have an in-depth understanding of legislations like Fair Work Act 2009.

Their employment law practice is focused on providing pragmatic advice to help clients resolve their workplace disputes and achieve practical solutions to their problems. They act for both employers and employees (as well as unions) throughout Tasmania in relation to all aspects of employment law and industrial relations matters.

Address: 169 Liverpool St

Phone: 3 6234 8022

Website: https://www.wwwlawyers.com.au/

9.     Dobson Mitchell Allport

With over 25 years’ experience, Dobson Mitchell Allport are specialist employment lawyers in Hobart and work with employers and employees across Tasmania. They have a reputation for providing practical, commercial advice to assist and guide their clients through the maze of labour relations issues which arise in today’s workplace.

Dobson Mitchell Allport is a commercial law firm with a difference. Their legal services are tailored to the specific needs of our clients, whether they are large corporations, small business owners, government departments, or individuals. Because they are an independent and local Tasmanian law firm they can provide the highest quality services in a cost-effective manner.

They strive to deliver tailored solutions that protect your interests while minimising legal disputes and litigation wherever possible. Therefore, contact them today for more information about their services.

Address: 59 Harrington St, Hobart TAS 7001, Australia

Phone: +61 3 6210 0000

Website: https://doma.com.au/

10.  Tierney Law

Tierney Law, the premier employment law firm in Hobart, provides legal advice and representation for employers, employees and their unions. They are experts in employment law, industrial relations and workplace safety. They provide legal advice to our clients on all aspects of employment law.

THeir practice is focused on the representation of employees in terms of their rights under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), State and Federal anti-discrimination legislation, general protections claims and employment related matters.

They have extensive experience in representing clients before the Fair Work Commission, Australian Human Rights Commission, Anti-Discrimination Tribunal, Magistrate’s Court, Supreme Court and Federal Court of Australia.

Address: 1/18 Elizabeth St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia

Phone: +61 3 6220 2777

Website: http://www.tlaw.com.au/


We sincerely hope that you found an appropriate employment lawyer from this list of the best employment lawyers in Hobart. Needless to say, you should not just choose the law firm that is higher up in the rankings. The thing is each of them has an area of expertise and you need to find which one’s expertise matches with your need.

Hopefully, if you are an employer or an employee, you will get proper legal help and assistance related to your issues. Always be honest with the lawyer fighting for you since doing this is the way to go towards getting justice done and securing your legal rights under the employment law.

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