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10 Best Employment Lawyers in Melbourne

These are the 10 Best Employment Lawyers in Melbourne.

No matter where you work as an employee in Australia, you should know that there your rights as an employee are protected by law. In this post, we are going to list the best employment lawyers in Melbourne that are there. You, as an employee, can approach any of these law firms and they will be ready to help you.

Whether it is unfair dismissal, sexual harassment or emotional abuse, there is nothing which cannot be fought in the court of law. Remember, share all the details of your case with your lawyers and have realistic expectation. Let us proceed with the list.

Employment Law can be quite daunting for many employers as it is a very complex area of law. If you are doing the hiring, then you will also want to make sure that you do not breach any laws itself. Here is a list of 10 best Employment Lawyers in Melbourne that you can approach for guidance and assistance.

1.    Jewell Hancock

You can send an enquiry or call them right away as per their website. They have also given reasons why you should choose them to represent you. They provide advice and representation in all areas of employment law including unfair dismissal, general protections claims, adverse action claims and discrimination.

As per them they have an experience of more than two decades, they always use common language to explain legal terms rather than confusing you with jargon, their fee is fixed and they fight on a no win no fee basis.

You can also benefit from their free half an hour consultation in case you were fired in the last three weeks. The list of issues for which they fight employee related cases is there on their website but some of the major ones of them are- unfair dismissal, sexual harassment, illegal termination, and deceptive conduct. Whether you are an employer or an employee, if you need advice on a workplace related matter, JHEL can assist. They have many years of experience advising clients on employment law issues and provide a personal service that is tailored to meet your needs.

Address: Level 3/480 Collins St

Phone: 3 8610 6369

Website: https://www.jhel.com.au/

2.    Kelly Workplace Lawyers

They are a team of 4 professional lawyers who will fight your case to the best of their knowledge. The claim that they will provide affordable legal services that are also accessible and quick with respect to the amount of time spent. They also say that their lawyers have won several awards for their work in the past.

The firm itself has won a number of awards for its work in employment law. Do fill the contact form on their website if you wish to get in touch with them. They also fight select cases based on merit on no win no fee basis.

Kelly Workplace Lawyers is a team of specialist employment lawyers in Melbourne. They believe they are the best employment lawyers in Melbourne because They offer fixed price appointments to make accessing their advice affordable; they give practical, strategic and commercial advice to help you understand your options; they have extensive experience acting for both employers and employees; they have acted for employers and employees in a number of high profile cases and have assisted clients to resolve disputes in many industries including retail, building, banking, aged care and hospitality.

Address: 54 Victoria St, Carlton

Phone: 3 9639 6003

Website: https://www.kwlawyers.com.au/

3.    Harmers Workplace Lawyers

Harmers Workplace Lawyers is a boutique law firm specialising in workplace law. They advise on all aspects of employment and industrial law. Their team includes some of Australia’s most experienced employment lawyers and industrial relations lawyers. They too have won multiple awards for their work and are amongst the largest Australian employee legal firm. The number of lawyers which they have at their disposal is also quite large. They have listed their areas of practice on their website page.

Some of them are legal risk management, work, health and safety, industrial relations etc. Moreover, they also help employees in the sports sector with their issues. They even have given advice for employers and employees for the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

They also have what they call as the ‘news center’ for sharing news related to the changes in Australian laws related to employees and employers. Their employment lawyers are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of workplace relations law – our focus is on achieving the best outcome for their clients.

Address: Level 40, 140 William Street

Phone: 3 9612 2300

Website: https://harmers.com.au/

4.    Nevett Ford Lawyers

Nevett Ford Lawyers is an award-winning firm of employment lawyers in Melbourne. They act for employers and employees, and work with clients across Australia. Their team’s expertise covers a broad range of industries, including administration, arts and entertainment, construction, education, finance and insurance, manufacturing, mining, professional services and retail.

They don’t have a dedicated page for workplace litigation, but as per their litigation and workplace relations page, they do take cases associated with this. They take up and address issues of both the employers and the employees. They also believe that creating quality relationships with their clients which is a great thing. Their lawyers have decades of experience working in many aspects of employment, industrial and discrimination law in Australia. They are knowledgeable in both the practices of legal advocacy and the business environment.

They are also ready to offer you a FREE 10-minute consultation They will also assist you with dismissals, mediation, reviewing policies and contracts besides relations between employers and employees.

Address: Level 16, Rialto South Tower, 525 Collins St

Phone: 3 9614 7111

Website: https://nevettfordlawyers.com.au/

5.    Pentana Stanton

They say that their lawyers have great amount of experience in dealing with workplace injuries claims. They also give advice to employers regarding their duties and rights so that they are better able to set best possible incentives, best practices, and appropriate standards. The firm also helps those employees who wish to secure hefty severance packages.

They are also experienced in industrial relations, workplace safety laws and alternative dispute resolution. The firm’s Industrial Relations and Employment Law team supports businesses in creating and maintaining a productive and harmonious workplace through careful planning and sound advice. They also work with business owners to avoid litigation wherever possible, however, if this is not possible, they have the experience to aggressively represent employers in court proceedings.

They also say that they try their best to secure early settlements so that heavy litigation costs can be avoided and they are expert in employment related laws in all jurisdictions. The team has experience working with a wide range of clients from small business to large corporations across multiple industries including hospitality, retail, manufacturing, transport, logistics and health care.

Address: suite 9/50 – 54 Robinson St, Dandenong

Phone: 3 9002 2800

Website: https://www.pentanastanton.com.au/employment-lawyers-in-melbourne/

6.    LGM Advisors

LGM Advisors is a law firm in Melbourne, Australia. They are experienced employment lawyers in Melbourne and their legal services cover all aspects of employment, ranging from recruitment to termination. They offer fixed-fees to ensure the cost of legal advice is predictable and affordable.

They offer specialist legal advice on all areas of employment law including unfair dismissal, discrimination, bullying and harassment, contracts of employment, restrictive covenants, enterprise bargaining agreements and much more.

First-off, they need to make sure that the content on their website is readable with respect to its font size. Besides common legal advice, they also give advice related to performance reviews and disciplinary proceedings. The firm also helps its clients develop strategies for exiting the company they are working for now.

Also, unlike other firms which deal with employment laws, they have listed out the names of the courts where they can fight cases in. Details can be found on their website. Whether you are an employer or employee, they can assist you with all matters relating to employment law and workplace relations. This includes unfair dismissal, general protections, discrimination and harassment claims.

Address: 2B Mercer Rd, Armadale

Phone: 3 9832 0608

Website: https://www.lgmadvisors.com.au/

7.    Justitia

Justitia is one of Melbourne’s most prominent employment law firms. They offer sound, practical and sensitive legal advice and representation on a wide range of employment law issues. They claim that the reason behind their formation is that they want to back their clients up in various stages of the employment cycle. The list of issues which they address with the added details are given on their website.

If you wish to learn more about what the Australian law has to say about employer-employee relationship, then do read the articles given in their blog section. They have won a number of awards too. Details of which can be found on their media and awards page.

Justitia Employment Lawyers is a boutique firm in Melbourne that specialises in helping employees and employers with workplace issues. Their lawyers have a wealth of experience in handling all types of matters for both employers and employees. Their team of experienced lawyers can help with all aspects of workplace relations, employment law, discrimination law and industrial relations.

Address: level 10/45 William St

Phone: 3 8621 4500

Website: https://justitia.com.au/

8.    McDonald Murholme

McDonald Murholme is a leading firm of employment lawyers, located in Melbourne and Sydney. They provide employment law services, including unfair dismissal and general protection claims, to clients all over Australia. They are a dedicated firm who want the overall betterment of the employees. Whether you have been a victim of discrimination because of your pregnancy, gender or age, the firm will fight it all for you. Also, in case you have been a victim of underpayment, bullying, or unfair dismissal at your workplace, feel free to contact them.

They have a strong track record of winning workplace disputes and protecting employment rights for employees and executives, including those who are unfairly dismissed from their jobs, bullied and harassed at work, discriminated against on the basis of their age, gender or other such attributes, or not paid their correct entitlements.

Address: 10/90 Collins St

Phone: 3 9650 4555

Website: https://www.mcdonaldmurholme.com.au/

9.    Anderson Gray

Anderson Gray is a specialist employment law and workplace health & safety firm with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. The firm has quickly developed a reputation for providing practical legal advice, with a view to achieving commercially sound outcomes for their clients. Their lawyers have extensive experience working with large companies, small businesses and government organisations across all industries.

They are another firm which is dedicated towards helping employees. They advise that you shouldn’t deal with all these things alone and taking help from a legal professional is imperative. You can also get a case evaluation done FREE of cost as per their website. They also have FAQs on their website if you want more clarity. They act for employees, employers and independent contractors in all types of employment related disputes.

Address: Suite 3, Level 1/488 Victoria St, Richmond

Phone: 1300 851 430

Website: https://www.andersongray.com.au/vic/

10.  Archer Thompson Lawyers

The employment law firm in Melbourne, Archer Thompson Lawyers. A specialist in legal advice and representation for individual employees and employers. Legal advice for employers and employees in Melbourne. Their employment law page states the things for which they are ready to fight for you.

Archer Thompson Lawyers provides services on the full range of employment law matters including unfair dismissal, general protections claims, breach of contract, awards and enterprise agreements, discrimination, workplace bullying, sexual harassment and restraint of trade.

You can book an appointment online too via their website or even drop an email on [email protected]. They are also a member of the Law Institute of Victoria.

Address: 443 Little Collins St

Phone: 3 9600 2768

Website: http://www.archerthompson.com.au/employment-law/


So, these were the best employment lawyers in Melbourne as we know them. Don’t hesitate to take their help in case you are in trouble. Remember, if you are in doubt about where you stand at from legal point of view, then it won’t hurt you to take an opinion from these law firms.

Also, you might be eligible to monetary compensation from your employer based on the merit of your case. Yes, fighting a legal case will be tough battle but if it is justice which is you are aiming for, then the fight is worth fighting for. We wish you luck for whatever legal issue’s solution you are looking for.

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