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10 Best Family Lawyers in Adelaide

These are the 10 Best Family Lawyers in Adelaide.

In an effort to bring legal services closer and more accessible to the people of Australia, we have compiled a list of ten of the best family lawyers in Adelaide who specialize in family law.

Due diligence must be exercised before choosing any of them and issues must be discussed before hiring any. Also, doing this will prevent unnecessary waste of time for both you and these firms.

Here are they listed as per their popularity, rating and expertise.

1.    Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers

Tindall Gask Bentley is another longstanding law firm with 50 years of experience and various offices all over Western Australia, Queensland, and the Northern Territory. They have a diverse team of lawyers who are all competent in litigation and specialist advice. When it comes to family law, the services they offer include divorce, mediation, family dispute resolution, property settlement, whether in marriage or in de facto relationships, parenting arrangements, and even international divorce. Their wide range of expertise in everything about family law assures clients peace of mind and quality service in every step of the process.

Address: 76 Light Square, Adelaide, SA 5000

Phone: (08) 8212 1077

Website: https://tgb.com.au/

2.    Hunt & Hunt Lawyers

Hunt&Hunt Lawyers is a firm that boasts a reputed practice that has allowed them to earn the trust of a wide range of clientele. Another one of their guarantees is cost-effective service without sacrificing the quality of results. In addition to being competent to argue before the Family Courts, they also specialize in financial agreements, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence, de facto relationships, divorce, separation, and tax, and even child custody and support.

Address: 49 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide, SA 5000

Phone Number: +61 8 8464 0033

Website: https://www.hunthunt.com.au/

3.    Belperio Clark Family, Wills & Business Lawyers

Belperio Clark has been serving the Adelaide area as lawyers for almost 30 years, but they have chosen to maintain the feel and atmosphere of a small practice to give clients that personal touch when it comes to legal interactions. Their family law services are quite flexible; clients can choose to just have them prepare documents and assist with stuff the clients can do for themselves, or the client can leave everything to the firm, from start to finish.

Address: 94 Sturt Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Phone Number: 08 8212 1322

Website: https://bc-lawyers.com.au/

4.    Adelaide Family Lawyers

Adelaide Family Lawyers is a well-established firm that places the focus on the client before anything else. With regard to pricing, they do not charge a fee for file opening, and they don’t charge the client a fee for phone calls that are only a minute or two. Their family law services include divorce, property settlement, children’s issues, binding financial agreements, wills, and even child support.

Address: Lvl 3/345 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Phone Number: 08 8227 0519

Website: https://adelaidefamilylawyers.com.au/

5.    Duncan Basheer Hannon

Duncan Basheer Hannon is another longstanding firm with over 50 years of experience in the industry. They have a broad practice which includes family law, but the broadness of their practice does not make their specializations any less in-depth. Their family law services include parenting arrangements, child support, property settlements, family dispute resolution, de facto relationships, domestic violence, divorce, financial agreements, and spousal maintenance.

Address: 66 Wright Street, Adelaide, SA 5000

Phone Number: 1800 324 324

Website: https://www.dbh.com.au/

6.    Websters Lawyers Barristers & Solicitors

Websters Lawyers is one of the firms that offer a free initial consultation for clients, so for those who are still thinking of looking around, Websters Lawyers is a good company to get in contact with. They pride themselves on their absolute transparency, allowing clients to stay in the loop from start to finish. Their family law services are financial agreements, maintenance, superannuation, marriage property, divorce, child support, grandparents’ rights, children & parenting, separation, and divorce, to name a few.

Address: 253 – 257 Sturt Street, ADELAIDE SA 5000

Phone Number: 08 8231 1363

Website: https://websterslawyers.com.au/

7.    Culshaw Miller Lawyers

Culshaw Miller’s family law expertise is almost undeniable, given that their overseeing and founding lawyer is a family law specialist himself. In addition to the broad range of their family services which include financial settlements, spousal maintenance claims, international child abductions, relationship interventions, child welfare, and divorce, their website also shows plenty of testimonials from past clients, so anyone looking into their services can find security and assurance as the firm’s competence and professionalism.

Address: 49 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide, South Australia 5000

Phone Number: +61 08 8464 0033

Website: https://www.culshawmiller.com.au/

8.    Andersons Solicitors

Andersons Solicitors is also one of Adelaide’s longest-running law firms with over 50 years of experience serving the Adelaide area. It is a full-service law firm that offers a wide range of legal services, with family law being one of the firm’s specializations. When it comes to family law, they have a dedicated team to handle these matters, all members of which are award-winning family lawyers. They also offer a free initial phone conversation with a lawyer along with a reduced rate for initial consultation, making their offer very hard to resist.

Address: 69 Franklin Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000

Phone Number: 08 8238 6666

Website: https://www.andersons.com.au/

9.    Johnston Withers Lawyers

Among all the firms in this list, Johnston Withers has the most experience, with over 70 years of experience, with its roots in Adelaide. The firm has plenty of lawyers employed, all with differing specialties, family law being one of them. Johnston Withers is also a member of MSI Global Alliance, an association of independent law and accounting firms, and of the Statewide Legal Group, an association of six legal firms. They offer legal services for divorce, de facto relationships, child support, and spousal maintenance, among others.

Address: 17 Sturt St., Adelaide 5000 SA

Phone Number: 08 8231 110

Website: https://johnstonwithers.com.au/

10.  Lindbloms Lawyers

Lindbloms Lawyers has over 30 years of experience serving clients in the Adelaide community, and they have since established a solid reputation as a provider of high-quality legal service. When it comes to rates, the first half hour is free for all new clients, so those who are approaching a lawyer for the first time ever might want to give this firm a quick call, too.

Address: 9 King William Road, Unley

Phone Number: 08 8357 7611

Website: https://lindblomslawyers.com.au/


Family law issues can be quite taxing on one’s health, and in a city as populous as Adelaide, looking for and choosing a lawyer to assist you in these matters should not add to your stress.

Hopefully, our small list has been of assistance in helping you make a choice on which firm to choose.

Hope that you have liked this list of best family lawyers in Adelaide. We sincerely hope that with one their help, you will triumph in your case and make sure that your interests stay protected.

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