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10 Best Family Lawyers in Brisbane

These are the 10 Best Family Lawyers in Brisbane.

As a Brisbane resident, it is imperative to know about the best family lawyers in Brisbane if you are dealing with a legal crisis in your family. The most severe of them as we know can be divorce. And remember one thing, divorce isn’t a stand along thing, many other related issues like the custody of children (if you have any), division of property and much more.

A family law case can take a mental toll too and that is exactly why you should choose an appropriate law firm. The law firms that are going to be listed in this article have years of experience behind them and have fought thousands of family law related cases.

1.    Brisbane Family Law Centre

They talk about the family law act of 1975 and how it relates to arrangement for kids and parenting, while finalizing divorce, how the property, income and financial affairs are going to be divided and finally, divorce itself. However, we would like to add that it seems they mainly deal with divorce and related issues only.

The overall user interface of their website is also bizarre and perhaps things can be a bit more to the point and clear. You can mail them at [email protected] if you want besides calling them. Clarissa Rayward is the firm’s director and the great thing is that most of their lawyers are women.

Address: Level 2 Unit 27/14 Argyle St, Albion

Phone: 7 3862 1955

Website: https://www.bflc.com.au/

2.    Emerson Family Law

Besides common family law related issues, they also deal with international family law. Yes, they mainly deal in family law but they also fight cases related to criminal or traffic related offences. Another great thing about them is that they have structured vast amount of content related to Australian law on their publications page.

Not just that, their news section contains common issues that people face and the articles do address genuine concern that anyone may have in their minds about what the law has to say about certain things. They have a second office in Taringa as well. Feel free to email them at [email protected].

Address: 8/231 N Quay

Phone: 7 3211 4920

Website: https://emfl.com.au/contact/

3.    Kate Austin Family Lawyers

Great thing is that they have a live chat option available so that you can get connected with one of their agents to solve any minor doubts. Besides, they also operate in other major cities like Melbourne and Sydney. Interestingly, they are more focused on dealing with consent orders. A good thing about them is that they very transparent when it comes to legal fees.

They are also a member of some really important legal associations too that is a testimony to their reputation and value of the services that they offer. Another great thing is that they have given an entire list of FAQs associated with consent orders. Overall, a specialist firm worth its claims.

Address: level 54/111 Eagle St

Phone: 7 3128 0222

Website: https://www.kateaustinlaw.com.au/

4.    Cudmore Legal Family Lawyers

Rather than a FREE consultation, they offer something better that they refer to as FREE family law related chat.

The chat, without a doubt shall be confidential and the lawyer who is allotted to you will discuss your situation from legal point of view. With that, they can also give you an estimate about what their fee will be for working on a financial agreement, divorce applications, and consent orders.

While this chat usually lasts 10 minutes, you will get real value as there won’t be any kind of deflecting from the issues at hand and their advice will be precise and to the point.

Address: Aspley Hypermarket, Suite 34, Mezzanine Level, 59, Albany Creek Rd

Phone: 7 3317 8346

Website: https://www.cudmorelegal.com.au/family-law-services/family-lawyers-free-consultation/

5.    Michael Lynch

They have been serving the people of Brisbane since quarter of a century. Their website is perhaps one of the best that we have seen amongst law firms. As for family law, they will assist you with adoption, child abduction, adult child maintenance, issues related to grandparents and mediation besides other common family law related services.

You can also contact them via email on [email protected]. Michael Lynch leads the firm and as you can notice, the firm is even named after him. They have around 50 positive reviews on their Google business listing as well.

Address: Level 9/193 N Quay

Phone: 7 3221 4300

Website: https://www.michaellynchfamilylawyers.com.au/contact/

6.    James Noble Law

They claim that they are transparent, charge their fees reasonably, and manage the cases of their clients properly. Plus, they also offer 24*7 support to their clients. James Noble and Charles Noble are the leading lawyers in the firm. They also update news related to family law via articles on their website.

Address: Level 10/95 N Quay

Phone: 1800 662 535

Website: https://jamesnoblelaw.com.au/

7.    Collective Family Law Group

They are one of the few legal firms in Australia that have a podcast for the common people. You can check the legal services that they offer on their services page and they are a dedicated family law legal firm as you probably might have guessed.

Address: Santos Place, Level 27/32 Turbot St

Phone: 7 3555 9799

Website: https://collectivefamilylaw.com.au/

8.    DA Family Lawyers

They in their own words are efficient and sensitive divorce and family law specialists. They have won a number of awards for their work in the field of family law.

Address: 8/183 N Quay

Phone: 7 3238 5900

Website: https://dafamilylawyers.com.au/

9.    Phillips Family Law

The great thing about them is that they allow their clients to come to them for second opinion about a legal issue too. Tony Phillips leads the leads the firm and Fiona Caulley is the second in command. They have been working in the field of law since more than three decades.

Address: 145 Ann St

Phone: 7 3007 9898

Website: https://www.phillipsfamilylaw.com.au/

10.  Stone Group

They aren’t what we can call a dedicated family law firm and they deal with a variety of other types of legal issues too. They are a member of the Queensland Law Society besides a number of other bodies too. They not only help couples who wish to get divorced but also those that wish to get prenups done before they get married.

They will also help you in case you are being a victim of domestic abuse or are in a de facto or same sex relationship. They also have an office in Gold Coast besides Brisbane city and you can request for a FREE consultation via their website.

Address: Level 37, Riverside Centre, 123 Eagle St

Phone: 1300 088 440

Website: https://www.stonegroup.com.au/contact-us/


Hope that out of these best family lawyers in Brisbane, you may have found the law firm to represent you in the court of law. Also, some firms also put emphasis on the fact that negotiations ought to be conducted before choosing the litigation way to go and this is rightly so. Your lawyer will even negotiate on your behalf.

Also, by this, you should not start thinking that firms who do this don’t prefer litigation. They do, but they do what is in the best interests of yours. Hopefully, you will win your battle related to family law with the help of these legal firms.

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