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10 Best Family Lawyers in Canberra

These are the 10 Best Family Lawyers in Canberra.

While Canberra by itself is a planned city, this doesn’t mean that things in your life as a resident has to go in a planned manner too. If you are dealing with an issue in your family life, then do consider these best family lawyers in Canberra. These law firms have spent years and have fought countless cases related to family law including divorce, property settlement and securing custody of children.

Hopefully, you will win the legal battle or your lawyer will be successful in negotiating a better outcome for yourself. Do make an informed decision before choosing a law firm and lawyer. There are many lawyers in Canberra. However, finding the best family lawyer can be difficult. You have to research and meet someone personally to find the best lawyer for yourself. Here is a list of the 10 best family lawyers in Canberra.

1.    HCC Lawyers

HCC Lawyers, family lawyers in Canberra provide you with a team who genuinely care about your outcome. They know that family law matters can be stressful and complicated, so we want to take the pressure off you by providing you with an excellent level of service and giving you the best chance at a positive outcome. They are a committed, passionate team who understand that the breakdown of a relationship or marriage is difficult; but their expert family lawyers in Canberra can help you through it.

Besides common family law related matters, they can also assist you with sperm and egg donor agreements, surrogacy, and spousal maintenance. However, it should also be noted that they aren’t what we can refer to as a dedicated family law firm as they deal with legal cases related to estates and wills, business and commercial law, and conveyancing.

They do say that they are more focused towards providing quality and no non-sense legal advice. However, while their reputation in terms of rating and reviews is great, they do lack in terms of knowledgeable content on their website.

Address: AMP building, HCC Lawyers 1Hobart Place, Level 8

Phone: 2 6147 3388

Website: https://hcclawyers.com.au/our-services/#family

2.    Australian Family Lawyers

Whether it is settlement of property, spousal maintenance, child support, divorce or separation. There isn’t an issue that they can’t help you with. They follow a unique process that has these steps. FREE consultation, session for building strategy, resolution of disputes, negotiation (assisted) and final settlement about the issue.

They provide advice and assistance in all areas of family law including property settlement, children’s issues, divorce and financial agreements. They also offer the services of highly qualified mediators to assist clients to resolve their disputes. Their family lawyers in Canberra will help you by explaining the legal process and provide you with expert advice on your rights and entitlements as well as assisting you to reach a satisfactory resolution as soon as possible.

You should choose them because they are driven by performance, experts in legal industry, have immense knowledge about the legal system, their fees are competitive and they communicate with their clients clearly without using legal jargon. Also, they have offices in a number of Australian cities besides Canberra.

Address: AMP building, Level 6/1 Hobart Pl

Phone: 1300 678 830

Website: https://www.australianfamilylawyers.com.au/locations/act

3.    Watts McCray Lawyers

Barry Frakes leads the firm and is assisted by a capable group of lawyers. While they are a capable legal firm without a doubt, they could have organized legal information on their family law page properly into bulleted or numbered points. That would have probably made it easy for visitors to understand what they have to offer.

Watts McCray Lawyers are experienced, dedicated family lawyers in Canberra. They provide legal advice and representation in all family law matters. They understand that family law matters can be stressful and confusing, which is why we make it our duty to ease your burden by providing you with practical and honest legal advice.  Their team of family lawyers will work with you to find the best solution for everyone involved, and will consider your needs, wants and concerns. Their aim is to help you reach an outcome that will give you peace of mind, so you can move on with your life.

They also give legal advice to same sex couples besides other common family related legal issues. Their testimonial section isn’t simply some random positive reviews but they have also mentioned those who left these reviews with their name.

Address: 7/40 Marcus Clarke St

Phone: 2 6257 6347

Website: https://www.wattsmccray.com.au/

4.    Farrar Gesini Dunn

They are the most experienced family lawyers in the ACT and are committed to providing you with a full range of legal services to assist you through the process of separation and divorce. Their team of family law experts are sensitive to your needs and understand that going through separation or divorce is an emotional time. They will provide practical advice and guide you through the legal process to help make it a smooth transition for you and your family.

Their lawyers understand the importance of resolving family law issues in a quick, efficient and practical way. They have extensive experience in all aspects of family law and can assist you in a wide range of matters including divorce, separation agreements, domestic violence orders and property settlements.

Besides commonly known legal services related to family law, they have other related services like settle by Sunday, superannuation, and international family law. Feel free to go through their blog section to know more about associated issues with family law. They have explained things quite nicely.

Address: 1/10 Rudd St

Phone: 2 6115 9000

Website: https://www.fgd.com.au/

5.    Neilan Stramandinoli Family Law

Neilan Stramandinoli Family Law has a strong focus on client service and achieving the best possible outcomes for their clients. With a team of highly experienced family lawyers, they work as a family to achieve the best results for each client. Their lawyers have extensive experience in all areas of family law including children’s matters and property settlements.  Neilan Stramandinoli Family Law are proud to offer fixed fee legal services to their clients for selected matters. This allows their clients to know what they can expect to pay up front when they engage them to act on their behalf.

They are member of reputed law associations and organizations like Law Council of Australia and act law society. Besides live chat, what is different about them is that they have pages like what to expect and our approach on their website that show that they are committed towards transparency.

They offer free initial consultations, which are available over the phone or in person at one of their office locations in Canberra. Please contact them to discuss your case.

Address: 11 London Cct

Phone: 2 6152 0493

Website: https://nsfamilylaw.com.au/

6.    Alliance Legal Services

Alliance Legal Services is a family law firm that specialises in helping people through the difficult process of separation, divorce, property settlement and child custody arrangements. As experienced family lawyers in Canberra, they understand how hard it is to make big decisions when your emotions are getting in the way. They also know how heart-breaking it can be when children are involved.

A good thing about them is that they have German and Mandarin speaking lawyers too in their team who can help those whose mother tongue is one of these languages. They too are a member of a number of legal associations and organizations that tell us about how capable family law firm they are.

Their team of family lawyers in Canberra provides a full range of legal services across all aspects of family law including: divorce, parenting disputes, property settlement and binding financial agreements.

Address: 7a/17 Napier Cl, Deakin

Phone: 2 6223 2400

Website: https://www.familylawincanberra.com.au/contact-us/

7.    Mazengarb Family Lawyers

Mazengarb Family Lawyers is a boutique family law firm located in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. They provide expert legal advice and representation in all areas of family law, including property settlements, child support, child custody and all other related areas. Their specialised family lawyers are highly trained to assist our clients in achieving the best possible outcome as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Another dedicated family law firm that can also help you with your will and power of attorney. They can also be contacted via an email to [email protected] and you can book an appointment online via their website too.

They also leverage technology while helping their clients as they make use of the Law Connect cloud-based document sharing service. Geoff Mazengarb is the leading lawyer of the firm who is also its founder. They have an FAQ section too for those who have some questions in their minds.

Address: 5/11 London Cct

Phone: 2 6230 0199

Website: https://www.mfamilylawyers.com.au/

8.    DDCS Lawyers

Besides the fields of law most family law firms cover, they also work on the relocation of children and specialist advocacy. They claim to be committed, client centered, and experienced. The firm is made up of a capable team of about 10 legal professionals who work tirelessly to bring out the best result for the clients.

They provide clients with advice and representation that is practical, sensible, commercial and pragmatic. DDCS Lawyers they pride on ensuring that clients are treated fairly and receive a high standard of service and personal attention.

They also have a very useful feature known as the online family help. You can try it out too. If email is your preferred way of communicating then drop them one at [email protected]. Their blog section also has helpful articles for those who are unaware about necessary details of family and divorce law.

Address: 18 Kendall Ln

Phone: 2 6212 7600

Website: https://ddcslawyers.com.au/

9.    Infinity Family Lawyers

Infinity Family Lawyers is a Canberra based law firm specialising in family law. They offer a range of services including divorce, separation, property settlement and more. They are a proper family law firm that offers all sorts of basic family law related services like property settlement, domestic violence, parenting, divorce, adoption etc. While their website can have been better designed, their blog section has some articles explaining what the law has to say about family related matters.

However, it doesn’t seem to get updated frequently as it should be. Feel free to fill their contact form if you wish to get in touch with them. Julia Heinze leads the firm and is also its director.

Infinity Family Lawyers are committed to helping our clients achieve a fair settlement that meets their needs. THeir aim is to make the process of separation as smooth as possible for everyone involved, particularly any children of the relationship.

Address: 2/24 Marcus Clarke St, Civic

Phone: 2 6230 1839

Website: http://www.infinityfamilylawyers.com.au/

10.  Chapman & Smyth Family Law

They are a boutique family law firm situated in Canberra, Australia and offer specialist advice, advocacy and representation in all areas of family law including divorce, property settlements, children’s issues and financial matters involving superannuation. The firm is a specialist family law practice, not a general legal practice.

Their website also has a web portal for you to process things completely online. The news section also has a few articles explaining the legal aspect of family law related things. They offer almost all basic types of family law services without exception.

If you want you can email them at [email protected] for contacting them. We also recommend that you take an appointment before going to meet with them at their office. That is the best way of proceeding. Also, they have their offices in Parramatta and Sydney.

Address: Level 8/121 Marcus Clarke St

Phone: 411 124 102

Website: https://chapmansmyth.com.au/


These capable best family lawyers in Canberra are all professional and their efforts have helped them win a large number of cases related to family law. Yes, we do agree that the journey towards getting what you rightfully deserve is going to be tough, but these legal professionals are there to assist and help you through these tough times.

We do understand that legal battles like these have a mental toll as well that is why we will advise you to go with a lawyer with whom you are comfortable. For this, we suggest that you visit the law firm in question in person rather than simply discussing things on the phone before making a decision.

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