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10 Best Family Lawyers in Darwin

These are the 10 Best Family Lawyers in Darwin.

If you are reading this article, then we want to let you know, that yes, these best family lawyers in Darwin will help you a lot in fighting your cause of securing justice. Whether it is divorce or the fight for the custody of your children, these firms have capable lawyers who have fought a large number of such cases in the past.

Yes, they all have their own area of expertise but remember, there are even firms that solely deal with family law and nothing else. They also understand the fact that family law is a sensitive issue and deal with it accordingly while conversing with their clients.

1.    Tindall Gask Bentley

They are a huge Australian firm that also works in Darwin and deals with family law. The firm can assist you with child support, international divorce, surrogacy, arrangements for parenting, settlement of property, resolving family disputes, prenups etc. They have blog section that is complimented by a podcast.

The law firm has been helping Australians resolve their legal problems since more than four decades. You can imagine the quality of legal service provided by TGB by the fact that about 97 % of their clients choose to recommend the firm to their friends and family.

Not just this, they are perhaps one of the very few firms that also has videos on their websites talking about various legal issues and things.

Address: 1/21 Cavenagh St

Phone: 8 8941 7814

Website: https://tgb.com.au/services/family-divorce/

2.    Ward Keller

Since they deal with a variety of other legal issues too, their family law division is limited to divorce, orders related to consent, settlement of property, agreements related to supporting children, and matters about parenting. Tessa Czislowski and Michael Penman are the leading lawyers who handle family law related cases and disputes.

You can also email them at [email protected] but you should remember that they don’t offer a FREE initial consultation like most other firms. They have a great reputation in terms of reviews from their past clients too. They also leverage AI to answer your questions online.

Address: Level 7/22 Mitchell St

Phone: 8 8911 0715

Website: https://www.wardkeller.com.au/areas-of-law/personal/darwin-family-law/

3.    Bowen Lawyers

While most firms don’t open their offices on Saturday and Sunday, Bowen Lawyers is open on Saturday but you can visit only after taking an appointment. Most of their family law services are common.

Marguerite is the firm’s leading lawyer and she is really well-educated. If email is your preferred mode of communication, feel free to connect with them on [email protected]. They also are a predominantly family law firm that happens to be dealing with other kinds of legal matters too.

You can also check their FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section before contacting them for an appointment to get more clarity about things.

Address: 10/4 Manton St

Phone: 8 8941 8848

Website: https://www.bowenlawyers.com.au/

4.    Maley’s

While the firm has decent reputation, they should have listed out the issues that they help family law related clients in a bulleted or numbered list.

They have also beautifully stated that there are no winners or losers in family law related cases. And which is why they go ahead with things in a compassionate manner while thinking about everything. Maley’s also tell us how the interests of children have to be kept at the forefront than anything else in divorce related cases.

If you wish to book an appointment with them then remember that they are open from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Address: 17 Cavenagh St

Phone: 8 8981 2266

Website: https://www.maleyslegal.com/family-law

5.    Hunt & Hunt Lawyers

Their role isn’t limited to simply litigating on their client’s behalf. The firm also helps their client in sorting, negotiating besides giving them valuable advice. Hunt and Hunt also works in a variety of other sectors too as we know it.

Another positive point about them is that they also support non-profit organizations throughout Australia. Besides, they have a large number of lawyers at their disposal too.

They were founded almost a century ago and are still operational on a large scale. Instead of a blog section, they have an insights section where they have a number of articles talking about various topics.

Address: Level 2/13 Cavenagh St

Phone: 8 8924 2600

Website: https://www.hunthunt.com.au/expertise/services/family/

6.    Coonan & Coonan Legal

Another dedicated family law firm. The firm can help you with sole and joint divorce applications besides other commonly known family issues. Their live chat agents are also there on their website to solve your minor doubts about the firm. Tahnee leads the firm and is also its director.

They can be reached out at [email protected] too. They also promise to get back in 24 hours once you fill their contact us form on their website. The testimonials on their site also tell us about their capability as one of the best family lawyers in Darwin.

Address: 19 Smith St

Phone: 1300 001 298

Website: https://coonanandcoonanlegal.com.au/home

7.    Withnalls Lawyers

They have mentioned the links of official websites of courts related to family law in Australia on their website’s footer that you can check out.

The firm has basically two eminent lawyers, Vanessa Farmer and Amy Noble. The firm says that they are outcome driven, focus on what the needs of the client in question are, achieve the best results, convey information to clients without the legal jargon etc.

Feel free to reach out to them either by filling the contact form on their website or by emailing them at [email protected].

Address: 22 Harry Chan Ave

Phone: 8 8941 1896

Website: https://www.withnalls.com/family-law














Well, these were the best family lawyers in Darwin that can be contacted by you to fight your family law case.

However, we would also like to say that you ask the firm of your choice about similar cases to yours that they have fought in the past and won. Also, don’t worry if the lawyer representing you wants to negotiate with the other party for an out of court settlement.

Remember, getting a respectable and favorable outcome should be your goal then only thinking that fighting things out in the court of law is the only way to go forward.

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