The Top 5 Fastest Growing Areas Of Law


t  has always been agreed upon by most law philosophers that the law is not an end unto itself. Instead, it is but a means, that changes and evolves according to societies’ needs. The law is dynamic, not static in nature. It is also true that law can be found anywhere human beings interact with each other or with their surroundings. As such, there are numerous areas of law.

“Law Is Dynamic, Not Static In Nature”

The world we live in is changing fast. While the law always lags behind these changes, it eventually mirrors them. Hence, in recent years, some areas of law have grown immensely while others have waned. In this piece, we concentrate on the former, with a keen emphasis not just on the Australian legal market but

Fastest Growing Areas Of Law:

Elder Law  | Cyber Security Law  |  Intellectual Property Law  | Environmental Law  | Family Law |

1. Elder Law

Elder Law

Saul Goodman wasn’t wrong when he decided to specialise in Elder Law in the hit TV Series Better Call Saul. Elder law is a fast-growing area of law and will grow for the foreseeable future. Two major reasons can be attributed to this state of affairs.

With improved living conditions, people the world over are enjoying increased longevity. Elder affairs have become a major area of concern for many governments around the world, with policy geared to improving their standards of living.

Secondly, and quite unfortunately, the rate of population ageing is fast increasing, especially in developed countries. This means that there are more old people in many developed countries than there ever was before.

2. Cyber Security Law

Cyber Security Law

It goes without saying that with the onset of the internet, much of our lives are inextricably depended on internet connectivity. Increasingly, our communications, interactions and transactions are occurring online. Much of our lives are lived online.

On the one hand, internet connectivity has wrought great opportunity, by making communication and transactions more efficient, and opening up markets that were pretty much inaccessible a few decades ago. On the other hand, internet connectivity pauses novel problems and has become a major avenue for crime and breach of privacy.

Cyber Law as a niche, is fast-growing and this trend will continue as the world becomes increasingly virtual.

3. Intellectual Property Law 

Intellectual Property Law 

We are constantly innovating, creating and inventing. With increased literacy levels across the globe, people have become more aware of their rights-including their intellectual property rights. What’s more, this awareness has come the need to enforce these rights.

As such lawyers specialising in trademark law, copyrights and patents are in high demand the world over. In fact, while these rights were traditionally enforced by large corporations, the market has tremendously widened due to the reasons above.

4. Environmental Law 

Environmental Law 

Sustainable development has become a defining ethos for virtually every country, globally. Acknowledgement that our interactions with the environment need to be regulated to ensure the sustainability of our planet, means that environmental law is fast becoming a very serious area of law.

5. Family Law

Family Law

In keeping with the premise in the introduction, the family as an institution is a great example of societies’ dynamic nature. With increased emancipation for the LGBTQIA+ communities around the globe, de facto family law, for example, is emerging niche within this area of law and is gaining traction.




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