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10 Best Immigration Lawyers in Adelaide

These are the 10 Best Immigration Lawyers in Adelaide.

Moving to Australia can seem like a very attractive prospect, with it being one of the nicest and safest countries in the world. However, the quality of life brings about some very challenging entry requirements and for that you will want professional help. If you are moving to a new country, you will want to focus on adjusting to your new life, not worrying about the bureaucracy and the technical requirements.

Finding an immigration lawyer in Adelaide can be a daunting task, but with the right help it can be a lot easier. If you’re looking to secure citizenship in another country or just to meet the government’s requirements for permanent residency, there’s a lot of cases to take into consideration. Not only will the lawyer have to understand the law and apply it on your behalf, they will also have to keep you informed about the entire process so that you understand each case. Even if you already reside here, but you want to secure your residency from untoward occurrences, the best immigration lawyers in Adelaide as listed here will all work for you to ensure that your immigration experience is smooth with nothing to worry about.

1.    Work Visa Lawyers

Work Visa Lawyers has been in the industry for around 10 years now, and is one of the largest firms not just in Adelaide, but in Australia. Work Visa Lawyers is a specialist immigration law firm based in Adelaide. They understand the process and can help you with your visa application. An immigration lawyer can assess your case and advise you on the best way to apply for a visa. Your immigration lawyer can also help you with any appeals or reviews if your visa application is refused.

They offer comprehensive expertise in all aspects of Australian immigration law and the full range of visas available to skilled migrants. This includes applications to work in Australia on a temporary or permanent basis. And all supporting matters such as spouse visas and child visas. They also provide advice on employer sponsored migration and business skills migration.

The emphasis of their services is on minimizing the time that you, the client, have to spend on your applications so you are free to focus on the more important matters around you.  They provide tailored advice for your personal circumstances, taking into account work experience, family members, financial status and more. Contact them today to get their services.      

Address: 230 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville, SA, 5031, Australia

Phone: +61 8 8351 9956

Website: https://www.workvisalawyers.com.au/

2.    Scammell & Co. Barristers & Solicitors

Scammell & Co is a certified Gold Alliance Law Firm by the Law Society of South Australia, and their recognition is backed up by their long history of over 120 years serving the community of South Australia. Scammell & Co is the leading law firm in Adelaide, South Australia offering high-quality legal advice and representation across a broad range of areas. Their team of experienced lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to help you through your legal issue, no matter how challenging or complex it may be.

Their philosophy is centered on valuing the client as the most important and most integral part of the business; thus, their aim is to always provide excellent client service on top of the quality legal assistance that they already provide on a regular basis.

They have worked with clients across the globe to help them obtain their desired outcome, whether that’s securing a visa, fighting for justice or protecting their business interests. With decades of combined experience in both Australian and international law, their team can provide you with the nuanced advice that you need to get results!


86 Franklin Street, Adelaide

South Australia 5000

Phone Number: (08) 8212 6875

Website: https://scammell.com.au/

3.    St. Ives Law

St. Ives Law is a boutique law firm specialising in Australian immigration law. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, the firm has a particular focus on employer sponsored visas, with an emphasis on regional employers. St. Ives Law always aims to exceed, not just meet, their clients’ expectations with their core values of excellence, mutual respect, integrity, and honesty.

St. Ives Law supports migration agents and their clients in the preparation of visa applications and the resolution of issues that arise during the processing of visas by the Department or Immigration and Border Protection. They have a passion for innovation and technology which allows them to keep updated with the latest changes in immigration law, and it also allows them to provide creative and tailored solutions for their clients.

Most of their services can be covered by a fixed fee, so for clients who are on a budget, St. Ives is an affordable and quality law firm that can handle your immigration concerns.


Suite 904, 147 Pirie Street


Phone Number: (08) 7123 6333

Website: http://www.stiveslaw.com.au/

4.    Johnson Lawyers

Johnson Lawyers is a South Australian firm with a proven track record of providing the highest quality legal services to the people of Adelaide and South Australia. Johnson Lawyers has built up a solid and steady reputation throughout their 40 years of legal practice specializing in both immigration and commercial law. Johnson Lawyers have extensive experience in all types of Australian visas, including partner visas, student visas, skilled worker visas, business owner visas and more.

Any and all aspects of immigration law are fair game for Johnson Lawyers, whether it concerns visa applications, appeals, or even hiring overseas workers for a client who has a business in Adelaide.

To add to their touch of professionalism, they are results driven, meaning they always work with the clients’ desired output as the only acceptable outcome. They provide the highest standard of legal expertise combined with a friendly and accessible approach. Their focus is on delivering results while making the whole process as stress-free as possible for their clients.

Address: 1/133 Archer St, North Adelaide SA 5006

Phone Number: +61 8 8360 8360

Website: http://www.johnsonlaw.com.au/

5.    RPM Lawyers & Migration Agents

RPM Lawyers & Migration Agents is a migration law firm based in Adelaide. They have been helping clients with Australian visa issues for years and are now one of the leading migration lawyers in Adelaide. In 2012, RPM Lawyers was established by Ross McDougall, a migration agent since 1993 and a solicitor since 1994. With a principal who is both a lawyer and a registered agent, you can expect your case to be handled with the best practices there are.

Hundreds of clients have turned to RPM Lawyers with satisfied outcomes on their immigration cases which include both visa applications and appeals for refusals. RPM Lawyers & Migration Agents offer a free initial consultation to all potential clients and can guide you through the complicated process of applying for an Australian visa. They are committed to providing the best possible outcome for their clients and will work tirelessly to achieve this goal.

All of their services are charged with a fix professional fee; administrative services are not charged to the client. They have experience in dealing with complex cases and will work hard to make sure you get the best outcome possible. Contact them today.

Address: Level 3, 97 Pirie Street – Adelaide

Phone Number: (08) 8528 9187

Website: https://www.rpmlawyers.com.au/

6.    MSM Legal

MSM Legal is a well-established law firm based in Adelaide. One of their specialisations is immigration law.  MSM Legal assists clients with immigration concerns not only in Adelaide, but all throughout Australia. They also have consultants in Asia and Europe, allowing them to remain up to date with the best immigration law practices in the world. They specialise in immigration and family matters and are passionate about helping people to achieve their goals.

Their team is committed to providing high quality legal services at affordable prices. They understand that legal fees can be daunting for many people, so they offer payment plans where possible as well as competitive fees for all our services.

MSM Legal provides comprehensive legal services to both individuals and businesses and has a reputation for providing exceptional service and achieving outstanding results. Their approach to all cases revolve around their philosophies of practicality, allowing them to provide pragmatic and realistic solutions to their clients’ cases, no matter how complex they may initially seem.

Address: 11-13 Gilbert Street, Adelaide 5000

South Australia

Phone Number: (08) 8161 5088

Website: https://www.msmlegal.com.au/

7.    SeekVisa

SeekVisa is a business immigration service based in Adelaide, Australia. They specialize in helping people get the right visa for their needs. Ben Watt leads SeekVisa’s immigration team, and he is an experienced lawyer and migration agent with almost ten years of experience in immigration law.

SeekVisa specialises in assisting people with their visa applications and appeals for Australian visas. They have also helped clients with drafting agreements, business plans and other documents.

Whether you need help with preparations and applications, or you have already applied, and your application was refused and you need to appeal, Ben Watt has the necessary expertise to help you navigate through the many technicalities of immigration law. SeekVisa is a business immigration service based in Adelaide, Australia. They specialize in helping people get the right visa for their needs.

Employers and businesses have also sought their help, so if you are looking to hire overseas workers or you just want to establish a business here, SeekVisa is the right firm for you.


Level 9 Nishi Building, 2 Phillip Law Street


Phone Number: (02) 9161 7411

Website: https://www.seekvisa.com.au/

8.    No Borders Migration

No Borders Migration is a boutique Adelaide immigration law firm that aims to make the complex world of migration accessible and easy. They have over 6 years of experience in Australian migration law and are Adelaide’s premier provider of migration services. No Borders has both registered migration agents and lawyers with them, and they are a well-networked migration company, being a member of both the Migration Institute of Australia and the American Immigration Lawyers association, among others.

The No Borders Migration website offers an overview of the services they provide, including: Business visas, Visa applications, Employer sponsorship, Visa breaches, Citizenship applications. No Borders Migration have an extensive FAQ page that answers questions on a number of topics.

Through their website, you can book a free 20-minute consultation so that you can assess the best visa type for you according to your specific circumstances. 


Office on the Park

Suite 14 / 22 Greenhill Road

Wayville, South Australia 5034

Phone Number:

Website: https://www.noborders-group.com/

9.    Cares Lawyers

Cares Lawyers is a boutique practice located in Adelaide, South Australia. Cares Lawyers was established to provide specialist immigration advice and assistance to individuals and businesses in Australia, and also internationally. Cares Lawyers’ mission is to provide superior service to all our clients by ensuring that we provide the highest quality legal advice and representation.

Cares Lawyers practices in three fields only: commercial law, family law, and immigration law. The narrowness of their practice areas allows them to have a specialist approach in each, making them capable of giving tailored and specific advice to clients.

Their website has plenty of testimonials from past clients, so if you are looking for a tried and tested immigration law firm, Cares Lawyers will have you looking no further.

Address: 3/25 Wiltshire St, Salisbury SA 5108, Australia

Phone Number: +61 8 8281 7788

Website: https://careslawyers.com.au/

10.  Fen Law & Migration Associates

One of the things that Fen Law prides themselves in is their creative solution which has given them the reputation of being able to obtain even “impossible” visas. The firm has a team of experienced and dedicated legal professionals who specialise in immigration law and practice. The firm provides a broad range of immigration services to individuals, families and business owners.

No matter how complex your immigration problem may be, you can count on Fen Law & Migration Associates to be able to solve it, and with many years of experience serving Adelaide, it seems that they have the competence to back their claims.


Level 7, 118 King William Street

Adelaide, SA 5000, AUSTRALIA

Phone Number: (+618) 8212-3593

Website: http://fenlawmigrationassociates.com.au/


The lawyers listed here are the most reputed and the most competent at what they do. Immigration law is a very technical field, and although you may not be faulted for thinking that you can do it yourself, the last thing you want happening is an unexpected refusal.

With these lawyers on your side, you can be at ease knowing that the best immigration lawyers in Adelaide are working to provide you with the results that you want, so that you can focus on your personal and your business concerns, which are more important.

Give them a call through their details listed above so you can get started.

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