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4 Apps That Every Lawyer Should Have On Their Phone

The law is amongst the professions infamous for being impervious to change. Be that is it may, the convenience offered by technology, particularly mobile technology is slowly coaxing legal practitioners to come into the light. On the AppStore and Play Store alike, one can find a whole subcategory of productivity applications, dubbed legal tech. In this article, we highlight a few of our favourite.

1. StandIn

It’s inevitable, at some point in your legal career, you will be required to be omnipresent. You will not be up to the task for obvious reasons, but don’t fret, standin is the next best solution. The app comes in handy when you’re presence is required in two different locations at the same time. It allows for another lawyer to take your place for a short period of time. It’s a must-have for any hardworking lawyer!

2. Talks On The Law 

We call ourselves learned friends, and for good reason. It is expected that any lawyer worth his salt will know everything about everything- an impossibility in itself. That being so, ignorance is no defence, and you will be thoroughly embarrassed the next time you find yourself tongue-tied as your friends make cogent points on the latest developments in the law. Talks On The Law saves you from that scenario by giving the latest developments at the tip of your fingers.

3. On the Case 

There’s always that one lawyer in the room that seems to know such obscure cases that neither the judges nor any other lawyer in the room have heard of. Don’t take their word for it. Akin to a small wrapped piece of paper containing all the answers in an exam, on the case is a fast and capable guide to all the case law you don’t know. Download it!

4. SignMyPad

it is now easier than ever to hold people to their word. No pen? No worries, SignMyPad only requires a finger. No need to walk around with stacks of paper. You now only need your mobile device and a person willing to be bound!


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