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10 Best Commercial Lawyers in Darwin

These are the 10 Best Commercial Lawyers in Darwin.

Commercial law need not be complicated, as you and your business’s needs may include cutting down on costs, complicated cases that involve more time and resources, and expertise that gets things done excellently and in a competent manner, serving you the best and most efficient solutions.

With all these considerations, some knowledge about the best commercial lawyers in Darwin may be in order. Read more to choose the best law practice for your business. Having a legal dispute is never fun. However, if you’re looking for help, the first step you should take is finding a reputable commercial lawyer. It’s not easy to find the best commercial lawyer in Darwin, so we put together this list to make your job easier.

1.    Jude Lawyers

Jude Lawyers is a commercial law firm based in Darwin. They provide legal services to corporations and individuals.  Jude Lawyers is a boutique law firm based in Darwin that specializes in plenty of areas of law including commercial law, maritime law, and even litigation. Their long history of serving the Darwin community reflects in their wide client base, having served multi-national companies, government enterprises, small business owners, and trust companies, in addition to individual businesspeople.

Jude Lawyers’ work is exclusively commercial, with a focus on dispute resolution and civil litigation. This has made them a go-to for businesses that require commercial lawyers. Jude Lawyers is comprised of two solicitors and one legal secretary. The firm offers its clients access to some of the most experienced commercial lawyers in the Northern Territory.

They have plenty of experience when it comes to commercial law so they can help draft and prepare your contracts for you and they can even litigate in court for all commercial matters. The team at Jude Lawyers are highly skilled and experienced with the ability to handle any type of case.  Their lawyers are dedicated to providing high quality legal services at affordable rates. If you would like advice from our experienced commercial lawyers in Darwin or any other legal services please contact them today.


Ground Floor

9-11 Cavenagh Street

Darwin NT 0800

Phone Number: 08 89418229

Website: http://jude-lawyers.com/

2.    Ward Keller

Ward Keller is a full-service law firm that has been helping the Northern Territory community for more than 50 years. All of the firm’s partners have over 100 years of experience between them, allowing them to draw upon an unparalleled breadth of knowledge and expertise. Considering the intricate nature of commercial law, which applies even to what most people would call the simplest matters, Ward Kellers’ experience as a commercial law practitioner is hard to beat, which is why they are in this list.

They are the largest commercial firm in the Northern Territory, with offices in Darwin and Alice Springs. They have been serving Darwin’s business community for ears and have established a reputation as one of the Territory’s leading firms. They are committed to delivering the highest possible standard of legal service. They can provide you with legal advice on any personal or business matter. Their team of experienced lawyers are dedicated to delivering quality legal services with a focus on innovation, efficiency and value for money for their clients.


Level 7, Northern Territory House

22 Mitchell Street

Darwin NT 0800

Phone Number: (08) 8946 2999

Website: https://www.wardkeller.com.au/

3.    Withnalls Lawyers

Withnalls Lawyers is a firm that practices law in a wide range of areas including commercial law. Some of their strong points are their cost effectiveness and effectiveness when it comes to delivering their services no matter how complicated the case may be. The firm emphasizes transparency in all their dealings with their clients and their approaches to cases are flexible because they believe that each case is a unique one, warranting unique solutions.

They have experienced solicitors and barristers with offices in Darwin, Alice Springs and Katherine. They are committed to delivering the highest possible standard of legal service. They can provide you with legal advice on any personal or business matter. Their team of experienced lawyers are dedicated to delivering quality legal services with a focus on innovation, efficiency and value for money for their clients. Whether you need a family law matter dealt with, or if you would like to discuss an interstate or international move, get in touch with the team at Withnalls Lawyers today.

Address: 22 Harry Chan Avenue, Darwin NT 0800

Phone Number: (08) 8941 1896

Website: https://www.withnalls.com/

4.    WBH Legal

A medium-sized firm that operates in both Darwin and Adelaide, WBH Legal is a law firm that practices across multiple disciplines. The firm’s partners have over 32 years of legal experience between them, backed by a team of young, energetic, and innovative-thinking consultants and lawyers. Whether the client is an individual, a small- or medium-sized business, or a large corporation, WBH Legal has the expertise to assist them in any kind of commercial matter no matter how complicated it may be. Specifically, their expertise lies in insurance, dispute resolution, financing structures, and intellectual property.

Their approach is to work collaboratively with their clients to understand their business needs and provide practical, commercial solutions that are tailored to meet those needs. Their commitment to their clients is to provide superior quality, value for money services by leveraging on our technical expertise and experience in order to provide timely and cost-effective outcomes for clients.

If you’re looking for an efficient service provider for your legal issues, WBH Legal is the answer. They have a tailored approach to each client in need of services that can help with any commercial matter and provide legal assistance to clients all over Australia and overseas.


Suite 34, 24 Cavenagh Street Darwin NT 0800

Ph: +61 8 8410 4420

Phone Number: +61 8 8410 4420

Website: https://wbhlegal.com.au/

5.    Finlaysons Lawyers

Finlaysons Lawyers is another firm that operates in both Adelaide and Darwin; however, their client base is not limited to just these cities or even Australia; they also serve international clients. The firm traces its roots to its early founding which was 150 years ago in South Australia. Being one of the firms that operated for the longest time, Finalysons is one of the most recognizable names in the legal industry.

Their services include: Commercial Law, Property Law, Indigenous Land Use Agreements, Estate Planning, Environment & Planning Law, and Employment Law. Their team is ready to help you – they can be contacted via phone or fill out the form on their website.

Their team of experienced commercial lawyers work closely with your accountant, financial planner and real estate agent to deliver timely, value-for-money legal services. If you’re buying or selling a residential property in the Northern Territory, contact them for an obligation free chat about your legal requirements.


Level 3/9 Cavenagh Street,

Darwin NT 0800

Phone Number: +61 8 8235 7400

Website: https://www.finlaysons.com.au/

6.    Hunt & Hunt Lawyers

Hunt & Hunt builds a deep rapport with their clients anchored on genuine trust and cost-effectiveness. Recognizing the fast-paced nature of the business and the legal environment nowadays, the firm emphasizes not just delivering legal solutions for their clients, they also aim to make their clients’ businesses be more efficient. Because of their client-focused model, one of their standout aspects is legal advice that is easily understandable and provided openly and straightforwardly.

The firm offers a wide range of legal services including corporate and commercial law, intellectual property, dispute resolution, employment and industrial relations, estates and succession planning, insurance law, property development, property investment and leasing, public sector law and local government law.

They are a progressive, innovative and modern law firm that is built on the principles of providing exceptional client service. Their areas of expertise include commercial & business law, property law, mineral resources & energy law and construction & infrastructure law.


Level 2

13 Cavenagh Street

Darwin NT 0800

Phone Number: +61 8 8924 2600

Website: https://www.hunthunt.com.au/

7.    De Silva Hebron Barristers & Solicitors

The lawyers over at De Silva Hebron Barristers & Solicitors have lived in the Northern Territory for most of their lives, so when you come to them for help, you can expect legal advice that is not only sound and knowledgeable, but also advice that is well-attuned to the business environment of the area. Their understanding of the local area also allows them to be more aware of the competition which can also help businesses thrive in addition to being legally compliant.

The commercial law team at De Silva Hebron & Barristers Solicitors in Darwin specialises in all aspects of commercial law. They advise on a broad range of commercial transactions and work with clients to find cost-effective solutions to the challenges they face. If you are looking for a commercial lawyer, then De Silva Hebron are the right people to ask. They provide excellent services along with a dedicated team of lawyers and other experts. They have built their reputation over several years in the legal industry.


47 Knuckey Street Darwin NT 0800

GPO Box 488 Darwin NT 0801

Phone Number:

+61 8 89 244 944

+61 8 89 244 933

Website: https://desilva-hebron.com/

8.    Halfpennys Lawyers

When you ask the Darwin people about a respected and well-known law firm in the area, Halfpennys Lawyers is one name you can expect to hear from them. They have a very wide client base which includes not only the wealthy individuals and large corporations, but also young individuals who are just starting up their own businesses. Their practice is focused on the everyday situations that the average NT family can expect to come across, so they can be a welcoming choice for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Their team of experienced lawyers are recognised by their peers and clients as being at the top of their field. They have the skills, experience and attitude to make a difference to our clients’ success.

Halfpennys Lawyers are the experts in their field and can give you advice on all of your business needs. If you are seeking more information about their services, or wanting to make an appointment, visit their website today for more information.


Level 3, 69 Smith Street

Darwin NT 0800

Phone Number: +61 (0) 8 8942 8888 

Website: https://halfpennys.com.au/

9.    Cozens Johansen Lawyers

In addition to working at Darwin, the lawyer’s overs at Cozens Johansen also live there, and they all have a great degree of familiarity in the institutions as well, which provides a competitive edge for those seeking legal and commercial advice. Their firm has a strong local presence and deep roots in the community. They are committed to helping our clients succeed and going the extra mile.

They are committed to establishing long term business relationships with clients by providing them with reliable service that is prompt and professional. Cozens Johansen Lawyers aims for excellence in everything they do.


Level 1, Centrepoint Building

48-50 Smith Street

Darwin NT 0800

GPO Box 1359, Darwin NT 0801

Phone Number: (08) 8911 1280

Website: https://cozensjohansen.com.au/

10.  Darwin NT Lawyers

Darwin NT Lawyers is handled by Thiagus Cheliah, a lawyer who has been practicing law for over 15 years and has been working in the private and public sector for over 30 years. Ever since, he has handled a variety of commercial law transactions and he is also a former accountant which makes Darwin NT Lawyers a valuable choice for those seeking holistic advice.

Their lawyers all have substantial experience conducting complex transactions for major clients. They pride themselves on being approachable and easy to deal with – you will always be able to speak directly with one of their lawyers about your matter.


Level 1, 21/24 Cavenagh Street


Northern Territory 0800

Phone Number: 0412332154 (+61412332154)

Website: http://www.darwinntlawyers.com/


The business environment, with its fast-paced nature and steep competition, requires experienced and seasoned practitioners of commercial law, those people who will be able to help your business become more efficient, and give you straightforward, considerate legal advice as you handle your business operations.

Whether you are a startup or a seasoned businessman, your needs, such as legal and commercial advice, will be served with knowledge, effectiveness, innovation, and experience by some of our best commercial lawyers in Darwin.

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