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10 Best Immigration Lawyers in Melbourne

These are the 10 Best Immigration Lawyers in Melbourne.

Melbourne is a very nice place to settle in. It has a good economy, a rich culture, and is one of the world’s most livable cities. So for those of you looking to move to Melbourne, the first thing you will want to contact is an expert in the legal process to get you there.

That is where immigration lawyers enter the picture. With years of training to be familiar with the intricateness and complexity of immigration law like they’re on the back of their hands, immigration lawyers are the people you want on your side the most.

Especially when you’re moving to another country.

With that being said, here’s a list of the best immigration lawyers in Melbourne.

1.    Carina Ford Immigration Lawyers

If you are looking for one of the biggest immigration law firms not just in Melbourne, but in all of Australia, then the first entry on this list is right for you.

Their lawyers are not just learned and experienced in immigration law; all of them are also registered migration agents, and a respectable number of them are members of the Migration Institute of Australia.

For those who want the best assurance out there, Carina Ford Immigration Lawyers is the right choice for you.


Level 5, 1 McNab Avenue

Footscray, VIC 3011

Phone: (+61 3) 9396 0207

Website: https://www.carinafordlawyers.com/

2.    WLW Migration Lawyers

To add to the list of reputed immigration law firms, we’re putting in WLW Migration Lawyers, a firm that has won multiple awards and recognitions from Lawyers Weekly Women in Law, MyBusiness Awards, Best Lawyers, and ThreeBestRated, to name a few.

The firm specializes in immigration law, and their level of specialization clearly shows in the numerous recognitions they have received through the years, which is quite a feat considering that the firm was established only in 2015.

Address: Level 1, 545 King Street, West Melbourne VIC 3003

Phone Number: +61 3 9088 6264

Website: https://wlwlawyers.com.au/

3.    Aitken Partners

With over 95 years of experience, Aitken Partners is a full-service law firm that practices across a wide array of legal fields including immigration law.

One of their features is that they always tailor their solutions to your individual needs, and they achieve this through their diverse roster.

Their website contains plenty of testimonials from their clients, all of which state positive experiences with Aitken Partners no matter how difficult the case was.


Level 28, 140 William Street,

Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia.

Phone Number: +61 3 8600 6000

Website: https://www.aitken.com.au/

4.    Abode Migration Lawyers

No matter what your immigration or migration concerns may be, Abode Migration Lawyers is well-equipped to handle them, simple or complex.

They can also help you in your meetings with the Department of Immigration or the Department of Home Affairs, and in case your application gets rejected, Abode can give legal advice to have your case reviewed.


40/140 William Street


Victoria 3000

Phone Number: 03 9607 8362

Website: https://abodemigration.com.au/

5.    Erskine Rodan & Associates Immigration Lawyers

Erskine Rodan & Associates recognizes that immigration matters are those kinds of subjects where individuals think that they can handle it alone, only to be overwhelmed on as requirements and paperwork pile up.

Their team is composed of lawyers who are migration agents, and that is something that they take pride in. Migration lawyers are more strictly regulated than migration agents, and if you are planning for immigration, expertise is what you need most.


460 Victoria St,

North Melbourne, Victoria 3051

Phone Number: +613 9329 8744

Website: https://erskinerodan.com.au/

6.    Ethos Migration Lawyers

Ethos Migration Lawyers serves not just individuals who wish to migrate, but also local and even international businesses who may have immigration requirements in Australia.

As a firm that practices exclusively in immigration law, their team is composed of both migration lawyers and registered migration agents, so clients are given solutions that take all relevant factors into consideration, both legal and non-legal.

To back up their claim of expertise, the firm regularly works with some of the largest organizations across Australia, a good indicator that shows that they are well-recognized in the country as one of the foremost immigration law practices.


Level 6

224 Queen Street


VIC 3000

Phone Number: 1300 083 843

Website: https://ethosmigration.com.au/

7.    TNS Lawyers

TNS Lawyers places the emphasis on the client first, and this shows in the kind of legal advice they give: incisive and practical. No matter how complex the case may be, they  strive to give the information to the client free of legal jargon.

This is especially important in immigration, where you always have to be on top of all the developments in your case because it is your future that is on the line.


Ground Floor, 310 King Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Phone Number: +61 03 9052 3214

Website: https://www.tnslawyers.com.au/

8.    Bardo Lawyers

Bardo & Erci has a team of immigration lawyers all working together, and with one look at their website, you can see that these lawyers have handled immigration cases with positive reviews for them.

To further their vision of transparency, their website outright states the consultation rates for their lawyers along with the different available times of the day so you can ensure that they can be responsive to you.


Level 24

570 Bourke Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone Number: (03) 8658 5829

Website: https://belawyers.leapweb.com.au/

9.    Visa Plan

Visa Plan is one of the most respected immigration law firms in Melbourne, and before clients engage any of their services, the specific lawyer handling the case is already made known to the client.

They are industry leaders who always aim for 100% satisfaction from their clients, and all their services come with a promise of being fixed-fee.


Level 7, 530 Little Collins Street

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Phone Number: +61 3 9958 5854

Website: https://www.visaplan.com.au/

10.  Altius Partners Lawyers & Migration Agents

Whether you immigration case will be simple and complex largely depends on the quality of professional help that you are getting, and that is something that Altius recognizes, which is why they already offer their services at the stage of visa application.

All of their lawyers and agents are officially accredited, and qualified to give full legal advice in any immigration matter, so you can be at ease knowing that you are paying for the best assistance there is out there.

Address: Level 4, 127 Smith Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065

Phone Number: +61 3 9642 2116

Website: https://www.altiuspartners.com.au/


If you ended up on our page, then you are probably already considering moving to Melbourne or perhaps you may have already started taking your first steps.

Remember that legal advice is one of the most valuable things to have with you when you are about to undertake something as big as moving to a new country. While migration agents can provide assistance, immigration lawyers have unparalleled expertise.

We hope our list of the best immigration lawyers in Melbourne has been helpful for you in making your choice of who to be assisted by. These are some of the most reputed and credible practitioners in Melbourne, so you cannot go wrong with any of them.

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