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10 Best Accident Lawyers in Canberra

These are the 10 Best Accident Lawyers in Canberra.

Have you met with an accident in the city of Canberra? Was it someone else’s fault and you had to suffer as a result? Well, the good news is that you are eligible for monetary compensation because of this. Now, do you want to make sure that your chances of getting this monetary compensation get high?

Then you will have to choose law firms or lawyers who are well experienced and have dealt with dozens of similar cases in the past with their other clients. Which is why we have decided to bring to you the best accident lawyers in Canberra.

1.    United Legal

They have explained things very well in a couple of pages of their website which talk about motorbike accidents and car accidents and tell us in what cases can one be eligible for compensation.

They also have a live chat option available on their website with the help of which you can get your doubts clarified with the help of their chat agent. They also allow you to visit their physical office but it is recommended that you take an appointment first.

Also, they offer a number of other legal services too implying that they aren’t a firm which is totally dedicated for road accident cases. They do fight on a no win no fee basis as well.

Address: Unit 1/54-56 Townsville St, Fyshwick

Phone: 2 6295 2283

Website: https://www.unitedlegal.com.au/contact-us/

2.    Baker Deane & Nutt

To understand the quality of service they provide, they have been providing legal services to the people of city of Canberra for 150 years.

And they do fight road accident compensation cases under personal injury section of their website. Richard Baker is one of the leading lawyers at their Canberra branch.

They will ensure that you recover your medical expenses, wage loss and damages for suffering and pain.

Address: 1/1 Farrell Pl

Phone: 2 6230 1999

Website: https://www.bdn.com.au/

3.    Blumers

They are another one of the firms which operate all around the country. As per them, after one gets into a road accident, he or she should go to a hospital or a doctor and then report the accident to the local police. Then you should proceed to get in touch with Blumers.

You can either call them and book an appointment to discuss your case. As per them, the amount of compensation which you should be expecting depends on the extent of your injuries and the monetary loss which you have suffered.

Address: level 12/15 London Cct

Phone: 2 6208 2600

Website: https://blumers.com.au/

4.    Maliganis Edwards Johnson

They do acknowledge that there are time limits involved as well when filing a claim for compensation related to accidents.

You can secure a no obligation consultation online or via a telephone call with them. If you want, you can also email them on [email protected] if you feel that is more appropriate in nature.

Another thing which we would like to say is that do visit the websites of these law firms before making a final decision.

A more detailed analysis on a personal level can be done by you by doing this. But whatever you do, do take the initiative and start working on your accident claim as soon as possible.

Address: 8/60 Marcus Clarke St

Phone: 2 6257 2999

Website: https://mej.com.au/

5.    Capital Lawyers

While their website does need an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t a capable firm. In fact, they have dozens of positive reviews on their Google listing. They have also tried to explain to you their fees and you can also view some of their case studies.

They have even broken down the effect of various factors on the total compensation which you are going to receive. They have also given a list of links which you should check to understand things is more details.

Address: 9/1 Hobart Pl

Phone: 2 6262 5355

Website: http://capitallawyers.com.au/

6.    Slater and Gordon

Another one of the expert law firms when it comes to compensation law in the city of Canberra. You can answer a few questions posed by them online to check if your case has something which is worth pursuing.

If it is, then they will ask you to call them to fix an appointment so that they can have a look at your case carefully and finally pronounce a verdict on whether you should go ahead with it and whether it will be financially feasible.

Address: level 3/2 Barry Dr

Phone: 1800 444 141

Website: https://www.slatergordon.com.au/

7.    Elringtons

They will fight for you in case you have to undergo treatment as a result of an accident and you don’t have the financial resourced to secure it.

They will also fight for you in case you have suffered from associated psychological trauma. Overall a great choice in case you want a responsible firm to fight the case for you.

Another great thing is that their initial consultation is also FREE. All that you need to do is call them. Though as a firm, their expertise is in medical negligence cases.

Address: 7/221 London Cct

Phone: 2 6206 1300

Website: https://elringtons.com.au/

8.    Maxwell & Co

Though they too are a great firm with lots and lots of positive reviews, they should provide some more content on their website so that their potential clients can get a bit more clarity about things. Also, the website design can be improved as well.

You can also fill the enquiry form on their website. Their office as per their website is open from 9 AM to 5 PM on all days except the weekend. Bizarrely, they also have a list of keywords at the bottom of their home page.

Address: 40 Marcus Clarke St

Phone: 1300 416 749

Website: https://maxwellco.com.au/contact-us/

9.    LHD Lawyers

LHD is another big name in the Australian legal industry and you might be possibly wondering why we have ranked them at the ninth position. This is because of their rating on their Google My Business rating.

Still we do believe that they are someone who can be given a chance to prove themselves since they have done quite well in other Australian cities.

Address: level 9/2 Phillip Law St

Phone: 1300 273 248

Website: https://www.lhd.com.au/office-location/canberra/

10.  AC Lawyers

Though they are yet to receive a review on their business listing on Google, they have their branches in Sydney and Canberra. They have well qualified law professional to handle your case. Do give them a chance and you wouldn’t regret it.

Address: Level 8/15 London Cct

Phone: 2 9233 1000

Website: https://www.aclawyer.com.au/legal-advice/personal-injury-compensation/


Hope that you liked this list of the best accident lawyers in Canberra and may have found the law firm which you think is the best option to represent you for fighting for the compensation that is rightfully yours.

This money will help you with getting well again and will make up for the mental trauma which you had to go through because of someone else’s fault.

And as a resident of Canberra city, they law allows you to secure this. Make sure that you are comfortable with the law firm which you have selected and are clear regarding the payment model with them.

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