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Change of Directors Action Check List

Matters to attend to when appointing a new/replacement company director:

Other directors’ informal agreement

Written consent of new director

Provision of information to file with ASIC

Declarations of interest (to be noted in next board minutes) Details of shares held

Written resignation of outgoing director

Board meeting minute or circulating directors resolution – to approve appointment

Board acceptance of director resignation

Shareholders’ approval of appointment (as/if required by constitution)

Letter of appointment detailing role/terms

Deed of Indemnity & Access Confidentiality Agreement

Letter agreement to provide share interests/trades details (for ASX notification)

Provide Director’s Induction Kit (covering key information/documents/details) ASX announcement of changes

Lodge Appendix 3X with ASX for new appointment

Lodge Appendix 3Z with ASX for resigned director

File Form 484 with ASIC for appointment

File Form 484 with ASIC for resignation

Cancel any share options held by resigned director (if/when applicable)

Update Register of Directors & Secretaries (if maintained)

*Originally written by Company Secretary, an Australian virtual company secretary service.

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