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10 Best Compensation Lawyers in Darwin

These are the 10 Best Compensation Lawyers in Darwin.

Are you a victim of medical negligence, an accident, or an injury? Have you been unfairly treated and had to suffer losses due to someone else’s mistake? If your answer is a Yes to any of these questions then you need a compensation lawyer. Read this piece to find the 10 best compensation lawyers in Darwin.

The lawyer cannot revert the losses but the compensation they can get you might help you pay your medical and other bills to fix the damage and bring some relief.

Personal Injuries (Liabilities and Damages) Act governs the Personal Injury Legal Practice in the Northern Territory.

1.    Jude Lawyers

Jude Lawyers specialize in Personal Injury Compensation, Commercial, Civil, Migration, Property, Family and Criminal Law and Litigation.  They are a boutique Darwin law firm and cater to a multitude of clients coming from diverse sectors, industries, and capabilities. 

With Jude lawyers, you can be assured that your case is their position, your aim their focus, and your goal their achievement.

Jude Lee, the founder of this firm has handled very high-profile cases and conducted various litigations even on behalf of the Commonwealth.

Address: Ground-Floor, 9-11 Cavenagh St, Darwin NT 0800

Phone: 08 89418229

Website: Jude Lawyers Home Page – Jude Lawyers (jude-lawyers.com)

2.    De Silva Hebron

Looking at High-quality legal expertise at affordable costs? De Silva Hebron is your choice. It is a family business that caters to all areas of law in the region. They have a team that belongs to Northern Territory and thus have a unique understanding of the local situations and the nuances of how to deal with them.

They take time to listen to concerns and provide personalized solutions that cater to the needs of the case.

Address: 47, Knuckey Street, Darwin NT 0801

Phone Number: 0889244944

Website: https://desilva-hebron.com/

3.    Halfpennys Lawyers

A very respectable law firm operating for over 60 years is well known for its customer handling and no-frill culture. The firm values their partnership with the clients of any stature and provide experienced, consistent service.

They also contribute to the community by acting pro bono for NT’s Down Syndrome Association and RSPCA.

Halfpennys act on behalf of Northern Territory Workers as well as many Unions that are active in any industry in the region.

Address: Level 3, Near 69 Smith Street, Darwin NT 0800

Phone Number: +61 (0) 889428888

Website: www.halfpennys.com.au

4.    PK Simpson Injury Compensation Lawyers

PK Simpson prides itself on successfully handling more than 25000 cases over 38 years with a 99% success rate.

A key differentiator is that they reduce their clients’ financial strain by paying for all medical reports from the best specialists which helps to back a claim.

They operate on a No Win no Pay basis, however, they do not pick and choose cases. All they need is to ascertain that there is a viable compensation claim.  Thus they take up even small cases.

Address: Level 11, #162 Goulburn Street, Sydney, NSW 2010

Phone Number: 1300 757 467

Website: www.pksimpson.com.au

5.    Davison Legal

This small team of lawyers has diverse backgrounds and they are adept at representing small businesses and contractors.

They do not provide free advice and offer an initial half-hour to one-hour first consultation. They collaborate with interstate and overseas colleagues and can assist in a comprehensive range of legal areas.

They have proven expertise in handling cases related to personal injury and lost wages.

Address: P.O Box 656, Humpty Doo, NT 0836

Phone Number: 0450326733

Website: www.davisonlegal.com.au

6.    Gabrielle Martin

With a plethora of experience over 20 years, this law firm can help you understand the legal nitty-gritty in simple understandable English. It is a growing firm that has been expanding its services constantly.

Backing you up at every stage of your legal battle, the firm helps to determine your odds of success, discusses different scenarios, reviews your documentation and evidence at great depths, and helps you decide on how to proceed.

Address: P.O. BOX 216, Nightcliff, NT 0814

Phone Number: 0422 226 111

Website: www.gabriellemartinlegal.com.au

7.    Hunt & Hunt Lawyers

With a unique combination of deep legal knowledge and expert perspectives from different industries, this law firm provides breakthrough ideas and business insights to its clients.

Hunt and Hunt were established in 1929 and have grown over time by acquiring smaller law firms and also by entering into strategic alliances. The firm has a strong national footprint with offices across Australia.

They are signatories to the Australian Pro Bono Centre aspirational target and also support Not-for-profit organizations. They also regularly publish newsletters and legal commentaries which you can subscribe to stay on top of legal matters in Australia.

Address: Level2, 13 Cavenagh Street, Darwin NT 0800

Phone Number: +618 8924 2600

Website: www.hunthunt.com.au

8.    Withnalls Lawyers

This is a medium-sized law firm that ensures due diligence when they represent your claims. They focus on transparent cost estimates, provide expert advice and their strong advocacy helps them bring success for their clients.

They take care of the simplest to the toughest steps. For example, they obtain the medical reports, understand the doctors’ opinions, take into account all the sufferings and losses to arrive at the entitlements, and if needed negotiate or litigate on your behalf.

On a Pro Bono basis, they accept work allocated by the Law Society. They also accept referrals from the Domestic Violence Legal Service and the Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission.

Address: No. 22, HarryChan Avenue, Darwin NT 0800

Phone Number: (08) 8941 1896

Website: www.withnalls.com

9.    NT Law

NT Law can help you navigate the unfamiliar and intimidating legal system. They are with you right from explaining the jargons, guiding you through the process, fighting for you, and ensuring that you get your dues.

Founded by Antony Downs, NT Law focuses on providing competitive service and ensuring results not just in Darwin but across Northern Territory. They specialize in a large range of legal services from Business Law, Traffic Law, Workers Compensation, Personal Injury, and others.

Address: GPO Box 946, Darwin, NT 0801

Phone Number: 0422982924

Website: http://www.ntlaw.com.au/


With an impressive 2.5 decades of experience behind them, Hall Payne Lawyers are capable of providing depth and breadth of legal expertise while still being able to provide personalized attention to a customer’s need.  Thanks to their team comprising of some of Australia’s top-ranked lawyers.

They take up cases related to work accidents or injury, for unions that are fighting for their members, or families that are going through a change.

Address: 1st Floor, No.38 Woods St, Darwin NT 0800

Phone Number: 1800659114

Website: www.hallpayne.com.au


It is said that you need to be lucky to be never having to face any losses due to someone’s carelessness or negligence. But luck is not something one can always count on. And God forbids if something does happen, you should never give up on your rights. You never know how strong your case is until you meet the right lawyer.

These 10 best compensation lawyers in Darwin are not necessarily in the same order of their rankings but they are surely names that you can reckon with and count upon for your legal needs in times of distress.

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