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10 Best Compensation Lawyers in Melbourne

These are the 10 Best Compensation Lawyers in Melbourne.

Each of us has the right to live safely, at work, on-road, just anywhere. If that is hampered due to someone’s negligence or carelessness, the law provides us with options to claim compensation for the damage that is caused to us.

Read further to find the 10 best compensation lawyers in Melbourne who can help you find how to file a claim and what your entitlements are.

When you are looking for a lawyer who gives importance to every case and doesn’t stop till they have won and who has a good rating and feedback from clients, the list below can help you.

1.    Arnold Thomas & Becker lawyers

In the legal domain for over 50 years, Arnold Thomas & Becker lawyers are a plaintiff personal injury law firm who does not act for defendants or corporations & insurance companies.

Often this law firm is known to take up cases refused by bigger firms. Arnold Thomas & Becker lawyers have handled a sizeable number of cases which makes the staff well informed of the latest updates in the legal field.

From Workmen’s Compensation to Sexual Abuse, Birth injury, Asbestos claims, Road accidents or Medical negligence, any kind of Personal injury cases are handled by them.

Address: 573 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000

Phone: 0396269541

Website: https://www.arnoldthomasbecker.com.au/

2.    Kelly & Chapman Lawyers

For over 50 years starting in 1966, Kelly & Chapman Lawyers, have been a name of repute amongst the local community in Melbourne’s South East. They are known for efficient, quality service as professionals while being friendly and approachable.

They also have multilingual staff speaking Tamil, Croatian, Siberian and Bosnian languages. They offer free parking at their offices or may also make home visits if necessary.

Apart from Personal Injury Law, they offer legal services in Property law, Business Law, Criminal Law, Family and Domestic Relationship Law, Power of Attorney, Civil & Commercial Litigation, etc.

Address: 1/300 Center Road, Bentleigh VIC 3204

Phone Number: 0395572915

Website: https://www.kellyandchapman.com.au/

3.    Melbourne Injury Lawyers

Melbourne Injury Lawyers come with 80 years of rich experience and provide expert legal advice in simple understandable language. Their corporate goal is to help one understand the compensation system and obtain the best possible compensation for them.

Confident of their advice, they do not charge if you do get your fair compensation. They also provide financial assistance for out-of-pocket expenses till you receive the claim.

Their Altona office has parking immediately outside the office while the other offices at Glenroy & Clayton have parking across the road and street parking respectively.

Address: 18 Harrington Square Altona, Victoria 3018.

Phone Number: +61 (03) 93929000

Website: https://www.mil.com.au/

4.    Adviceline Injury Lawyers

In business for more than 50 years, adviceline injury lawyers have been assisting in understanding the rights and claims be it Workplace injury, TAC claim, or claim arising out of medical negligence, sexual abuse, or employment-related claims. They have been fighting hard on difficult cases.

They are experts in accessing entitlements and lump-sum compensations. They operate on a No Win No fee basis.

On calling them, you are connected to an Accredited lawyer without going through any secretaries.  The same specialist will act for you till the claim is settled.

Address: Level 6, 555 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000

Phone Number: 1300 757 467

Website: https://advicelineinjurylawyers.com.au/

5.    Zaparas Lawyers

This family-owned law firm balances professionalism with care for clients. They give enough time for the initial meetings to understand each case. They are good listeners over one-on-one meetings with the clients and come up with excellent legal advice. They claim this as their mantra for being better lawyers.

The cost of litigation is absorbed upfront. They have proven expertise in handling Public Liability and Occupational Disease claims. They have also been supporting Health and Research organizations.

Address: 3 Chester St, Oakleigh VIC 3166

Phone Number: 1800927272

Website: https://www.zaparaslaw.com.au/

6.    Hounslow Lawyers

Hounslow lawyers specialize in Personal Injury Law and compensation.

From small disputes over medical charges to big losses due to negligence, Hounslow supports all kinds of compensation cases. They take up all cases irrespective of the level of seriousness of the injury. Also, they do not wait for the injury to stabilize.

They have multiple branch offices where you can meet highly trained professionals and this can help you avoid long trips to the city.

Address: Level13, 460 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone Number: 0391338626

Website: https://hounslowlawyers.com.au/

7.    Your Law Firm

True to their name, Your Law Firm is all for you. They offer legal services to Individuals, Families, and Small & Medium businesses.

They have a local, fixed fee service that ensures full transparency on the legal expense for your case.

They have a team of local lawyers who are flexible about the location for a meeting. You can schedule an appointment at their office, or call them home or catch up at a coffee shop.

They are the finalists for the Lawyers Weekly Australian Law Awards – Regional/ Suburban Lawyer of the Year 2017

Address: 83, Douglas Parade, Williamstown VIC 3016

Phone Number: 0399882146

Website: https://yourlawfirm.com

8.    Compensation Lawyers

They are one of the most affordable law firms while being extremely result-driven. They do not take any fees until they win the case. They ensure that the cost of hiring a legal professional does not prevent you from getting the best representation.

They have a team of personal injury specialist who understands the incident details and then puts you on to the lawyer expertise in that area. They have offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Address: Level 14, 50Market Street, Melbourne VIC3000

Phone Number: 1300019637

Website: https://compensation-lawyers.com.au/

9.    Mazzeo Lawyers

A comparatively young law firm that started operations in 2000 they have expanded in the heart of Melbourne with many corporate clients. They treat all the clients equally valuably no matter how small or big.

They have a competitive pricing structure that can suit anyone from a large corporation to an individual. They emphasize accountability and customer service.

They are a member of the Law Institute of Victoria and believe in its goal which is justice for all.

Address: Level8, 256 Queens Street, Melbourne 3000

Phone Number: +61396705999

Website: https://mazzeolawyers.com.au/

10. Costanzo Lawyers

The law firm family-owned and has 25 years of experience. They have competent lawyers who handle cases related to Transport Accidents Claim (TAC), Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), public liability, or work-related claims.

They help the clients file the claim, assist in their entitlements to weekly payments and investigate the legal rights to get lumpsum compensation.

Address: Suite2, 265 Blackburn Road, Doncaster East VIC 3109

Phone Number: 1300750138

Website: https://www.costanzolawyers.com.au/


Often the mistake an injured does is to wait too long for making a claim. Sometimes it is ignorance or the fear of the complicated legal processes.

Most law firms mentioned here are reasonably big to have enough staff who can lend an ear, empathize with their hearts, think on their feet, and win by putting their minds together. Discuss your legal needs and get the most beneficial outcome.

Whatever be the case, we suggest do not wait, pick up the phone, and dial in one of the 10 best compensation lawyers in Melbourne, and raise your voice against any wrong done to you.

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