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Construction Disputes – Who can help you?

Whether you’re a homeowner, a builder or a subcontractor, and you’ve been involved in a construction dispute, you know that it can be expensive and complicated. Often, it’s difficult to resolve these sorts of issues without legal intervention.

Luckily there are legal experts known as building and construction lawyers, who are well versed in the construction law, and who can help find a resolution for when all kinds of building disputes arise.

Today, we’re going to talk about why these disputes commonly occur, and how a building and construction lawyer can help resolve them.

Why do construction disputes happen?

When it comes to the construction of any kind of building, whether it’s a house, an apartment block or an industrial property, there are many steps involved in the construction of the building. As the process can be lengthy, there are many opportunities for disputes to arise.

Disputes may occur at any point in the building process. Whether it’s early in the works over contract issues or delays caused by materials, perhaps it’s part way with payment issues, or sometimes it might be once work has been completed and a building inspection finds unsatisfactory results.

Building and construction lawyers are able to help at any point of the building journey when disputes arise.

Who can a building and construction lawyer can help?

A building and construction lawyer can help any party involved in a construction dispute. Whether you’re a homeowner or property owner who the construction is taking place for; whether you’re a supplier or subcontractor supplying products and/or labour; or if you’re a builder or developer of the building project.

There are many reasons any of the above parties may require legal help including the following:


Common reasons a homeowner may require legal help include defective work, contract terminations and interpretation, payment disputes and delays of construction work.

Suppliers and Subcontractors:

Some of the most common reasons a supplier or subcontractor needs legal help and/or advice include issues or complaints regarding the quality of their products, payment disputes for labour or products, and issues with builders and developers who go into voluntary administration.

Builders and Developers:

Disputes can arise for builders and/or developers over many things including payments, defective works, licensing issues, changes to work, insolvency or liquidation, and quality of materials supplied to them.

How Building and Construction Lawyers Can Help

While there are many reasons disputes can occur in construction, some of the most common kinds of disputes involve contracts and payments, so we thought we would break down the various things a building and construction lawyer can help with when a contract or payment dispute arises in a building project.

Construction Contract Disputes

Contract disputes can arise from any party involved in a construction contract. Sometimes these disputes can be quite minor and in other cases they can be very serious.

As a construction lawyer, it is our job to help you understand your rights in regard to a particular contract and advise you of the best steps to take.

Some of the most common contract issues we help with in construction disputes include:

  • Timeframes and delays
  • How defective work needs to be dealt with
  • Settlement deeds
  • How to terminate contracts
  • Interpretation of contracts and clauses
  • How disputes need to be resolved according to the contract

Many building contracts provide a lot of the information you need; however, it can often be difficult to understand, which is why if you’re involved in any kind of building dispute, it’s a good idea to engage a building and construction lawyer.

Payment Disputes

Issues regarding payment matters in building and construction projects are common and can arise due to any party involved.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a builder, or a subcontractor, some of the things we can help you with include:

  • Payment claims
  • Security of payment claims
  • Non-payments
  • Late or short payments
  • Time frames of subcontractor charges

Payments in building projects can be particularly complicated, especially when other issues such as delayed works are involved. If you’re unsure of your rights when it comes to payments in a construction project, it’s best to talk to a building lawyer who can provide you with accurate advice.

Talk to a building and construction lawyer today

As you can see, building and construction disputes can occur for many reasons and can affect many different people, which is why it’s best to seek the advice of a construction lawyer. A construction lawyer can provide you with accurate information to allow you to move forward in your building project as seamlessly as possible.

So, if you’re looking for help in resolving a building inspection dispute, a contract clause in your building project, or any of the other potential building and construction disputes, make sure you seek the advice of an experienced building and construction lawyer first.

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