Corporate Key Replacement

All companies are issued with a corporate key (in writing) when they are incorporated.

The corporate key has to be used when lodging the following documents with ASIC on paper, which must be noted in the space provided on the form:

  • Form 362 “Notification of Appointment or Cessation of a Registered Agent by a Company”
  • Form 484 “Change to Company Details”
  • Form 486 “Notification to Nominate, Change or Cease a Contact Address for a Company”.

If the correct corporate key is not provided on the form, ASIC will contact the company for this information. Therefore, to ensure timely processing of documents/ changes, the Directors and/or Company Secretary (“officers”) need to ensure that the current corporate key is provided in the space allocated on the form.

How can a Corporate Key be Cancelled

A corporate key is fixed for the life of a company unless one of the following occurs:

  • a Form 361 “Notification of a Registered Agent Ceasing to Act for a Company” or Form 362 appointing or ceasing a registered agent is lodged with ASIC; OR
  • a new corporate key is requested by an authorised person; or
  • in some instances, if correspondence sent by ASIC to the company is returned to ASIC as ‘return to sender’ mail.

Changes to Corporate Key

Apart from the situations noted above, a company may wish/need to change its corporate key for one of a number of reasons.

For example, a company might need a new corporate key if they misplace or forget the number, or when an officer resigns, or the company feels that the security of the

corporate key has been compromised (e.g. an unauthorised person gains access to the number).

A company officer can request the cancellation of a company’s existing corporate key and ask for a new corporate key to be issued online at or by phoning ASIC on 1300 300 630.

Who Can Request a New Corporate Key

A company officer, registered agent, liquidator or administrator can request a new corporate key from ASIC. The corporate key will only be sent to the registered office of the company, to avoid it being sent to an unauthorised recipient. If the new corporate key is unable to be sent to the registered office address, for whatever reason, it may be possible to send the new corporate key to a contact address or an officer’s residential address recorded on the ASIC database. To ask for a new corporate key to be sent to an address other than the registered office, the person requesting it must contact ASIC to discuss by phone on 1300 300 630.

Application for a Corporate Key

To apply for a new/replacement corporate key a Form RC98 must be completed on-line with ASIC (as such form is not available in hard copy).

The following was extracted from an on-line application for a new corporate key:

Form setup

This request must be completed by a current officeholder of the company.

A corporate key is normally issued to a company as part of the Annual Statement package.

If you can locate your most recent Company Statement, you will be able to register now for immediate online access to view and update your company details.

If not, you can apply for a new corporate key to be issued to your company at its registered office address. When you receive the new corporate key, you will then be able to register for online access.

Provide the following details


Officeholders details as notified to ASIC on company documents

Given names    
Family name    
Date of birth (DD-MM-YYYY)  
Office held Director  

Submit now

A new corporate key will be posted to your company at its registered office address. When you receive the new corporate key, you will be able to register for immediate online access.

I declare that

  • This request is submitted under the terms and conditions of the ASIC Electronic Lodgement Protocol
  • I am authorised to lodge documents on behalf of the company


Your request has been submitted to ASIC on 01/06/2010 at 16:20:10.

A corporate key will be posted to the company at its registered office address.

*Originally written by Company Secretary, an Australian virtual company secretary service.

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