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10 Best Criminal Lawyers in Brisbane

These are the 10 Best Criminal Lawyers in Brisbane.

Whether you are planning to file charges against someone or are involved in a potentially harrowing and stressful case yourself, you need legal assistance of the best kind to be able to resolve your issues. Fortunately, we have compiled some of the best criminal lawyers in Brisbane, those who can help you overcome challenges and problems involved in your individual situations and the needs you require to be able to circumvent charges against you or someone you know.

Choosing a criminal lawyer can be a challenge. The best criminal law firms and lawyers in Brisbane, Queensland understand that when you need legal representation, you need it fast and at the right price. In order to help you pick the best law firm or solicitor to represent you, we have compiled this list of 10 of the best criminal lawyers in Brisbane. These firms have proven experience and have helped many clients achieve the best possible outcome for their case.

1.    Potts Lawyers

This firm is the largest criminal law firm in Queensland, with over 150 years of combined experience between their team members. This breadth of experience allows them to combine their approaches and expertise in order to produce the best and most favorable outcome for the client. The firm itself has been in practice since 1928, and as one of the most well-known and established criminal law firms in Queensland, they offer a reliable team of expert lawyers to assist their clients in all matters of criminal law.

Potts Lawyers has a team of experienced solicitors who are prepared to provide you with superior criminal defense services at all times. If you have been arrested, you need to call Potts Lawyers first so that they can help you through the process as quickly as possible. This is a difficult time, and you need someone by your side who will provide you with all the support needed to make it through. You can be assured that the team at Potts Lawyers will work hard throughout the entire process to ensure that you get the best possible outcome.


Level 1/420 George St,

Brisbane 4000

Phone: (07) 3221 4999

Website: https://pottslawyers.com.au/

2.    Hannay Lawyers

Hannay Lawyers is another well-known criminal law firm and in the Queensland area, this firm is one of the most sought after. Their website lists various testimonials from different clients and they also offer a free consultation for people who are still undecided on which lawyer to choose. They can handle drug offences, assault charges, fraud charges, burglary cases, sexual offences, domestic violence offences, murder charges, and all matters related to traffic law.

Hannay Lawyers offer a range of services for various types of criminal charges including assault, sex offences, property offences, drugs offences and driving offences. If you are facing any type of criminal charge then Hannay Lawyers can help you with your case.

Their team of experienced lawyers will fight hard to achieve the best outcome for your case. The size of their firm ensures they can give more time and attention to your matter than larger firms who may have hundreds of clients on their books at any one time. If you are in need of legal advice or representation, contact Hannay Lawyers today.





Phone Number: 1800 431 558

Website: https://www.hannaylawyers.com.au/

3.    McMillan Criminal Law

McMillan Criminal Law is a Brisbane-based criminal defense firm that offers services such as drink driving defense, drug crime defense, and domestic violence. When it comes to being a defence law firm, McMillan Criminal Law is one of the leading firms in the Gold Coast. Their principal, Michael McMillan, has over a decade of experience appearing as a trial lawyer in hundreds of trials all throughout Queensland. As a criminal law practitioner, the firm is able to handle all criminal matters in Brisbane and they offer a fixed-fee consultation with other common questions in their website.

McMillan Criminal Law has a wide range of criminal defense services from sexual assault to drug offenses and everything in between. They provide customers with a free initial consultation and will work diligently to help them avoid jail time and get the best possible outcome in their case.

McMillan Criminal Lawyers is made up of four highly qualified lawyers who are ready to help you with your legal matter. All of their team members have extensive experience in criminal law, both prosecuting and defending charges. Together they have handled hundreds of matters at all levels of Queensland courts.


Santos Place

Level 27/32 Turbot St

Brisbane, QLD 4000

Phone Number: (07) 3303 8721

Website: https://www.mcmillancriminallaw.com.au/

4.    Russo Lawyers

Russo Lawyers is a longstanding law firm with over 25 years of experience in the Gold Coast area, and they practice in all aspects of law including criminal law. They claim to have more wins than losses, and that they are one of the best criminal defence lawyers in Brisbane. Their criminal law services include those for assault, bail applications, commonwealth offences, and manslaughter offences, among others.

Russo Lawyers has a dedicated team of lawyers who will fight for justice in your case. They understand that being charged with a crime can be overwhelming and do everything possible to help you through this difficult time. Their team is comprised of passionate individuals who will do whatever it takes to ensure the best outcome for you and your family. If you’re facing criminal charges in Brisbane Australia, contact Russo Lawyers today for an obligation-free consultation about your case.


Level 5, 420 George Street,

Brisbane QLD 4000

Phone Number: 1800 558 533 or (07) 3238 1888

Website: https://russolawyers.com.au/

5.    Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors

Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors is a Brisbane-based leading criminal law firm. With over 40 years of experience, the firm is led by one of Australia’s top criminal lawyers. According to their website, early interventions for their clients have led to drastic improvements for their outcomes. The firm offers a free case appraisal, and they are also more than qualified to represent their clients in trials.

When it comes to criminal cases, they have experienced criminal lawyers who will ensure that you are given fair and ethical representation in court. They are there to guide you through every step of the process, making sure that you fully understand your rights and options at each stage of your case. For example, if you have been charged with drink driving or other traffic offences, they can help you receive the best outcome for your circumstances.


Level 19, 179 Turbot Street Brisbane Qld 4001

Phone Number: (07) 3034 0000

Website: https://www.robertsonogorman.com.au/

6.    Bosscher Lawyers

Bosscher Lawyers is composed of team members who are all held in high regard by their fellow lawyers and the judiciary. The firm has 24/7 availability for clients who want to maintain constant communication and they are competent to deal with criminal law cases of all varieties, from the most serious to the simplest, and that includes traffic offences. Their reputation is backed by their clientele, which includes big-name sporting figures, fellow lawyers, businessmen, and other well-known members of the public.

They have had a lot of success defending clients against drunk driving charges, drug charges, sex crimes, larceny, domestic violence, assault and battery, and more. They offer free case evaluations so that you can speak with one of their attorneys about your legal options before making any decisions about your case. Each attorney dedicates a lot of time to each client as they understand how important each case is. They have a team of lawyers who are dedicated to their clients and specialize in criminal defense cases. Bosscher Lawyers are available 24/7 to take calls from clients. If you want to know more about them, you can check their website.





Phone Number: 1300 729 316

Website: https://bosscherlawyers.com/

7.    Guest Lawyers

Guest Lawyers is another firm that specifically specializes in criminal law, which allows them to have a deeper knowledge and expertise on criminal matters. With over 20 years of experience in serving clients in the Brisbane area, they have a level of understanding of criminal law that is hard to match by general practice law firms. They also have experience representing clients in all court levels, from the local, district, all the way to the Supreme Court. The firm also offers 24/7 availability of communication of their lawyers. The team at Guest Lawyers are made up of experts in their field. They go above and beyond to ensure their clients receive the best legal representation possible, with no stone left unturned.

Their lawyers have extensive experience in a wide range of criminal offences. They have defended clients facing charges such as murder, drug trafficking, assault and family violence, theft and fraud, dishonesty offences, drink driving and traffic offences. Their team of Criminal Defence Lawyers work tirelessly in order to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients. Their lawyers are highly experienced and qualified.


Level 1

331 George Street

Brisbane QLD 4000

Phone Number: Fax +61 7 3236 0266

Website: https://guestlawyers.com.au/

8.    Fuller & White Solicitors

Fuller & White consists of experienced solicitors who specialize in criminal law cases, domestic violence, and traffic offences, among others. Their practice has given them wide experience and they practice in all of Queensland’s jurisdictions every day.

The team at Fuller & White Solicitors offer a wide range of criminal defense services covering all areas of criminal law including but not limited to traffic offences, drug offences, fraud offences, assault offences, murder and manslaughter charges, domestic violence charges and sexual offence charges. Their website is meant to be used as a tool for customers to learn more about their services, find out what type of case they have, and then contact them for a consultation.


Grant Thornton House, Level 7, 102 Adelaide Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Phone Number: 07 3401 9788


9.    Aitken White Lawyers

Situated at the heart of the Brisbane central business district, Aitken Whyte Lawyers is a firm that works collaboratively to bring the best results for their clients. As criminal law practitioners, they are able to assist their clients when it comes to any kind of criminal offence, and they also maintain contacts with legal defence experts like barristers, senior counsels, and consultants who are all well-versed and are competent to bring favorable outcomes for the client.

Their team is composed of litigation lawyers and criminal defence lawyers, and they are also capable of handling drunk driving, DUI, and traffic cases. The wide range of criminal law services they offer are sure to keep prospective clients at ease, knowing the wide range of their expertise.

Aitken White Lawyers is a boutique Brisbane criminal law firm, which specialises in defending clients charged with criminal offences. They offer a free initial consultation, after-hours appointments and the option of an interest-free payment plan.


2/414 Upper Roma Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Phone Number: 07 3229 4459

Website: https://www.awbrisbanelawyers.com.au/

10.  Cridland & Hua Lawyers

Cridland & Hua is a boutique law firm that specializes in criminal law practice. Their senior lawyers have been recognized as leading criminal lawyers and their junior lawyers have also been recognized as rising names in the legal industry. The location of their office is quite convenient, being situated right in the Brisbane CBD and surrounded by Brisbane Law courts.

They have a team of experienced lawyers who work together to provide excellent services to clients facing criminal charges. Their staff includes four lawyers who are all proficient in handling different types of criminal defense cases with ease due to their long time experience.


Podium 1, Santos Place, 32 Turbot Street,

Brisbane QLD 4000

Phone Number: +61 7 3211 3177

Website: https://www.cridlandhua.com/


It is natural to want the best favorable outcomes for your individual cases, and you need reliable expertise, competent people who have been practicing in a wide array of cases and know how to handle the nuances of the law.

That is why you no longer need to worry with this list of some of the best criminal lawyers in Brisbane, where you have a wide array of services and legal assistance advice to choose from. They can expertly murder charges, domestic violence offences, sexual offences, burglary cases, fraud charges, assault charges, handle drug offences and all other matters which are related to traffic law.

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