Director’s Manual

As part of best practice corporate governance it is appropriate that all new directors be provided with a formal letter setting out the key terms and conditions of their appointment, their obligations and responsibilities, and the corporate expectations of them.

They should also be given a Director’s Manual (or “Induction Kit”) which provides background information, details and key documents relevant to and/or governing the company’s business, operations and management.

Typical Contents

Corporate Directory

Organisation Chart / Management Structure Directors / Executives Contact Details

Board Charter Board Policies

Board Meeting Dates

Corporate Governance Statement

Board Committees & Members

  • Audit Committee Charter
  • Remuneration Committee Charter
  • Nomination Committee Charter
  • Risk Management Committee Charter Code of Conduct

Director’s Appointment Letter / Contract

Share Interests / Trading Letter Agreement

Directors’ & Substantial Shareholdings Directors’ Interests Register

Deeds of Access & Indemnity

D & O Insurance Policy

Corporate Policies & Procedures

  • Share Trading Policy
  • Continuous Disclosure Policy
  • Communications Policy
  • Risk Management Policy
  • Ethics Policy

Delegated Authorities Constitution

Annual Report

Strategic Plan Budgets

*Originally written by Company Secretary, an Australian virtual company secretary service.

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