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10 Best Employment Lawyers in Adelaide

These are the 10 Best Employment Lawyers in Adelaide.

Losing a job is indeed painful. But even more so, if you have lost it without your employer following the proper legal guidelines related to it. This is why we have decided to write about the best employment lawyers in Adelaide city. These are the best choices that you can make as a resident of Adelaide.

Hopefully, you will get justice if you have been wronged by your employer and not just that, employers too can contact these firms for drafting and finalizing their contracts and reviewing if or not they are compliant with the Australian laws pertaining to hiring people.

1.    Bourne Lawyers

They have explained it why people should get expert advice on employment law beautifully. As per them, employment law by its nature is complicated, but getting the advice of experts is simple. They have a couple of lawyers with them who are Tim and Simon Bourne. Also, sometimes, the SSL certificate of their website doesn’t work.

They have listed out their areas of practice on their practice areas page. They also claim to be experts in employment law. The firm is also striving for affordable legal representation. The one thing which we feel stands out about this firm is that they list the major cases which they fight.

Address: 21 Wright St

Phone: 8 8410 9699

Website: https://www.bournelawyers.com.au/

2.    Adelaide Legal

A law firm with a difference. While most law firms stand with the employees who make claims against the businesses, Adelaide Legal helps businesses to deal with them.

The reasons why you as a business should go with them are that they will stand with you and give you proper legal counsel, they will not be taking legal actions which you as a client don’t agree with and will be willing to work on flexible hours with you in a schedule which fits you.

If you wish to formulate employee policies compliant with Australian laws, then too they can help you do that. Their two main lawyers are Stefania Scarcella and Julia Adlem.

Address: 400 King William St

Phone: 8 8410 9294

Website: https://www.adelaidelegal.net.au/

3.    Andersons Solicitors

Their employment lawyers’ team is made up of Carly Bayly and Margaret Kaukas. They have also written several blog posts related to employment law. You can fill their contact us form on their website if you want. Also, they are an LGBTQ friendly law firm.

Their legal team has experience in dealing with cases of health and safety law, discrimination, bullying, unfair dismissal from job, underpayment and much more. Also, they represent both employers and employees in various types of cases. Besides employment law, they deal with a variety of other types of legal cases too.

Address: 53/69 Franklin St

Phone: 8 8238 6666

Website: https://www.andersons.com.au/

4.    Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers

A firm which operates at multiple locations in Australia, they have one of the best websites that we have seen amongst legal firms.

And not only that, they have more than 100 positive reviews on their Google My Business listing. While most other law firms club together the issues faced by employer and employees on one page, the have categorized things for better understanding.

If you are an employer or an employee looking for legal advice, feel free to contact them. They also have the facility of live chat on their website for you. Online tools on their site are an added bonus too.

Address: 76 Light Square

Phone: 8 8212 1077

Website: https://tgb.com.au/

5.    Duncan Basheer Hannon

Their employment law team is led by Dylan Steel. They too, focus mainly on the employers. The reason that they give why employers should choose them to represent is that as per them, any time of effort spent which takes the attention of employers away from the firm’s basic work costs them money and time.

The law firm will also prioritize your financial interests over everything else and they also know the employment laws inside out. Their help can also be sought for developing new contracts while hiring employees for new roles in the organization.

Address: 66 Wright St

Phone: 1800 324 324

Website: https://www.dbh.com.au/

6.    DW Fox Tucker

Their website is impressive and you can fill up their legal assistance form to get their help ASAP. If you want, you can also subscribe to their mailing list free of cost to stay updated about the latest legal news and events.

While their scope of operations when it comes to employment law is quite limited, nevertheless they take up cases related to claims, workplace relations and safety issues. They also some testimonials available if you wish to check them out.

Address: Level 14/96-100 King William St

Phone: 8 8124 1811

Website: https://www.dwfoxtucker.com.au/

7.    Ema Legal

They have been providing legal services to employers since 1995. Though their website can be a bit fast and can also make use of an SSL certificate, nevertheless they have a 5-star rating on their Google listing. And not just that, they have also shared information about the industries in which they have experience in.

Their legal team consists of half a dozen dedicated and committed lawyers who can be relied up on to fight your case to the very end. They have also won a number of awards for their work related to the employment law in particular.

Address: Level 6/33 Franklin St

Phone: 8 8213 3333

Website: http://www.emalegal.com.au/

8.    Websters Lawyers

They have listed out the types of cases which they are ready to take up. They mainly fight for the sake of employees. Bullying, sexual harassment, and unfair dismissal are just a few of the types of cases they take up. Incidentally, they also take up some cases on no win no fee basis.

If you want to know more, you can read a bunch of articles that they have written related to employment law. They also have offices in Adelaide and Smithfield.

Address: 1261 North East Road, Ridgehaven

Phone: 8 8395 8000

Website: https://websterslawyers.com.au/

9.    InDispute

They also have offices in Adelaide and Darwin. While they aren’t what can referred to as a legal practice, they are there to help people who are struggling with employment related issues.

Address: 524A Brighton Rd, Brighton

Phone: 8 8358 4911

Website: https://indispute.com.au/contact/

10.  Moloney & Partners

The total experience of their lawyers in employment law related cases is almost 75 years. They represent both employers and employees and one can contact them for a FREE of cost no obligation phone call with one of their lawyers. They also have an office in Salisbury.

Address: 22 Waymouth St

Phone: 8 8231 0771

Website: https://moloneyandpartners.com.au/employment-lawyers-adelaide/


So, these were the best employment lawyers in Adelaide. Needless to say, before you choose any one of them, try to ask them about similar cases which they have fought in the past. This will give you a proper and fair idea about whether or not the given firm in question will be able to help you.

Secondly, don’t forget to share all the related details of your case with your lawyer. Answer their questions seriously as information is what helps lawyers win cases. Being honest is also another thing. Making false claims or giving false information in the court of law can make you liable for getting prosecuted.

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