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What Do Environmental Lawyers Do?

Due to the different types of lawyers, identifying your problem is as important as knowing what kind of legal professional you need in a particular scenario or concern. Most of the time, they are all referred to as attorneys, but in actuality, they represent each distinctive area or division of the legislative body.

As broad and complex the law is, a lawyer can either have one or two specialisations, but not all. Hence, determining the right attorney to help you with your legal battle is of immense importance.

So, when you need a legal practitioner who will draft your will and testament for the tangible properties and investments you owned after you passed away, you will have to seek the assistance from a trusts and estates attorney. However, subdivisions and zoning of properties that you owned entail a good real estate lawyer.

Why is it Important to Find a Lawyer?

Finding an attorney is extremely necessary to resolve legal problems. Among the many tasks that they perform include but not limited to the following list.

  • Researching legislation to your specific case
  • Drafting of legal documents
  • Gathering enough evidence or information
  • Arguing a suit before the courts
  • Negotiating terms of agreed settlements

Lawyers have lots of things to consider and cover when they take on a case. Hence, the reason why each legal practitioner has one, two, or three specialties but never all.

What is an Environmental Lawyer?

By definition, an environmental lawyer is a legislative professional who focuses on legal practices involving handling environmental law problems. These counselors work on cases concerning the environment. They work in a usual office setting, or they also have to travel, if deemed necessary, to meet their clients. Most often, they go out to visit the sites involved or in question.

Environmental lawyers play a critical role and are essential advocates to corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and people, who often act as a middle man or mediator and legal counsel. They can work for anyone.

They concentrate on environmental rights and laws and work on related projects, such as climate change, renewable energy, and sustainability. Thus, a successful environmental lawyer should have many skills that include the list jotted below.

  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Negotiation
  • Written and Verbal Communication

What Do Environmental Lawyers Do?

So, what does an environment lawyer do? Overall, an environmental lawyer is the one who upholds the regulations set by the government and advocates for new policies related to clean environment drives and their protection, such as clean water and air, global warming, and land use, among many other environmental themes.

·        Top 20 Things that Environmental Lawyers Do

  • Making an analysis of data gathered from different trials, findings, and cases, among other sources
  • Presenting evidence and other related findings at trial in an effective and persuasive manner
  • Advocating protections and regulations for the welfare of the environment
  • Offering legal advice and support to investigators during criminal investigations or proceedings
  • Drafting related legal correspondence and other pertinent documentation or papers that pertain to a case
  • Giving assistance and mentoring new environmental lawyers
  • Providing recommendations on corrective actions and fines for those offenders
  • Acting as a middle man or mediator between businesses, organizations, or government agencies and landowners
  • Communicating effectively on how a course of action can negatively impact the lives of humankind and wildlife
  •  Drafting best business practices and environmental policies.
  •  Determining if there’s enough proof of evidence to represent an individual, business, non-profit, or government agency
  •  Encouraging public engagement through organising environmental advocacy programs and related forums

The main job of an environmental lawyer is to assess, research, and strategise suits to represent the clients the best way possible.

·Types of Work Environmental Lawyers Do

These are the types of work that environmental lawyers typically get involved with almost always. While most attorneys in this field handle a wide-ranging of usual legal matters, such as researching, assessing, or taking different cases to court, the scope of the environmental issues they cover is extensive or comprehensive.

  • Air and water quality
  • Pollution
  • Animal rights
  • Proper disposal of hazardous waste
  • Protection of the species
  • Better waste management systems
  • Preserving wetlands
  • Issues on agriculture and farming
  • Protecting biodiversity
  • Sustainability and green strategies
  • Improved energy sources and clean technology
  • Land’s native titles
  • Environmental rights
  • Green initiatives
  • Public use of land and sea
  • National green standards
  • Climate change laws and innovation
  • Laws governing the use of resources, such as gold, natural gas, and oil, among many others
  • New environmental legislation

The works or issues can range from within the neighborhood to the global forum.

When to Hire an Environmental Lawyer?

So, when do you hire an environmental lawyer? There is a variety of challenging situations you may face in acquiring the professional legal service of an environmental lawyer.

When it involves a large impact on public relations, financial, and environmental aspects of a society, then an environmental lawyer is a must. And others include the following:

  • Constructing commercial or private real estate property on a protected land
  • Recovery cost or rectifications for landowners
  • Environmental response, compensation and liability
  • Preservations of animals at zoos or farmland issues
  • Assessing damages to land and water properties brought by a natural disaster or criminal act
  • Buying or selling real estate areas that have contaminations
  • Advising corporations upon switching to eco-friendly practices
  • Regulations on wetlands or feedlots


Therefore, environmental lawyers are the legal practitioners that handle cases or suits involving the safety and protection of the environment. Although an environmental lawyer may need additional license or certification to be called a specialist, it is imperative that, in general, the environmental lawyers are specialists on their own because they concentrate on the biological and geological systems.

In conclusion, environmental lawyers make sure to address and resolve issues regarding the impact that human actions can bring with the conservation of the environment, ecology, and economy, coupled with bringing about social responsibility to everyone for the sustainability of our natural resources.

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