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10 Best Estate Lawyers in Adelaide

Finding the right lawyer for your next real estate purchase or sale can be a difficult thing to do. As in any other sector, you are bound to find some good and some bad lawyers. Most of us build our financial well-being for our subsistence while we are alive, and we leave what is left for our children. But would you like to make sure that your assets and wealth pass to your kids without a hiccup? While there are a lot of lawyers out there, choosing the right one can be difficult.

Then as a resident of Adelaide, your probably should know more about the best estate lawyers in Adelaide. That is why we will talk about the top estate law firms in Adelaide in this post. Besides creating a trust fund for your children, these lawyers can also help you make a will. Looking for a top-notch estate lawyer in Adelaide? We’ve compiled a list of the 10 most recommended lawyers in Adelaide who have helped thousands of clients. Just keep reading to discover them.

1.    Genders and Partners

Genders & Partners is one of the leading estate lawyers in Adelaide. They are offering a wide range of estate legal services that assist their clients in all aspects of their legal problems. The firm has got over two decades of experience than can be confidently relied upon. A dedicated law firm that deals with estates, trusts, wills, and other related matters. Not just that, G&P also claims to be the oldest law firm in Australia as they were established in 1848. Their reputation as per the reviews of their past clients and their ratings is spotless, with more than 60 five-star ratings on their Google listing.

The proficient attorneys of the business have years of involvement in the legal market place. They additionally have a keen awareness of law that impacts people amid their life and after they pass on.

Besides offering a FREE telephonic consultation, one can also request a cost estimate from them, which you would have to bear while sorting issues out. They deal with specific areas of law: contested estates and inheritance claims, guardianship and trusts, administration of estates and probate, and estate planning and wills.

Address: Suite V1, Level 3/169 Fullarton Rd, Dulwich

Phone: 8 8212 7233

Website: https://www.genders.com.au/

2.    Corsers Estate Lawyers

The firm doesn’t help it’s with just their lawyers for estate protection and planning matters but also takes help from financial advisors and accountants. Many relatively unique aspects to are dealt with by Corsers, like directives for advanced care issues related to the power of attorney and wills in the context of marriage.

Their Adelaide lawyers have expertise across a wide range of practice areas, including Commercial Law, Family Law, Property Law, Dispute Resolution & Litigation and a wide range of other legal services. They provide fast and efficient service with clear communication every step of the way. They believe in providing clients with clear information so they can make informed decisions about their case.

A well-laid estate plan considers CGT, ownership change-related costs, taxes, trusts, superannuation, insurance, liabilities, and assets. The reasoning they give to make a will is that if one doesn’t do that after the person’s death, the government might allow a portion of the estate to someone you don’t wish to benefit.

Address: Level 4/122 Pirie St

Phone: 8 8223 6788

Website: https://www.corsers.net.au/wills-estates-disputes-will-lawyers-adelaide/

3.    White Berman Lawyers & Solicitors

Their service is affordable, and they also understand that the legal area in question (estates and wills) is sensitive by nature. Besides Adelaide, they also have an office in Modbury. A point to note is that they aren’t a dedicated firm that works on estate law and its associated legal issues.

Their team of solicitors can help you with your wills, trusts and estate planning needs, including the drafting of your will and the administration of deceased estates.

Their estate and wills team comprises four experienced legal professionals dedicated to providing trustworthy legal service as trust is a significant factor in this legal area. As for the various related issues of estate law, they deal with things like challenging a questionable will, intestacy, planning succession, claims to pertain to inheritance, estates and probates and last but not least, wills.

Address: 123 Carrington St

Phone: 8 8359 3444

Website: https://www.wbglegal.com.au/will-estate/

4.    Wallmans Lawyers

Besides making estate plans, they also contest disputes to ensure their client’s interests are protected. Their dispute resolution (estate law) has received many awards too. As per their data, they resolve 90% of estate disputes without even taking them to court. Regarding planning, the following are the services they can provide to you.

Their approach is to provide timely communication with clients so they can be kept up-to-date with their matter at all times. Wallmans Lawyers understand that clients value their time and they therefore deal with matters in a timely manner. Their team is committed to providing a high level of customer service to ensure that clients receive the best advice possible and that their matter proceeds smoothly.

Estate litigation, wills, testamentary trusts, taxation considerations, succession planning, superannuation funds, probate, advance care directives, powers of attorney, generational change, and family trusts. They also have a FREE PDF available on their website that tells crucial facts about advance care directives, power of attorney, and wills.

Address: 5/400 King William St

Phone: 8 8235 3000

Website: https://wallmans.com.au/

5.    Belperio Clark

Belperio Clark Lawyers is a law firm with offices in Adelaide, Australia. The firm offers litigation and dispute resolution services, commercial law, estate planning, and more. BC Lawyers has clients in the government, corporate and private sectors.

Their lawyers will handle your estate planning with care, compassion and understanding. They take the time to understand your needs, provide clear and practical legal advice and offer solutions that best suit clients needs and circumstances.

The firm’s commercial lawyers assist with legal issues related to business restructuring, complex contracts, licensing, trade practices and more. Its estate lawyers help clients prepare wills and other documents to handle their affairs after death. The attorneys also offer litigation services for clients who need assistance with commercial or estate disputes like a breach of contract or contested wills.

Address: 94 Sturt St

Phone: 8 8212 1322

Website: https://bc-lawyers.com.au/

6.    Beger & Co Lawyers

Beger & Co are the best options for estate lawyers in Adelaide. They have a proven track record of getting results, and they have been around since 1957. This means that they have all the experience necessary to help you with your legal matter. Beger & Co is a top-rated law firm in Adelaide. They offer wills and estates, family law, criminal law, corporate and commercial advice, property law, litigation and dispute resolution. With Beger & Co on your side, you can be sure that you will get the very best legal advice that money can buy.

Their team of Wills & Estates Lawyers are dedicated to helping you with your Will and Estate needs, from simple to complex. They can assist you in preparing a Will, power of attorney or appointment of an enduring guardian, to help protect your interests and those of your family or business.  If you want to learn more about what Beger & Co can do for you, visit their website at www.beger.com.au or call them to arrange an obligation free consultation with one of their friendly staff members today.

Address: 213 Payneham Rd, St Peters

Phone: 8 8362 6400

Website: https://www.beger.com.au/wills-estates-lawyers/

7.    Di Rosa Lawyers

Di Rosa Lawyers is one of the most trusted law firms in Adelaide, South Australia. It offers a wide range of legal services in property law, family law, commercial and business law, wills and estate administration, and litigation. The firm provides its clients with a strong cultural understanding and approach to delivering excellent service to all its clients. Its team has more than three decades of combined experience providing excellent legal advice.

Their team of experienced, trusted lawyers provide prompt, accurate advice for all your estate planning needs. They are backed by the latest in legal technology, enabling us to provide an efficient service which is valued by our clients. They are also committed to providing a professional and friendly service, ensuring that all legal matters are dealt with in a timely manner.

If you are looking for legal representation focusing on personalised services and advice, Di Rosa Lawyers can help. Di Rosa Lawyers is a modern, customer-centric law firm that has been built on the back of traditional values such as honesty, integrity, transparency and empathy. They aim to provide our clients with affordable legal services by offering fixed-fee arrangements that are fully disclosed up-front. This means you know precisely what you will be paying from the start.

Address: 123 Wright St

Phone: 8 8276 7955

Website: https://portal.dirosalawyers.com.au/

8.    Donlan Lawyers

Donlan Lawyers is the Adelaide law firm with the expertise to help you make the right decisions about your estate and trust planning. Their lawyers have extensive experience in assisting clients with estate and trust matters.

The Donlan Lawyers team has a broad range of expertise, including wills and estates, conveyancing and property law, commercial law, litigation and dispute resolution, family law and criminal law. They can help you understand your legal obligations and protect your interests at every stage of your life.

Their approach is to provide you with practical advice that helps you achieve the outcomes you want efficiently. They work closely with their clients to develop specific solutions to their needs.

The firm has won the award for being the leading Doyles firm of 2020 regarding estates and wills. Not just that, as a firm, they are a member of the law society of South Australia as a Gold Alliance Firm.

Address: Level 2/60 Hindmarsh Square

Phone: 8 8344 6422

Website: https://donlanlawyers.com/wills-estate-planning/

9.    Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers

Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers is an Australian law firm with more than 140 staff. The firm has seven offices in South Australia and the Northern Territory, with Adelaide being its headquarters. TGB has been operating for years and is one of the oldest firms in Australia.

The law firm offers a wide range of legal services, including work injury compensation and personal injury claims, commercial litigation, property disputes, criminal law, employment law, and wills and estates. Its areas of specialisation include workplace injuries, medical negligence claims, road traffic accidents and public liability claims. The places they deal with can be checked on their website’s relevant page regarding estates and choices.

Address: 76 Light Square

Phone: 8 8212 1077

Website: https://tgb.com.au/services/wills-estates/

10.  Andersons Solicitors

Anderson’s Solicitors is a law firm that has been servicing the people of Adelaide for years. Anderson’s Solicitors offer a wide range of legal services, including wills and estates, commercial and business law, family law, property and conveyancing, litigation and dispute resolution.

Anderson’s Solicitors are known for their wisdom and experience in matters that relate to planning for the future. The lawyers at Anderson’s work with clients to help them understand the importance of making plans for their future. This includes developing strategies for retirement and wealth preservation and making plans for the distribution of wealth after death.

Anderson’s Solicitors can assist you with making a will, appointing an executor or administrator, contesting a will, managing your estate as an executor or administrator, estate disputes, probate applications, intestacy applications, preparing powers of attorney, challenging or defending powers of attorney, administration of deceased estates and lifetime gifting.

Address: 53/69 Franklin St

Phone: 8 8238 6666

Website: https://www.andersons.com.au/areas-of-law/wills-and-estates/


While the main aim of getting help from Adelaide’s best estate lawyers is to plan one’s asset distribution after death, firms help couples plan these things. Finding an estate lawyer can be a heart-warming and straightforward task. The best thing about these specialists is that they can help individuals get through complex matters in the most efficient manner.

An estate lawyer will be the right choice if you have a complicated matter to handle. Building an estate plan has many benefits for numerous people in Adelaide and their entire families. The above list is a great place to get started if you want estate lawyers’ services if you reside in Adelaide.

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