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10 Best Estate Lawyers in Hobart

These are the 10 Best Estate Lawyers in Hobart.

While it isn’t exactly pleasant to hear, but life is uncertain.

This is why if you have someone who is financially dependent on you, you should create an estate plan or a will for their well-being.

Why you may ask? This is because this will ensure that they won’t have to face any problems while claiming their rightful share of your assets.

And to help you with setting up an estate plan, you need the help of the best estate lawyers in Hobart.

We will be discussing the top law firms in the city that offer this legal service. We sincerely hope that this will help you to make an informed decision.

1.    FitzGerald and Browne Lawyers

Alice Prichard is the legal professional at the firm that handles clients looking for services related to estates and wills.

They lay emphasis on the fact why you need to get your will prepared by an expert so that there won’t be an issue after your death with respect to your assets getting passed to your loved ones.

Also, F&B Lawyers make sure that you get your will without any legal jargon so that it is clear and easily understandable for you.

If you need them, their lawyers can also assist you in making documents related to trusts, guardianship, and power of attorney.

Address: Level 2/115 Collins St

Phone: 3 6224 6777

Website: https://www.fitzgeraldandbrowne.com.au/

2.    Butler McIntyre & Butler

Broadly speaking, they deal with three main related legal areas. They are estate planning, probate, and wills.

They have allotted 9 legal professionals for planning estates of clients and 5 for probate and wills. The firm’s history goes back almost 200 years to 1824.

BM&B makes sure that you get complete access to their expertise and experience.

Also, they take help from related professionals like financial advisers, tax experts, accountants, and other kinds of professional advisers.

Address: 20 Murray St

Phone: 3 6222 9400

Website: https://bmbtas.com/

3.    Tremayne Fay Rheinberger Lawyers

TFR lawyers’ website does need an SSL certificate but they still offer legal services that span different areas of law including those related to estates and wills.

Whether it is some related to deceased estates, probate, or estate planning related matters, they will be there to help you with everything.

One thing that we noticed is that they haven’t tried to explain things in a structured manner on their relevant website pages and also favicon is missing from their website.

Bridget is the one who leads their wills and estates division.

Address: 119 Macquarie St

Phone: 3 6224 9888

Website: http://tfrlawyers.com.au/

4.    Murdoch Clarke

They too handle common issues like guardianship, power of attorney, wills, planning of estate, resolution of disputes pertaining to estates, and administration of deceased estate.

The firm has been practicing law in Hobart since more than 125 years and has proved time and again itself by serving the best interest of its clients.

Paul Kuzis is the firm’s managing partner who leads a vast team of legal professionals that range from paralegals, consultants, lawyers, associate lawyers, and partners.

Address: 10 Victoria St

Phone: 3 6235 9311

Website: https://murdochclarke.com.au/

5.    Abetz Curtis

One of their lawyers who deals with estate law (Roger Curtis) has written an article titled “Why should you have a will?” that is also uploaded in PDF format on their website.

Most of the services that they provide related to estates and wills are fairly common. Fiona Davis is yet another legal professional who is a part of their estate team.

Besides calling them via their contact number, you can also fill up an enquiry form on their contact us page or one can also mail them at [email protected].

Address: 83 Davey St

Phone: 3 6223 8955

Website: https://abetzcurtis.com.au/

6.    Tierney Law

Besides Hobart, they have offices in Huonville and Sorell as well.

When it comes to estate law, they can help you with protection of assets, address complications related to new relationships and their impact, structure of ownership, superannuation, and planning estates.

Something to note about them is that they don’t exclusively practice in this field and deal with clients facing issues related to family law, business law, property law, and many kinds of legal disputes too.

Address: 1/18 Elizabeth St

Phone: 3 6220 2777

Website: https://tlaw.com.au/

7.    Simmons Wolfhagen

Their website is available in Chinese too. For small doubts of their site visitors, they have a live chat option which enables you to seek help from their live chat agents.

SW Lawyers also claims that they are trusted throughout the state of Tasmania for the high-quality legal services that they provide.

With regards to your wills and estates, they can play the role of an effective management of your estate and trusts, assist you with other matters like guardianship, POA, creating and updating your will.

Address: Level 4/99 Bathurst St

Phone: 3 6226 1200

Website: https://www.simwolf.com.au/

8.    Worrall Moss Martin Lawyers

WMM Lawyers have been by far the best ones in terms of explaining that is there related to estate law in Hobart on their website.

We strongly recommend that you at least check the relevant pages of their website even if you don’t wish to hire them as they have explained things very well.

Kimberley Martin and Kate Moss are the two directors of the firm who are aided by senior associates, associates, lawyers, and executive assistants.

Address: 133 Macquarie St

Phone: 3 6223 8899

Website: https://pwl.com.au/

9.    Ogilvie Jennings

They too need an SSL certificate for their website but they claim that they are different than most other law firms.

Louise Mollross and Anthony Laning are the two leading lawyers who handle will and estate related cases.

The firm seems to be quite committed to protect the interests of their clients as they say they file applications in the Tasmanian Supreme Court too.

Another distinguishing thing about them is that while helping their clients with estate planning, they involve their family lawyers too so their clients get better clarity.

Overall, a decent firm choosing whom wouldn’t be a wrong decision.

Address: Level 4/39 Murray St

Phone: 3 6235 0800

Website: http://www.ogilviejennings.com.au/

10.  Nick Beattie

Their existing clients are allowed to pay their fee online via their website itself. Nick Beattie is the law firm’s principal who created the firm in 2007.

They too cover almost all aspects of estate law and make sure that while inheriting your assets, your loved ones have to pay the minimum possible amount of tax.

They offer an efficient and fast service besides advice that is friendly and professional.

Address: 114 Bathurst St

Phone: 3 6234 6420

Website: http://www.nickbeattie.com.au/


Hobart as we know is the capital city of Tasmania and hopefully, this list of law firms that have the best lawyers in Hobart will help you to make a final decision about which firm is well-suited for you.

Needless to say, the time required for properly finalizing an estate plan or will depends up on the extent of your assets and how are they distributed.

Most of the cases don’t take much time either while finalizing things.

However, while estate planning might not be as complicated as fighting a case, nonetheless you should have clarity about what the firm in question is going to charge you.

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