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10 Best Estate Lawyers in Melbourne

These are the 10 Best Estate Lawyers in Melbourne.

Do you know that if you pass away without creating a proper will, the Australian government gets involved and complicates matters for your family members?

Thankfully, we have best estates lawyers in Melbourne who can resolve things for you as a resident of the city so that your family doesn’t have to undergo undue stress while claiming your assets.

And yes, for those who have assets outside Australia, you must consult estate lawyers as those assets would have to be transferred to your children or spouse after you pass away.

We will now talk about the law firms briefly so that you can make an informed decision about them.

1.    Eales & Mackenzie Lawyers

While the name make you think that they probably don’t work in this legal area, this isn’t the case.

As for services, they can help you with probate grants, administration letters, trustee services, distribution of estate, power of attorney, and drafting of wills.

Besides these things, you can also get in touch with them for resolution of will disputes, updating already existing will, planning succession, and drafting of will.

However, you should note that they aren’t a firm that deals exclusively with estates and wills related matters.

Also, in their insights section of their website, there is an article that tells what you should know before you go ahead to challenge a will.

Address: 5/53 Queen St

Phone: 3 8621 1000

Website: https://www.emlawyers.com.au/

2.    At Home Legal

A member of the Law Institute of Victoria, At Home Legal besides its legal services also offers you a FREE informative guide related to how you should be making your will.

The matters that they deal with are family trusts’ reviewal, planning of estate, trusts, power of attorney, and executor’s advice.

As for their list of services, you can check them on their website. A great thing about them is that they have a dedicated page for each type of service.

The principal of the firm, Claire Dunning, has been working in this field since the last two decades.

Address: Not given on website

Phone: 422 490 811

Website: https://athomelegal.com.au/

3.    Saunders Family & Estate Lawyers

The firm in question has been given specialist accreditation by the law institute of Victoria. And as their name suggests, they work for clients who need help for family law related issues too.

Also, their lawyers are very friendly and approachable. With regards to wills and estates related issues, they have divided things into three subdivisions.

They are wills and powers of estates, contesting a given will, and estate administration and probates.

Address: level 1/415 Bourke St

Phone: 3 8672 7510

Website: https://www.saunderslaw.com.au/

4.    Nathan Yii Lawyers

With them you can expect honesty, service that exceeds its value, and advice from experts. As per them, four things need to be taken of while doing estate planning and strategic structuring.

They are as follows;

Making sure that the assets have ample protection against bankruptcy and future creditors.

Ensuring that in the event of possible family law dispute, the impact of it stays minimal.

Taking care of the possible challenge to your assets when you pass away.

Last but not the least, ensuring that the tax to be paid is minimum so the maximum benefits pass on to your beneficiaries.

Address: level 1/34 Queen St

Phone: 3 9070 5868

Website: https://nylawyers.com.au/

5.    Aitken Partners

They offer free legal evaluation for those who are looking for it.

With regards to their credentials, they have recognized by Doyles for the work done by them in estates and wills besides estate litigation.

The areas of estate law in Brisbane that they cover are planning, disputes, administration letters, and power of attorney.

Unlike other firms, they have a dedicated new client hotline phone number too. But they aren’t a dedicated estate law firm since other areas of law are also covered by them.

Address: 28/140 William St

Phone: 3 8600 6000

Website: https://www.aitken.com.au/

6.    Goodman Group Lawyers

Yes, Goodman too operates on the fixed-price basis. Besides common services like planning of a given estate and wills, they also work on probates and disputed estates.

If you are interested for them to work on your issue, you can get a quote related to that online via their website.

For those who wish to get clarity regarding what the law has to say about various related issues, then you can check out their blog section too.

Address: Level 8/488 Bourke St

Phone: 1300 923 560

Website: https://goodmangroup.com.au/

7.    Constable Connor Will Dispute Lawyers

While their name might not suggest it, they are a dedicated law firm that deals with wills and estates.

Also, many law firms talk about working on no win no fee basis, Constable Connor goes one step ahead and also guarantees no risk.

A great plus point for this firm is that they have been exclusively involved in will dispute related cases only.

Besides that, they can also turn your existing will into a one that is litigation proof or even draft a new one with the same characteristic.

Address: 9/441 Lonsdale St

Phone: 1800 629 107

Website: https://constableconnorwills.com.au/

8.    Hentys Lawyers

Hentys has been able to settle estate disputes out of the court 95 percent of the time. The firm also follows the policy of keeping its clients informed all the time.

Not just this, they even have a dedicated website built to explain things more properly at www.willcontesting.com.au that you should check out.

Hentys again is another firm that is the member of Law Institute of Victoria. A point to know here is that they mainly deal with issues faced by employees and employers.

Address: Level 8/601 Bourke St

Phone: 3 8615 4200

Website: https://www.hentys.com.au/


While creating a will when one is middle aged may be considered as premature, but doing so ensures that your family will not suffer while claiming what is rightfully yours.

If you wish to create a trust fund for your children, then too you will need the help of these lawyers and law firm so that you are on the right side of the law.

For those who have their assets in relatively simple forms, the time taken to create a will or a plan for distributing them post your passing will take comparatively less amount of time.

Regardless, we wish you good health and hope that your concerns regarding the ease of distribution of your assets will be dealt with by these capable legal professionals.

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