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10 Best Estate Lawyers in Perth

These are the 10 Best Estate Lawyers in Perth.

While we do agree that if one’s children and other members are financially well-off, creating an estate plan shouldn’t be something that one must be worried about.

But still, in case you wish to ensure that the assets that you have built end up in the right hands (that of your choice), it is highly advisable that you make sure your estate plan is ready.

For doing that, you will be needing the help of the best estate lawyer in Perth city as a resident.

That is why we are going to discuss the law firms that these lawyers work for. Hopefully, this will assist you in choosing who you should be going with.

1.    Vibe Legal

You can begin your will drafting process online on their website. They also surprise us by saying that if a person has been married or divorced after making a will, the will may have nullified.

Besides wills, they can help you with administrative orders, guardianship, claims related to family provision act, health directives of advanced nature, power of attorney and guardianship, and last but not the least, probate.

Their relevant website page also has a list of FAQs that should be checked out by those who have basic doubts.

A point to note is that they aren’t a dedicated estate law firm in Perth.

Address: 6/2 Hardy St

Phone: 8 6111 4890

Website: https://vibelegal.com.au/

2.    Crystal Lawyers

A dedicated law firm that deals with estate law in a proficient manner. As for FREE consultation, they do offer a 20-minute FREE zoom call.

Also, as you might know you may feel to change your estate plan in future after getting it done from them. Crystal has made this completely FREE.

Their YouTube channel also talks in detail about wills and estates and the associated complications. The firm has also written some really great pieces of content talking about estate law.

Do feel free to either call them or reach out to them via email at [email protected]. The firm also refrains from billing hidden fee.

Address: Level 12/197 St Georges Terrace

Phone: 421 145 637

Website: https://www.crystallawyers.com.au/

3.    Laird Lawyers

For your minor queries, they have a chat box available on their website. A great thing about Laid Lawyers is that they have mentioned the fixed-price of each service that they offer.

This shows that they believe in being clear and transparent. The further information section also explains the legal aspects of the particular services which they offer.

The blog section of theirs is also something that you should check. The firm operates solely in the city of Perth and can be reach via email on [email protected].

Address: Level 29/221 St Georges Terrace

Phone: 8 6271 3903

Website: https://www.lairdlawyers.com.au/

4.    Succession Solutions Perth

The firm is one of the most interesting ones that we have encountered. That is because their sole aim is to help people plan their succession.

The solutions which they offer are claimed to be tailored, robust, and tax effective. You can contact them to claim your FREE obligation free discussion.

They also have solid credentials like being members of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners). Lee-Ann Cartoonis the law firm’s principal lawyer.

Address: Level 1/100 Havelock St

Phone: 8 6160 5923

Website: https://www.successionsolutionsperth.com.au/

5.    Bespoke Wills and Estates Lawyers

Yet another Perth based wills and estates law firm. Most of the legal services that they offer are pretty basic in nature.

The reasons that they give why a person should choose them are that the firm has vast amounts of experience in succession law.

They are that their advice is tailored and friendly by nature, the documents prepared by them have clarity and are easily understandable.

Address: Suite 6/14 Main St, Osborne Park

Phone: 8 9445 2686

Website: https://bespokewillsandestates.com.au/

6.    Brook Legal

Their particular areas of expertise are probates and wills. Their pricing methodology is that they offer will drafting services from 319 AUD and probates from 600 AUD.

But wait, their services aren’t just limited to these two and they also offer legal services related to settlements, trusts, administration letters, and power of attorney.

Brook Legal doesn’t believe in charging in hidden or obscured legal fee as well and you will be told beforehand about the fee that will be charged at the end.

Address: 9/339 Cambridge St, Wembley

Phone: 8 9287 1855

Website: https://www.brooklegal.com.au/

7.    Summers Legal

As you can probably see in their logo, they have operational for 3 decades. They can also contest a given will on your behalf if you want.

They have explained matters related to it very well on their ‘contesting a will’ page.

With regards to planning of estates, you can be assured that you will be given advice from their legal experts besides insight that will end up in you reaching to a flexible, tax effective, and practical solution.

But they aren’t a dedicated estate law firm in Perth as many may be thinking.

Address: 104 Colin St

Phone: 8 9420 8222

Website: https://www.summerslegal.com.au/

8.    Clairs Keeley Lawyers

Whether you need assistance with deceased estates or need to get your estate plan reviewed, CK Lawyers will be there to help you.

Other necessary services like advance health directives, testamentary trusts, making changes to deeds of trusts besides many others are also provided by them.

Before going to their office for your first appointment or meeting, do check their “your first meeting” section as they need to review some vital documents.

The news section can also be referred by those who wish to know more about the minute technicalities of the estates and wills law.

Address: Ground Floor/2 Brook St

Phone: 8 9228 0811

Website: https://www.clairskeeley.com.au/

9.    Perth Wills Centre

As the name suggests, their main focus is on will but this doesn’t imply that they don’t work on issues related to estate planning.

They strongly motivate adults to create a will as it will ensure that your family members are taken care of and that whatever your assets are, get distributed as per your wish.

Their blog section also has some really interesting blog posts.

Address: Level 3/16 Irwin St

Phone: 8 9220 4433

Website: https://perthwillscentre.com.au/

10.  HHG Legal Group

Been operational since more than 100 years, HHG operates in a number of other locations than Perth. HHG has an 8-person team that works on estate and will related cases.

Most of the services are quite common and you can take a look at the list of them on their website dedicated page.

Address: Cloisters, Building Level 8/863 Hay St

Phone: 8 9322 1966

Website: https://hhg.com.au/


While many spread myths like estate planning is only for the rich and well to do, the reality is completely opposite.

It actually has nothing to do with money. The real reason behind doing this is to act as a responsible person so that your family doesn’t have to suffer later while fighting for your assets.

In case your children and spouse are well-off, you can still create an estate plan or will to dedicate your earnings and assets to charities or social work or any other noble cause.

Remember, the best estate lawyers in Perth are only there to help you.

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