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10 Best Estate Lawyers in Sydney

These are the 10 Best Estate Lawyers in Sydney.

There are some people who are optimistic but then there are those who are realistic. If you have clicked on this article, then you someone who fits in the latter category. And one should be in fact.

But this becomes more important to have an estate plan or a will if you are either married, have children, wish to donate money to charity or make sure that your money ends up in the right hands when you pass away.

Having done this, you can be at peace with respect to your worries about what will your family members do after you pass away.

1.    Estate First Lawyers

A dedicated estate law firm, they have a wide range of legal services related to the field.

They have divided their services into two main divisions, planning of estates and secondly, their administration.

They also have what they refer to as the knowledge center where those wanting to know more about what the law has to say about this legal area.

The combined experience of the firm in estate law stands at almost a century.

The charges too are fixed and hence, you know beforehand what you will be paying for their services.

As for their credentials, they are a member of several well-to-do legal organizations.

Address: Level 26/44 Market St

Phone: 1300 132 567

Website: https://www.estatefirst.com.au/

2.    Dormers Will Dispute Lawyers

As the name suggests, Dormers helps you with disputes involving wills. Another great thing about them is that they operate on a no win no fee basis.

This implies that you only have to pay their fees if they win the dispute for you.

To be more specific about their services, they can challenge a given will, assist you in filing letter of administration application, help secure probate grant, defend a will, and contest a will as well.

You can book your no obligatory FREE consultation via their website or by calling them.

The way they handle cases has also been explained by them in various steps.

Address: Level 2/35 Clarence St

Phone: 2 9098 5750

Website: https://www.willdisputelawyerssydney.com.au/

3.    Retire Law

Besides a blog section, they also have a case studies to demonstrate how they successfully handled various types of cases.

Their core value is that every family deserves a better will than what they have now. The firm also has a video explaining how things work on their services page.

A great thing about Retire Law is that they are more than willing to ensure that you are clear about what you can expect from them and how will they handle your case.

Feel free to read their testimonials section and besides calling them, you can also email them at [email protected].

Address: 9/15 Blue St

Phone: 2 8908 9700

Website: https://www.retirelaw.com.au/

4.    GMP Contesting Wills

GMP follows 5 simple steps while contesting a will. These involve finalizing a lawyer, gathering evidence, trying to negotiate a settlement, mediating, then proceeding to court hearings.

This legal firm too works on a fixed fee, no win no fee basis. Implying that you only have to pay their fee if they win the case for you.

They explain things like;

How to contest a will?

What are the circumstances in which this can be done?

Who are allowed to contest a will?

Besides clarifying these basic points, they have articles too about various related issues that address specific topics.

Address: Office 2, Suite 7, Level 8/66 Hunter St

Phone: 2 9283 6535

Website: https://www.contestingwills.com.au/

5.    Atkinson Vinden Lawyers

There probate and wills team has 3 lawyers, an associate besides a number of paralegals. Besides drafting complex wills, they also resolve disputes related to them.

As for how they charge their clients, you can watch the video on their estates page. AV Lawyers also conveys why estate planning is necessary for people.

Address: Level 21, Piccadilly Tower, 133 Castlereagh St

Phone: 2 9411 4466

Website: https://www.avlawyers.com.au/

6.    E&A Lawyers

Something that separates this firm from others is that you can start working on a deceased estate or a will online with their online tools.

The blog section also has a number of valuable and knowledgeable posts that you can check out as it addresses a number of issues.

To explain more about their legal services in detail, they deal with probate, challenging a given will, directive related to advance care, issues related to power of attorney, various types of trusts and drafting wills.

Address: Suite 9, 20 Bungan St, Mona Vale

Phone: 02 9997 2111

Website: https://www.ealawyers.com.au/

7.    Butlers Will Dispute Lawyers

The firm basically consists of two lawyers, Joanne and Eric Butler. The firm has also been recommended by the esteemed Doyle’s guide.

As for their achievements, they have fought over 5000 will related disputes and claim to be experts in the field too.

Not just this, they also have a specialist accreditation from the law society of New South Wales besides being recognized by STEP too.

Besides Sydney, they have their presence in other major Australian cities like Newcastle, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

Address: 201 Elizabeth St

Phone: 2 9261 4555

Website: https://www.willdisputespecialist.com.au/

8.    Rafton Family Lawyers

While they may be named as family lawyers, they do work in areas related to wills and estate.

To be clearer, they can assist you with disputes related to estates and wills, drafting a proper will, appointments related to enduring appointments, power of attorney, administration of a given estate and other related issues.

Not just this, they also have a FREE PDF available that tells us why everyone who has a will as of now should choose a smarter one.

Address: Level 24, Tower 3, International Towers, 300 Barangaroo Ave, Barangaroo

Phone: 02 4578 5611

Website: https://rafton.com.au/


One thing which we think should be highlighted is that you shouldn’t shy away from contacting them if all that you want is just advice.

The fact of the matter is that many of them even encourage as they offer FREE resolution of legal doubts besides a possible FREE initial consultation.

As for those who have their assets spread across various types and even countries, our advice would be to choose the very best of estate lawyers as there will more legal complications in that.

There are many myths that are common amongst many related to estate planning and hence, taking advice from a competent legal professional is the way to go.

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