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10 Best Estate Lawyers in Sydney

You might need to get an estate lawyer at some stage in your life. Whether to figure out the tax implications of your estate plan or to administer your estate after you have passed away, you should be looking for a lawyer who can provide you with the best services.

A good lawyer is someone who can guide you through this maze of Legal terms and clauses and make you understand your rights as well as obligations. There is no better way to find the best estate lawyer in Sydney than by looking at the website of a particular law firm that seems to be doing really well. This will make it easier for you to find how long has this professional been in practice industry.

The following is my list of the ten best estate lawyers ins Sydney you can hire for your estate needs. It is essential to know that you are leaving behind a well-planned estate for those who might be interested in what you have accumulated over the years. People in Sydney would hire the best estate lawyers for this purpose.

1.    Estate First Lawyers

Estate First Lawyers is a boutique law firm specialising in estate planning and estate administration services. The firm was formed by a group of lawyers passionate about helping Australians protect their assets for the benefit of their family members. Their services include Wills, Powers of Attorney, Appointment of Enduring Guardianship, Estate Administration Advice, Estate Litigation, and Family Law matters.

They help people plan for the future by creating a Will, Enduring Power of Attorney, and Advanced Health Directive. These allow you to direct how your estate is distributed after your death, who manages your affairs and health care if you become incapacitated, and who makes medical and lifestyle decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so yourself. This can prevent unnecessary conflict and expense for your loved ones at a time when they are already grieving.

The team at Estate First Lawyers includes solicitors and specialist barristers who have extensive experience in advising on complex estates. Their clients range from individuals to families to small businesses, and we pride ourselves on providing personalised service at competitive rates. They also offer tailored educational workshops for financial planners, accountants, and other professionals seeking a trusted estate planning specialist to refer clients to.

Address: Level 26/44 Market St

Phone: 1300 132 567

Website: https://www.estatefirst.com.au/

2.    Dormers Will Dispute Lawyers

As the name suggests, Dormers helps you with disputes involving wills. Another great thing about them is that they operate on a no-win-no-fee basis. This implies that you only have to pay their fees if they win the dispute for you.

To be more specific about their services, they can challenge a given will, assist you in filing a letter of administration application, help secure a probate grant, defend a choice, and contest a will as well. They are a team of dedicated and knowledgeable estate lawyers who are specialised in will disputes and estate litigation. Their areas of expertise include Family Provision Claims, Testamentary Promises, Contested Probate, Removal of Executors/Administrators, Estate Administration.

You can book no obligatory FREE consultation via their website or by calling them. With offices across Sydney, Newcastle, and North Queensland, they offer high-quality legal advice that reflects their understanding of our client’s particular circumstances.

Address: Level 2/35 Clarence St

Phone: 2 9098 5750

Website: https://www.willdisputelawyerssydney.com.au/

3.    Retire Law

RetireLaw is a specialist law firm; they draw upon their intimate knowledge of the property industry to ensure their clients receive a straightforward legal solution that is practical and cost-effective. Their core value is that every family deserves a better will than what they have now. The firm also has a video explaining how things work on their services page.

Their team has broad experience in property law and litigation and provides advice on retirement villages’ rules and regulations. Their lawyers are passionate about helping retirees enjoy their life after work by ensuring they receive maximum enjoyment from their retirement village community.

Retirelaw is a Sydney based firm of estate planning lawyers who are committed to protecting the assets, interests and well being of retirees throughout the life cycle. Their goal is to help you achieve a comfortable and secure retirement by providing a comprehensive legal solution for your estate planning needs. A great thing about Retire Law is that they are more than willing to ensure that you are clear about what you can expect from them and how they will handle your case. Feel free to read their testimonials section, and besides calling them, you can also email them at [email protected].

Address: 9/15 Blue St

Phone: 2 8908 9700

Website: https://www.retirelaw.com.au/

4.    GMP Contesting Wills

Contesting a Will can be a complex process. It is easy to make costly mistakes that jeopardise your case without the appropriate legal expertise. Therefore, it is essential to have an experienced lawyer on your side to assist you at every step of the way. GMP follows five simple steps while contesting a will. These involve finalising a lawyer, gathering evidence, negotiating a settlement, mediating, then proceeding to court hearings.

At GMP Contesting Wills, their approach is always focused on achieving the best possible outcome for their clients. This means keeping proceedings out of court whenever possible by negotiating directly with the opposing parties or their lawyers to reach a favourable settlement agreement. This helps to drive down costs and avoid unnecessary delays. They are committed to helping clients who believe their loved one’s will does not reflect their true wishes. The team at Contesting Wills have extensive experience in successfully contesting wills. They are passionate about ensuring that Australians receive what is legally theirs. For more information about their services, please contact them today.

Address: Office 2, Suite 7, Level 8/66 Hunter St

Phone: 2 9283 6535

Website: https://www.contestingwills.com.au/

5.    Atkinson Vinden Lawyers

Atkinson Vinden Lawyers has a team of experienced lawyers and solicitors specialising in estate planning, trusts, and commercial law. They are also one of the best law firms in Sydney for property transactions and conveyancing. There probate and wills team has three lawyers, an associate, and several paralegals. Besides drafting complex wills, they also resolve disputes related to them.

The firm’s primary focus is on commercial law and property law. They have extensive experience with all types of property transactions, including conveyancing, planning, and development of land, strata title matters, commercial leasing, retail leasing, and the sale and purchase of businesses. Their commercial expertise includes business structuring, succession planning, asset protection advice, commercial agreements, and dispute resolution.

The team at Atkinson Vinden are dedicated to providing an exceptional level of service. They strive to ensure that their clients’ needs are met by assisting them not only with their legal requirements but also by providing support through what can often be an emotional time. Call them today for more information.

Address: Level 21, Piccadilly Tower, 133 Castlereagh St

Phone: 2 9411 4466

Website: https://www.avlawyers.com.au/

6.    E&A Lawyers

They are the best team of Estate lawyers and the most affordable team in Sydney for dealing with estates issues. They have been extremely helpful in our very difficult estate matter and we would highly recommend them to anyone needing legal advice regarding estates issues. E&A Lawyers is a commercial law firm specialising in Intellectual Property Law, Business Law, and Immigration Law. E&A Lawyers was founded by experienced commercial lawyers from top tier firms.

The firm’s practice areas cover many immigration matters, including business visas, skilled visas, family visas, student visas, and tourist visas. The firm also deals with citizenship issues, including citizenship by birth or descent and conferral. What separates this firm from others is that you can start working on a deceased estate or a will online with their online tools.

E&A Lawyers understands the stress involved in legal matters and offers a compassionate approach while pursuing the best possible outcome for each client. The firm’s lawyers take the time to explain the legal process to clients to make informed decisions about their cases.

Address: Suite 9, 20 Bungan St, Mona Vale

Phone: 02 9997 2111

Website: https://www.ealawyers.com.au/

7.    Butlers Will Dispute Lawyers

The firm consists of two lawyers, Joanne and Eric Butler. The esteemed Doyle’s guide has also recommended the firm. As for their achievements have fought over 5000 will related disputes and claim to be experts in the field.

Not just this, they also have a specialist accreditation from the law society of New South Wales besides being recognised by STEP too. Besides Sydney, they are in other major Australian cities like Newcastle, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

They also conduct probate cases throughout Australia. Their solicitors are the best Australian lawyers you can find on the market. They have expertise and experience in all legal matters related to wills and estates. They offer their clients the highest quality legal advice on a broad range of legal issues in a practical, cost-effective and timely manner. Talk to them today and see how they can help you.

Address: 201 Elizabeth St

Phone: 2 9261 4555

Website: https://www.willdisputespecialist.com.au/

8.    Rafton Family Lawyers

Rafton Family Lawyers is a specialist family law firm that services Sydney and the surrounding regions. As one of the leading family lawyers in Sydney they employ a team of highly skilled and experienced family law practitioners. While they may be named family lawyers, they work in areas related to wills and estate.

To be more precise, they can assist you with disputes related to estates and wills, drafting a good choice, appointments related to enduring franchises, power of attorney, administration of a given estate and other related issues.

Not just this, they also have a FREE PDF available that tells us why everyone who has a will as of now should choose a smarter one. They provide the best quality services for your assets and properties. They are friendly and professional. They are experts in property law, conveyancing, commercial leases, home loans and family legal matters.

Address: Level 24, Tower 3, International Towers, 300 Barangaroo Ave, Barangaroo

Phone: 02 4578 5611

Website: https://rafton.com.au/

9.    Barwick Boitano Lawyers 

Barwick Boitano Lawyers are a team of experienced and successful lawyers who provide a first-rate service to their clients. They are a specialist commercial law firm based in Sydney, focusing on providing professional, qualified, and effective legal services. They have an excellent reputation in the industry, with some of our clients who have been with us for over 25 years.

The team at Barwick Boitano Lawyers is highly qualified professionals with a wide range of expertise and experience. The firm prides itself on providing friendly, efficient and professional services to our clients, many of whom are long-term clients who have recommended us to their family and friends. Barwick Boitano Lawyers also provides comprehensive legal advice and assistance in commercial law, family law, property law and estate planning. The firm is an accredited specialist in wills and estate law. Barwick Boitano Lawyers comprises two practising accredited specialists in Wills & Estate Law.

 Address: 29 Fennell St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia

Phone: +61 2 9630 0444

Website: https://bblawyers.com.au/

10.    MistryFallahi Lawyers & Business Advisors

MistryFallahi Lawyers & Business Advisors is a progressive and modern law firm located in the heart of Sydney CBD, Australia. They offer an extensive range of legal services to businesses and individuals. Their experienced solicitors can provide you with innovative and practical solutions to meet your needs.

The team of experienced lawyers at MistryFallahi can help you with all your legal needs. They have a varied clientele, both individuals and corporations, and offer services in all areas of law, including family law, property law, conveyancing, litigation, business and corporate law. The team is dedicated to providing sound legal advice to their clients and saving them time and money wherever possible. They have a strong reputation in the local community for providing quality service and building lasting relationships with the people they serve. They tailor solutions to each individual’s specific needs to understand the complexity of their cases.

 Address: Level 14/15 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Phone: +61 2 8094 1247

Website: http://www.mistryfallahi.com.au/


We think you shouldn’t shy away from contacting them if all you want is just advice. The fact of the matter is that many of them even encourage as they offer a FREE resolution of legal doubts besides a possible FREE initial consultation.

As for those who have their assets spread across various types and even countries, our advice would be to choose the very best of estate lawyers as there will be more legal complications. Many myths are shared amongst many related to estate planning, and hence, taking advice from a competent legal professional is the way to go.

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