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10 Best Family Lawyers in Adelaide

These are the 10 Best Family Lawyers in Adelaide.

If you are living in Adelaide and looking for a proper family lawyer, then this is a must-read post since it is going to talk about the best family lawyers in Adelaide. There are a number of family issues that might make you secure an intervention of the legal system. Most common of them are divorce and the associated issues.

By associated issues we meant to imply settlement of property, custody of children, alimony etc. All these issues are deeply personal and hold sentimental value to those involved. These firms have fought thousands of such cases in their lifetime and hence, have considerable amount of experience.

1.    Swan Family Lawyers

Their website says that the firm will help you get your life back on track. Besides common family law related things, they also fight for children’s needs and limited representation. However, the desktop version of their website doesn’t have a proper menu bar and is rather like a mobile site. Christopher Swan and Caitlin Swan are the firm’s leading lawyers.

Interestingly, they have also provided links to the LinkedIn profiles of their lawyers so that you can go through their qualifications and experience properly. They also help people with estates and wills case if required. Their testimonial section however could have been more reliable if they had mentioned the details of those who left them.

Address: 21 Roper St

Phone: 8 8227 1970

Website: https://swanfamilylawyers.com.au/

2.    CG Family Law

They are a specialist family law firm but they rather deal with a small spectrum of family law related cases. They are also the member of a couple of quality law-related associations and organizations.

The firm has three lawyers and their necessary law-related details have been shared on their meet the team page. They have also shared some useful links that you should check out if you want.

They also urge their would-be clients to make an enquiry before coming for an appointment. If email is your preferred mode of communication, then do email them at [email protected].

Address: level 12/108 King William St

Phone: 8 8221 7100

Website: https://www.cgfamilylaw.com.au/

3.    Adelaide Family Law

Their website structure and specially the services page is quite well organized and easy to navigate with all the information neatly arranged. Jennifer Hirst leads the firm and is herself a well-experienced and qualified lawyer. They have also explained how their consultation process works and how it involves 3rd party negotiations, trials and court negotiations.

Their blog section also has some really nice posts that shed light on associated issues and complications of family law. Overall, an impressive firm that can be trusted since it makes an active effort to properly convey things to the common public.

Address: Ground Floor, 51 Angas St

Phone: 8 8113 3111

Website: https://adelaidefamilylawyers.com.au/

4.    Di Rosa Lawyers

They have great reputation with respect to reviews from past clients but their website is bizarre. It is as if they are so confident of themselves that they have NO CONTENT related to any types of the case that they fight related to family or any other kind of law.

And there is more to it, they have only these pages on their website; make an enquiry, read your documents, make a payment, provide information, view price list and book an appointment. We would advise you to make an informed decision by meeting them by taking an appointment once. They have divided family law into two sections. One that is related to children, and the other to property settlement.

Address: 123 Wright St

Phone: 8 8276 7955

Website: https://portal.dirosalawyers.com.au/

5.    Belperio Clark

While they aren’t a dedicated family law firm, they do have more than hundred positive reviews from their former clients. They have gone one step ahead from other law firms by telling you what are the ways in which family law related disputes and issues can be resolved and how costly they are with respect to one another.

The cost issue is the reason they believe that family law related cases should be solved by negotiations and mediations. Then, they also work on issues like rights of grandparents and maintenance of an adult child. There are also some interesting articles on their website that you can go through.

Address: 94 Sturt St

Phone: 8 8212 1322

Website: https://bc-lawyers.com.au/

6.    The Family Law Project

While stylish font on their website may give you an outlook that they are a funky firm, but they do mean serious business. They were recommended by Doyles Law for parenting law related services in 2019.

Also, they are a gold alliance firm under the law society of south Australia. Also, they have a FAQ E-book available on their website for FREE for those who wish to clarify all of their doubts. You can get to know more about their pricing policy on their pricing page of their website.

If email is your preferred method of communication, then you can get in touch with them on [email protected].

Address: 5/19 Market St

Phone: 423 267 644

Website: https://familylawproject.com.au/

7.    Jordan & Fowler Family Lawyers

Their areas of expertise are quite clear and well presented on their website. They will also help you if you are in a de facto relationship or are a part of a same sex couple too.

They also have a few articles in their blog section for you to check out. However, we do feel that they could have written a lot more articles on the same. Their email address for you to contact is [email protected].

Address: 360 King William St

Phone: 8 8221 5400

Website: https://jffamilylawyers.com.au/

8.    Resolve Divorce

They have what they refer to as a collaborative process with which they like to resolve their client’s issues. And as their name suggests, they mainly deal with issues related to divorce. The reason they like to resolve divorce via negotiations is because it is an economically better option is less painful than litigation in the court of law.

Address: 1/422 King William St

Phone: 8 7228 6110

Website: https://resolvedivorce.com.au/

9.    ORB Lawyers

They will be mainly helping you with child custody outcomes with other matters. If you want a prenup in Adelaide, they are a choice that you can make.

Address: 4/24 Beach Road, Christies Beach

Phone: 8 8384 3430

Website: https://orblawyers.com.au/

10.  Marie Stokes

While they do need an SSL certificate for their website, they also offer services like recovery and relocation of children besides other common ones. Feel free to reach out to them via email on [email protected]

Address: Level 1/48 Carrington St

Phone: 8 8223 7778

Website: http://www.mariestokesfamilylawyers.com.au/


Hopefully you liked this list of the best family lawyers in Adelaide. Yes, choosing one out of these capable law firms is difficult but we have tried our best to tell you about their expertise and what makes them different than the other. Also, we will suggest that you also visit their websites links of whom have been given with each law firm.

Many of these firms are also LGBTQ friendly hence, if you belong to this community, you can get legal help too and this is especially for homosexual couples. We do understand the pain that you may be going through while dealing with these things and hence, we also wish you luck for your journey towards victory.

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