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10 Best Family Lawyers in Hobart

These are the 10 Best Family Lawyers in Hobart.

Hobart is one of the biggest cities in the Tasmania region, so for those looking for a lawyer to represent them, it could be difficult to narrow down your choices, given the excellence of all available firms.

Do you want to chose the best family lawyers in Hobart? Then this is a must go through list for you and your family as a whole.

With that, here is a list of ten of the top lawyers that are more than capable of assisting you in all family law matters.

1.    Simmons Wolfhagen Lawyers

Simmons Wolfhagen is a long-established law firm that has been operating in Tasmania ever since. Despite their history, they have not shied away from having a modern attitude and progressive approach to all their cases. They have a wide range of practice areas which include family law, the services for which include property matters, binding financial agreements, parenting maters, spousal abuse, pre-mediation advice, grandparent welfare, child support, surrogacy, violence orders, and restraint orders.

Address: Level 4, 99 Bathurst Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7000

Phone: +61 3 6226 1200

Website: https://www.simwolf.com.au/

2.    Ogilvie Jennings Lawyers

Ogilbie Jennings Lawyers is another long-established law firm with over 70 years of combined experience as a result of the merger between two well-known law firms: Ogilvie McKenna and Jennings Elliot. This kind of history and foundation allows the firm to guarantee premium service to all their clients, given the vast resources they have to provide assistance. Despite their history, they continually brush up on modern developments and approaches to the law, allowing them to provide practical and realistic advice complemented by their deep legal knowledge of legal issues.

Address: Level 4, 39 Murray Street, Hobart TAS

Phone Number: (03) 6235 0800

Website: www.ogilviejennings.com.au

3.    Murdoch Clarke

Murdoch Clarke boasts of their ~95% settlement rate when it comes to family law cases, which is a great relief for clients because of the massive savings in terms of both time and expenses. The firm itself is composed of plenty of highly-experienced lawyers who have considerable experience between them, so prospective clients can rest assured that leaving their matters with Murdoch Clarke equals leaving their matters to one of the best legal teams in all of Tasmania.


Phone Number: (03) 6235 9311

Website: http://www.murdochclarke.com.au/

4.    Blissenden Lawyers

Blissenden Lawyers is the largest legal practice in the northern suburban Hobart area. As such, they are a wide practice law firm with a long history of providing specialist legal assistance to the people of Hobart. As practitioners of family and relationship law, the firm prides itself on giving straightforward assessments given to clients as well as their competence in negotiation and mediation. Should cases eventually go to court, the firm is just as capable of representing their client’s interests. The firm is led by Robert Blissenden, one of Hobart’s most experienced lawyers.

Address: 120 Main Road, Moonah, Tasmania, Australia 7009

Phone Number: (03) 6272 7766

Website: https://www.blissendenlawyers.com.au/

5.    Brooke Winter Solicitors

Brooke Winter Solicitors is another firm that specializes in practicing family law. What makes them stand out from the others in this list is that their clients do not always need to go to their office physically — the firm has mobile services that allow them to represent clients in any court in Tasmania. They also allow client communications even outside office hours, so clients who are in need of urgent information can contact them at any time, especially in emergency cases.

Address: F6/111 Macquarie St, Hobart TAS 7000

Phone Number: 1300 066 669

Website: https://brookewintersolicitors.com.au/

6.    Wallace Wilkinson & Webster Lawyers

Wallace Wilkinson & Webster is a progressive law firm with a wide client base. This diverse experience has allowed them to consistently represent their clients while drawing from a wide base of knowledge and resources. Their advice and services are responsive, efficient, and cost-effective, and one of their priorities when it comes to client interaction is communication — specifically clear and transparent communication. The firm itself was awarded First Tier Family Law 2020 by Doyles Guide.

Address: 169 Liverpool Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7000

Phone Number: 03 6234 8022

Website: https://www.wwwlawyers.com.au

7.    Tremayne Fay Rheinberger Lawyers

Tremayne Fay Rheinberger Lawyers traces its history all the way back to the 1970s, having undergone various name changes throughout the years. It is a general practice law firm that caters to both private and corporate clients, but this does not affect their specialist expertise in family law at all. They provide advice and representation in all aspects of family law including, children’s matters, property settlements, binding financial agreements, grandparents’ rights, divorce, and family violence.

Address: 119 Macquarie Street, HOBART TAS 7000

Phone Number: (03) 6224 9888

Website: www.tfrlawyers.com.au/ 

8.    Fitzgerald and Browne Lawyers

Fitzgerald and Browne is an experienced law firm with almost 20 years of experience. Unlike some of the bigger firms in this list, Fitzgerald and Browne specifically chose not to represent corporations or big clients in order to focus on individuals, families, and small businesses, making them an ideal firm of choice for family law matters. Their family law team is headed by a family law specialist who has over 30 years of experience.

Address: Level 2, 115 Collins Street, Hobart Tasmania 7000

Phone Number: 03 6224 6777

Website: https://www.fitzgeraldandbrowne.com.au/

9.    PWB Lawyers

PWB Lawyers is another addition to the longstanding firms in this list, with over 70 years of legal practice experience as well. When it comes to representation and assistance, they have a focus on having a collaborative approach with their clients, and they also consider the possibility of negotiation in order to minimize costs and expenses. When it comes to family law practice, some of their practice areas include separation and divorce, mediation, negotiation, property settlement, family violence orders, surrogacy, spousal maintenance, and property settlements, among others.

Address: 25 Murray Street, Hobart TAS 7000

Phone Number: 03 6235 1111

Website: https://www.pwb.com.au

10.  Butler McIntyre & Butler

Butler McIntyre & Butler is a firm composed of ten partners and is another firm with a long history before it. The family law team is composed of five highly experienced lawyers who prioritize providing timely and practical advice. Thus, their practice areas include children’s matters property matters, financial agreements, spousal maintenance, child support, divorce, and compensation, among others.

Address: 20 Murray Street, Hobart TAS 7000

Phone Number: 03 6222 9444

Website: https://bmbtas.com/


Hobart’s law firms are all composed of experienced and competent professionals, so it is understandable that you may be initially confused and overwhelmed.

Hopefully, this list of ours has been of assistance in helping you eventually make a sound decision on who will represent you, whether in court or in mediation proceedings.

All the lawyers and law firms which we mentioned above are among the best family lawyers in Hobart. Do make an informed decision before choosing either of them.

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