General Meetings – Checklist

When planning/preparing for a general (shareholders) meeting it is helpful for the Directors and Company Secretary to have a checklist to refer to so that nothing is overlooked – so attached is a sample “Reminder Notes Checklist” for your use.


General Meeting



  1. Some Weeks Before
  1. Board to formally convene AGM/EGM date/venue and approve Notice of Meeting.
  • Book venue.
  • Prepare AGM/EGM Notice and Proxy Form (and have pre-approved by ASX/ASIC in need).
  • Arrange printing of Notice etc.
  • Mail out Notice (to shareholders, directors and auditors with copy to ASX and

Share Registry) 28 clear days in advance (ie, plus mailing days).

  • Just Before
  1. Arrange attendance register (shareholders/guests) [Share Registry?]
  • Organise auditors (or share registry) as scrutineers.
  • Prepare copies of previous minutes.
  • Obtain voting cards.
  • Confirm arrangements with Share Registry (to attend, check in visitors, etc).
  • Prepare Agenda.
  • Prepare Chairman’s detailed script notes (to conduct meeting).
  • Prepare Chairman’s &/or MD’s speech.
  • Prepare ASX releases:-
  • Chairman’s &/or MD’s speech;
  • Results of resolutions/proxy details.
  • Prepare draft minutes.
  • Invite key guests – particularly auditor who must attend.
  • Invite press.
  • Prepare press release.
  • Prepare answers to possible questions (from shareholders re financials, etc).
  • Confirm venue booking.

Provide voting exclusion related party names to Share Registry.


  1. Folder for Directors
  1. Agenda.
  • Notice of Meeting.
  • Blank proxy form.
  • Annual Report.
  • Minutes of previous AGM/EGM.
  • Copy of Chairman’s address.
  • Proxy votes summary.
  • Copy Chairman’s script/notes for Deputy Chairman.
  • Share Registry
  1. Representative(s) to attend meeting.
  • Bring up to date shareholders list to check shareholders on arrival.
  • Ensure shareholder/guest attendance register/lists completed/signed.
  • Calculate proxy entitlements.
  • Bring list/copies of Authorised Reps/Attorneys.
  • Auditors
  1. Prepare voting slips.
  • Scrutinise ballots/proxy votes.
  • ASX
  1. Release any prepared Chairman’s speech by start of meeting.
  • Release results of resolutions / proxy votes immediately after meeting.
  • Take to Meeting
  1. Minutes of previous Annual/Extraordinary General Meeting:-
  • copies for shareholders;
  • original for Chairman to sign (if not already signed)
  • Minute Book of general meetings (as members have a right to inspect)
  • Copies of Agenda
  • Proxy details:-
  • signed forms
  • schedule of votes
  • Voting cards
  • Chairman’s script/notes
  • Chairman’s speech:-
  • copies for shareholders / brokers / analysts
  • lodge with ASX before start of meeting
  • Folders for directors
  • Shareholders Register (at ‘snapshot’ date = close of business day proxies close)
  1. Attendance register / lists
  1. Constitution
  1. Annual Report:-
  • copies for shareholders
  • to table to meeting (financial statements and directors’ and auditors reports)
  1. Notice of Meeting:-
  • copies for shareholders
  • for Secretary to read out at meeting
  1. Directors name plates
  1. Directors / executives name tags
  1. Authorised corporate representative forms (already held) / blank forms
  1. Powers of Attorney (already held)
  1. Corporations Act and ASX Listing Rules
  1. ASX releases:-
  • Chairman’s speech
  • Results of resolutions/proxies
  • Voting slips (pre-completed – if call for poll)
  • Proxy revocation form
  • Blank letterhead
  • Press release
  • Prepared questions and answers
  • Calculator / tape recorder / mobile phone / laptop
  • Writing pad / pen
  • Directors / advisers / key contacts phone numbers
  • Business cards

*Originally written by Company Secretary, an Australian virtual company secretary service.

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