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How To Recruit The Best Paralegals Each Year (Guide)

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably  a firm believer of the value paralegals bring into a lawfirm. The strength of a law firm, to a large extent lies in its support staff, key among which are the paralegals. it the logically follows that inorder for a firm to increase in strength, it must have a failproof recruitment system for paralegals. Every firm has its system, but in general several principles apply.

1. Paralegal Certification Is Important

The term paralegal is very broad in its definition and scope. As such, quite often you’ll find people professing to paralegals, despite the fact that they don’t specialised training to act as a lawyers assistance. Granted, they may good in their respective capabilities, but a legal assistant needs to possess certain specific skills to earn that title.

The best way to ensure that your paralegal is what they profess to be is to hire only those that have udergone a certigication program from a recognized insititution.

2. Pick The Right Tool For The Purpose 

Echoing the words above, a paralegals capabilities are quite broad. They can do research work for you, answer calls, draft letters, and so on. Now, paralegals are not lawyers, but if your new to the profession, a skilled and versatile one will go a long way in easing the learning curve. On the other hand if you’re an experience lawyer, then choose a paralegal that is suites the specific gap you want filled.

3. Test For Soft Skills

This is applies for all employees, including paralegals. Client satisfaction is largely based on the human experience they have in your firm. It amounts to nothing if you have the most capable employees, but who cannot relate with your clients in a respectful and compassionate manner!

4. Test For Reasoning and Analytical Skills 

The legal profession relies heavily on the skills of induction, deduction and analysis. Although paralegals cannot replace lawyers, inorder to effectively assist them, they must possess great reasoning and analytical skills.


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