Market Announcement

For your information, the ASX called me after we lodged our annual financial results
last Friday because we had a live hyperlink in the announcement – so they did not
want to release. But I was able to convince them that the link was to a website owned
by us – – so they allowed it to stay in the announcement and said
they would make a note of that for the future.

And just to give you some more background ……….as you know, all Disclosing
Entities must announce to ‘the market’ any material information which might affect
the value or trading price of their shares – see, in particular, Part 1.2A of the
Corporations Act.

For stock exchange listed companies, that means lodging any market releases/
announcements with the ASX – and for unlisted companies, it means filing with ASIC.
In both cases the announcement should also be posted on the company’s website.

These days, companies often note in an announcement a web-site to which the
reader is taken if he ‘clicks’ on the relevant web address (ie, a ‘live’ link), such as the
following which we said in our announcement:

“……….customers are finding the benefits offered by
to be a very convenient and rewarding way to do business………….”.

This is called a ‘hyperlink’, the use of which the ASX has released guidelines to cover
such situations – that ideally, in my opinion, should apply to all Disclosing Entities.

Hyperlinking Guidelines

The inclusion of http: and/or www. in web addresses are common examples of
triggers for the creation of hyperlinks.

The ASX guidelines covering the inclusion of these are:

  1. If there is an active link to information that has previously been released to the
    market by the company itself, ASX will not object to the active hyperlink. Any
    references to information released by the company and available on
    should provide a direct link to the previously released announcement.

2. If there is an active link to a company’s home page of its website, or to an email
contact of a person at the company, ASX will not object to the active hyperlink.

3. ASX will not release an announcement with an active link in an announcement to
an interview or a corporate audio broadcast, unless the announcement has a copy of
a transcript of the interview or broadcast attached.

4. ASX will not release an announcement with an active link to another company’s
announcement or another company’s website. References to third-party
sites/addresses within the announcement are acceptable as long as they are not live.

5. If there is a link to a video of a presentation, the PowerPoint presentation must be
attached to what is released on the ASX.

I trust this gives you a better understanding of this matter.

*Originally written by Company Secretary, an Australian virtual company secretary service.

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