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10 Best Medical Lawyers in Brisbane

These are the 10 Best Medical Lawyers in Brisbane.

All throughout Australia, there are strict laws to deter medical malpractice or negligence of any kind. The same goes for Brisbane and if you are a victim of the same, you must know about the best medical lawyers in Brisbane.

For sure medical lawyers deal with other related cases too. Medical law is quite vast but most firms deal with cases of negligence and malpractice. Besides, they will help you secure the maximum possible compensation.

Some of them also fight cases like these on a no win no fee basis based on the merit of the case. Let us discuss the law firms now.

1.    Schreuders Compensation Lawyers

As their name suggests, they fight for compensation for various cases including negligence. And yes, they do offer a FREE telephonic consultation that isn’t obligatory at all. Not just that, they will also assess your case to check whether the claim that you have is legit or not.

Mark Schreuder is the firm’s principle and is helped by a capable team of legal professionals. The firm also fights select cases on a no win no fee basis meaning that you only have to pay their fee if they win the case successfully for you.

The are also not just limited to Brisbane and have offices in other major Australian cities too. They do understand the seriousness of negligence cases and hence, follow a process that is stress free for their clients.

Address: Level 19/10 Eagle St

Phone: 1300 958 154

Website: https://schreuders.com.au/medical-negligence/

2.    Shine Compensation Lawyers

Shine is yet another law firm that operates across Australia and exclusively deals with compensation law. There are also frequently asked questions on their website that most victims have related to negligence have.

Shine explains things in a very structured manner. Firstly, they will see if your claim is legit and then if it is, they explain how things are going to proceed in your legal journey besides explaining why you should choose them and what exact losses can you claim compensation for.

Their blog section also has content that can give you immense amount of knowledge related to Australian law.

Address: Riparian Plaza, Level 36/71 Eagle St

Phone: 1300 310 455

Website: https://www.shine.com.au/service/medical-negligence-lawyers

3.    LHD Lawyers

Another giant Australian law firm that goes one step ahead when it comes to negligence and malpractice. While most law firms simply talk about negligence as a whole, LHD has dedicated pages for the types of it that they deal with.

Whether it is misdiagnosis, malpractice, faulty surgery, error in prescription, improper dental treatment or birth injuries, LHD will stand with you no matter what. You should visit the dedicated pages on their website related to these things.

If your case has merit, they will fight it on a no win no fee basis. Mark Rowbotham is the Director of the Brisbane office.

Address: Level 10/167 Eagle St

Phone: 1300 273 248

Website: https://www.lhd.com.au/office-location/brisbane/

4.    Carter Capner Law

They do fight on a no win no fee basis* and yes, you can check if your claim is worth the effort on their website. By choosing them, you get comprehensive advice, high chances of securing compensation, and assistance with everything related to compensation claims.

The main divisions of negligence that they cover are negligence in nursing care, not informing patient of complications, and misdiagnosis. CC Law’s blog section too is prolific and has a large number of articles that one can read.

The firm has been operational since 1944 and has served thousands of clients to date. Overall, a trustworthy firm.

Address: 123 Charlotte St

Phone: 1300 529 529

Website: https://cartercapner.com.au/medical-injuries/

5.    Kennedy Spanner Lawyers

They have included negligence in the personal injury section. Besides, they are one of the few law firms that have accreditation from the Queensland Law Society when it comes to injury law.

KS Lawyers also tell us that one should contact a law firm ASAP in cases like these as strict time limits are applicable. Do check the FAQs on their medical negligence page as they will give you more clarity if you have doubts.

Kennedy Spanner also reviews cases for FREE and for that, all you need to do is fill a simple form on their site. If email is what you prefer as a mode of communication, then their address is [email protected].

Address: Level 9/135 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill

Phone: 7 3236 9169

Website: https://kennedyspanner.com.au/

6.    Gouldson Legal

Another firm that takes cases on a no win no fee basis and in doing that, they have a lower fee cap too (30%). If you want, you can ask Gouldson to review your case for FREE too.

The types of claims that they deal with are related to warning the patients, childbirth, procedures, faulty advice and negligent treatment. For your minor doubts, they have a live chat feature available.

While other law firms have small testimonials, they have authentic stories of clients who took their legal help to solve their problems. We do advise you to read them so you have a proper understanding of what their capabilities are.

Address: level 3/420 George St

Phone: 7 3009 7000

Website: https://gouldson.com.au/medical-negligence-injury-claims/

7.    Slater and Gordon

Allan Macrae is the one who manages the medical division of Slater and Gordon. The firm explains what is negligence with respect to medical law, the ways to go about proving medical negligence in the court of law, what you are entitled to if you win etc.

Also, their aim in all cases of this type is to maximize compensation and reduce any king of mental stress that may result because of the legal process. They also have a video in which their past client talks about the journey that he had with S&A.

Address: 3rd Floor/192 Ann St

Phone: 1800 444 141

Website: https://www.slatergordon.com.au/personal-injury/medical-negligence-law

8.    Turner Freeman Lawyers

Besides common negligence associated with the medical law, they also fight compensation claim cases related to brain injury and skin cancer. We strongly suggest you check their website to know more as the amount of information there is way too high.

Address: Level 8/239 George St

Phone: 1800 683 928

Website: https://www.turnerfreeman.com.au/

9.    Smith’s Lawyers

Unlike others, they do home visits too if required. With regards to no win no fee, they go a step forward and as they promise ‘no catch’ too. Also, they are member of a number of reputable legal associations.

Address: Christie Centre, 7/320 Adelaide St

Phone: 1800 972 336

Website: https://www.smithslawyers.com.au/compensation-law/medical-negligence

10.  Qld Law Group

They have explained the legal process that they follow step by step with respect to negligence (medical) cases. You can get your case reviewed by them for FREE.

Address: 100 Wharf St

Phone: 7 3221 8000

Website: https://qldlawgroup.com.au/medical-negligence/


While these are the best medical lawyers in Brisbane, care must be taken when you select the one to represent you. The foremost thing is that since medical negligence and its results are such a complicated issue, one must choose a law firm with whom the dealings are comfortable.

Another important thing is that you should have absolute clarity about is the fee. Yes, make sure that the law firm isn’t going to charge you any hidden fee in any form. Hopefully, you will secure the maximum possible compensation for the various losses that you have incurred.

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