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10 Best Medical Lawyers in Melbourne

These are the 10 Best Medical Lawyers in Melbourne.

Just like family law, medical law is also a sensitive subject for those fighting it out in the court of law. Which is why as someone living in Melbourne who wishes to get justice related to the matter should know about the best medical lawyers in Melbourne.

While yes, we do agree that most of the lawyers and law firms mainly fight negligence cases and that is what they mainly deal with as their clients seek monetary compensation.

However, medical law as a whole is a vast subject and it shouldn’t be just taken up as to be something that deals with negligence by a doctor or a hospital.

1.    Polaris Lawyers

They mainly help their clients with medical negligence related issues and help them secure a just financial compensation. You can contact them if the negligence has been carried out by either a hospital, physiotherapist, dentist, GP etc.

The compensation that you might receive can be for travel (medical related), domestic care, income loss and damages as a result of suffering and pain. The typical types of medical negligence have been listed on their website.

For securing compensation, they tell us that it has to be proven without reasonable doubt that the you were treated unfairly, this resulted in harm, loss or damage and not just that but you have also been harmed psychologically or physically.

Address: 456 Lonsdale St

Phone: 1300 383 825

Website: https://polarislawyers.com.au/medical-negligence-lawyer

2.    L.Y. Tonge & Co. Lawyers

While they do need an SSL certificate for their website, they have clubbed medical negligence under personal injury category. They also warn us about how strict time limits have been placed by the law and that you should immediately contact a law firm and avoid delays of any kind.

The circumstances that as per them can involve possible medical negligence are surgical and cosmetic mistakes, not doing follow-up treatment, mistreatment, misdiagnosis, and not warning about the possible risks and side effects of a given treatment.

However, they aren’t a dedicated medical law or medical negligence firm since they also work with employment, estate & wills, conveyancing etc. types of legal cases.

Address: 7/600 Lonsdale St

Phone: 3 9670 5504

Website: http://www.tongelawyers.com.au/pages/legal-services/medical-negligence

3.    Rennick Briggs Lawyers

While they too need an SSL certificate for their website, they mainly deal in securing compensation for those who have been victims of various types of incidents including medical negligence. A great thing about is they fight for claims on a no win no fee basis.

Besides, in their view, you aren’t simply just a claim, and hence, they give you personalized service that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

The firm also tells us about how the government too realizes the serious impact that possible medical negligence can have on a person’s life and they have framed strict laws pertaining to the same too.

Address: 15/190 Queen St

Phone: 3 9602 4000

Website: http://www.rennickbriggs.com.au/lawyer-services/medical-negligence/

4.    Galbally & O’Bryan

They have been assisting residents of Melbourne since 1934 (almost nine decades). G&O also offers to fight cases based on a no win no fee basis too but with some conditions.

Also, they will investigate your claim before taking up your case too. This will involve checking if you have been in fact a victim of medical negligence and how much compensation can you be able to claim as a result.

The firm also offers a FREE telephone consultation and a FREE first one on one appointment too if it thinks that your case has merit. Online legal video consultations are also available.

Address: 259 William St

Phone: 3 9200 2533

Website: https://www.galballyobryan.com.au/what-we-do/injury-compensation/medical-negligence

5.    Alessi Legal

Alessi Legal too mostly deals with compensation related to various issues including medical negligence. You can either make an enquiry or request a callback on their website.

While most other firms deal with issues that have had relatively minor impact of medical negligence, they also take up cases where negligence has resulted in the death of an individual. These cases have to be fought in the coroner’s court where the legal issues are more complex in nature.

As per them, the compensation that you can be possibly eligible for can be for covering up expenses related to professional care, medication, help at home, travel, rehabilitation and possible treatment besides a number of other things.

Address: 1 169/167 Queen St

Phone: 3 9602 3995

Website: https://alessilegal.com.au/our-services/medical-negligence/

6.    Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

A giant Australian law firm, Maurice Blackburn also fights medical negligence cases They also claim that they are the most reputable and largest law firm in Australia when it comes to fighting cases of medical negligence.

Interestingly, besides textual content, they also have a video explaining things related to it on their website page. The types of medical negligence are also listed on their website. Not just that, one of their clients also tells us on video how Maurice Blackburn changed his life.

The common questions that you may be having are answered in the FAQ section and yes, they fight on a no win no fee basis too (conditional).

Address: 21/380 La Trobe St

Phone: 3 9605 2700

Website: https://www.mauriceblackburn.com.au/injury-law/medical-negligence/

7.    Henry Carus & Associates

First thing first, their website is also available in Spanish and Chinese for those who are more comfortable in these languages. Another thing to note is that they are injury lawyers and hence, securing compensation is kind of their specialty.

For medical negligence related cases besides others, they work on a no win no fee basis. While most firms have simply testimonials that are short, HC&A have success stories where they talk about past cases in a detailed way.

The consultations that they provide to their clients is totally confidential. And they have a number of offices in locations other than Melbourne too.

Address: 11/607 Bourke St

Phone: 3 9001 1318

Website: https://www.hcalawyers.com.au/services/medical-negligence-claims/

8.    Arnold Thomas & Becker

They are a personal injury related law firm that has gone ahead and also created a category for birth injury since they realize the sheer impact that has on a family. They have given a list of situations that can be termed as negligence.

Address: 573-577 Lonsdale St

Phone: 3 9614 1433

Website: https://www.arnoldthomasbecker.com.au/

9.    Adviceline Injury Lawyers

The main issues which their medical negligence team addresses are wrongful birth, injury at child birth, failure at informing the patient about vital things, misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis.

Address: 6/555 Bourke St

Phone: 3 9321 9988

Website: https://advicelineinjurylawyers.com.au/medical-negligence

10.  Schreuders Compensation Lawyers

They do understand the adverse impact that malpractice by doctors or medical professionals can have on people and hence, they try their best to deserve optimal results.

Address: 28/303 Little Collins St

Phone: 1300 827 083

Website: https://schreuders.com.au/medical-negligence/


So, we sincerely hope that these best medical lawyers in Melbourne help you resolve the issues that you are currently facing.

Yes, most of them deal solely with medical negligence and there is no doubt about that. But, the thing with medical law is that medical negligence is what that is most troubling and common in terms of number of cases.

Many of these firms have more than enough amount of experience fighting cases related to medical law and hence, are trusted by a number of clients. We wish you all the best and hopefully, you will receive the rightful compensation that you deserve.

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