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10 Best Medical Lawyers in Perth

These are the 10 Best Medical Lawyers in Perth.

We all go see our doctors and general physicians and other medical professionals with a strong belief that our issues will be solved but sometimes things go wrong either because of ignorance or unintentional error.

And if you have been a victim of malpractice or negligence, it is important that you know about the best medical lawyers in Perth.

That is why we are going to discuss the best law firms of Perth city in this post. Needless to say, our goal with respect to doing is that you are able to make an informed decision about things. Let us begin with #1 law firm.

1.    Maureen O’Connell Lawyer

Maureen is the lead lawyer of this firm and they have a terrific reputation. She is also a member of the law society of Western Australia.

While the firm is relatively new (established in 2017), it was established to address clients needing help with sensitive legal issues.

Do feel free to call them or email them at [email protected] to get in touch. If you want, you can also fill out their enquiry form on their website’s contact us page.

With regards to that, they can be contacted anytime and appointments can be scheduled at your house or some other convenient location.

Perhaps this is one thing that is really convenient for people who wish to comfortably discuss things with clients.

Address: Level 3/33 Barrack St

Phone: 458 731 007

Website: https://maureenoconnelllawyer.com.au/

2.    Vertannes Georgiou

They have a different approach towards negligence as they have dedicated a page to dental negligence too.

While they don’t work on a no win no fee basis, they fight some cases on something similar known as ‘success fee’ basis. But this is only done when an independent expert says that the claim is worth fighting for.

As per them, under local compensation laws, a legal compensation case can be filed against a given health care provider and as per law, he or she can be a paramedic, osteopath, naturopath, optometrist, chiropractor, physiotherapist, nurse, specialist medical practitioner, and a general medical practitioner.

Address: 01/177 Stirling St

Phone: 8 9227 7866

Website: https://www.vertannesgeorgiou.com.au/

3.    Millner and Knight

M&A predominantly deal with compensation law including compensation associated with medical malpractice and negligence. Their lawyers don’t like to confuse their clients by using complex legal jargons.

You can also fill their call back form on their website if you want. Another great thing about Millner and Knight is that they have a doctrine that says they don’t settle for anything less than what they deserve.

Besides that, they operate on a no win no fee basis for almost all of these cases. However before taking up your case, they might examine if your case has merit (i.e., is the claim worth it).

Address: Unit 12/17 Prowse St

Phone: 8 6118 1673

Website: https://www.millnerknight.com.au/medical-negligence-claims/

4.    Foyle Legal

Foyle has more than 150 positive ratings on their GMB listing. Not just that, they have won multiple awards too for their work in the field of personal injury.

Also, we would recommend that you check their FAQ section too so that your most common doubts will get resolved.

Foyle Legal also works on a no win no fee basis besides offering FREE assessment of a given case so the person knows where he stands from the legal point of view.

For the FREE claim (case) review, all that you need to do is fill up a simple form on their website.

Address: 6/2 Carson Rd, Malaga

Phone: 408 727 343

Website: https://foylelegal.com/personal-injuries/medical-negligence-claims/

5.    PM Lawyers

While they have a dedicated page titled health law, they also help people with medical negligence compensation claims.

Not just that, besides patients, they also fight legal battles for regulators, community care organizations, hospitals, insurers, and a variety of medical practitioners.

The list of issues that they can give you advice about is given on their website page.

With regards to reputation, they are considered to be Tier 1 firm by the Doyle’s guide (a reputed guide about finding out what are the best firms) when it comes to medical malpractice and negligence.

Overall, a firm that can be relied up on by anyone who is looking for legal help when it comes to negligence.

Address: 54-58 Havelock St

Phone: 8 9321 0522

Website: https://www.pmlawyers.com.au/

6.    LHD Lawyers

The firm operates on a pan Australian basis and has its presence in cities all across Australia. LHD has been helping the residents of Perth since the last three decades.

Even if don’t wish to go with them, you can get a FREE case done by their lawyer. They also are committed to provide legal services to those residents of Perth who can’t have access to that because of financial problems.

Heine Papenfus is the director of the Perth office. LHD also has a custom-built smartphone application so that clients have all the information related to their cases at their fingertips.

Address: 1/59 Parry St

Phone: 1300 273 248

Website: https://www.lhd.com.au/office-location/perth/

7.    Premier Compensation Lawyers

Premier’s lawyers will be with you till the claim case is done with successfully. They tell us about how medical law related cases require lawyers that have the highest possible experience.

The negligence and malpractice matters that they can help you with are not preventing injuries that can be foreseen, not taking proper care of the patient, complications that arise from a surgery gone wrong, incorrect treatment, and misdiagnosis.

But we do feel that they should have a blog section on their website so their potential clients know more about the complications associated with the law.

Address: 44 Kings Park Rd

Phone: 1300 769 296

Website: https://premiercompensationlawyers.com.au/service/compensation-law/medical-negligence/

8.    Bradford Legal

While they haven’t directly stated what kind of medical malpractice or medical negligence, they have expertise in or fight for, but they do take up these cases and even have a dedicated page for them on their website.

All you need to do to get in touch with them is to either call them or fill up a simple enquiry form on their website. The testimonials section of their site also tells us that they are a capable legal firm.

Address: 60 Kishorn Rd, Mount Pleasant

Phone: 8 9316 2299

Website: https://www.bradfordlegal.com.au/personal-injury/medical-negligence/

9.    Shine Lawyers

Kenneth Rukunga leads the Perth branch of Shine lawyers. The firm has also explained everything that is to be there on their negligence page. Not just that, you can also check out the blog section to more about medical law in general.

Address: 119 Newcastle St

Phone: 8 6212 8400

Website: https://www.shine.com.au/locations/wa/perth

10.  Slater and Gordon Lawyers

Perhaps they have the best way of explaining things related to medical law (negligence) and you will notice this too when you visit their website.

Address: 7/32 St Georges Terrace

Phone: 1800 444 141

Website: https://www.slatergordon.com.au/offices/perth


Besides choosing the right lawyer for fighting your medical malpractice or negligence case, we also suggest that you explore things by yourself too to understand medical law properly. Another thing to note is that you must be comfortable with the lawyer that is allotted to you.

This is because negligence is a sensitive issue. Having clarity about the fee structure too is important and you should enquire about it. Yes, there are firms that fight compensation cases like this one a no win no fee basis too. We have mentioned this while talking about the best medical lawyers in Perth.

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