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10 Best Medical Lawyers in Sydney

These are the 10 Best Medical Lawyers in Sydney.

Are you looking for the best Medical Lawyers in Sydney? While Sydney is perhaps one of the best Australian cities to live in, unfortunate events like medical negligence can negatively affect your life. And if you have been a victim of this, then you must reach out to the best medical lawyers in Sydney.

There are a number of medical lawyers in Sydney and sometimes it becomes quite difficult for people to choose the right one. You need to make sure you don’t end up selecting a wrong or an inexperienced lawyer who are not capable enough to deal with your case in the right way. And where can one find these best medical lawyers? Well established law firms as you may have guessed it.

The firms that we are going to talk about have helped thousands of residents of Sydney get a fair and just compensation as they deserve. Regardless, allows us to discuss them in detail so that you can make an informed decision.

1.    Garling & Co Lawyers

Garling & Co Lawyers are Medical Lawyers in Sydney offering the most suitable legal advice for Medical Negligence Claims, Motor Accident Claims, Comcare Claims, Work Injury Damages Claims and more.  They have explained the entire claim process of medical malpractice and negligence step by step on their website. Their track record as per their GMB listing is spotless with all 5-sar ratings. Besides, the FREE case assessments that they do are totally confidential.

Their experience in the field of law is almost two decades. Also, the specialty of Garling & Co is in malpractice claims.

As per them, compensation claims can be made against massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, specialists, hospitals, dentists, and general practitioners. Besides, they have case studies available for you to study too.

They are specialist medical lawyers in Sydney, with a depth and breadth of experience in all matters regarding medical law. Whether you’re a patient seeking advice or a health practitioner defending your reputation, their expert medical lawyers in Sydney can provide you with the legal support you need. They can also assist you in resolving a dispute and ensuring that your rights are protected. Mailing them on [email protected] is also a thing that you can do to get in touch.

Address: Suite 1004, Level 10/46 Market St

Phone: 2 8518 1120

Website: https://www.garlingandco.com.au/

2.    Law Advice Compensation Lawyers

As their name suggests, they fight for a large variety of compensation related cases including medical malpractice and negligence. Their guarantee is that they won’t charge you a cent before winning the case for you. And this isn’t conditional like other firms however they may take cases based on merit. They can help you with compensation claims arising from motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, public liability, medical negligence and criminal injuries. Their team of specialists is dedicated to getting the best results for our clients. They are compassionate and professional, ensuring that you always have someone to turn to when you need them most.

The firm has offices at multiple locations besides Sydney. Also, they are accredited specialists when it comes to personal injury. There are many things that have been explained on their medical negligence page. The insights section is interesting as they tell the amount of compensation secured for their past clients. You can trust their medical negligence lawyers to do their best for you.

Address: Level 17/40 Mount St

Phone: 2 8316 0300

Website: https://www.lawadvice.com.au/legal-services/medical-negligence

3.    Burgan Lawyers

They have an office in Newcastle too besides Sydney. Burgan mainly deals with workplace accidents, public liability claims, personal injury, and motor accidents related cases besides negligence (medical). The blog section has some interesting posts too.

With regards to no win no fee basis, they do take up cases like that but there are some conditions that are applicable and the decision about whether or not they will take a case on this basis is up to them. They provide legal services for medical negligent cases and compensation claims, so if you or a loved one has been injured by a doctor, surgeon or nurse, you can seek their help to receive compensation. Their team of experienced medical negligence lawyers have the expertise to handle your case and will fight vigilantly for your rights. They offer a no win no fee* policy, so you won’t have to pay any upfront costs and can make a claim without worrying about paying legal bills at the end of it all.

Besides calling, you can get in touch with them by filling an enquiry form on their site. Kasarne Burgan is the one who leads the firm.

Address: St James Centre, Level 13/111 Elizabeth St

Phone: 2 8379 1854

Website: https://www.burganlawyers.com.au/medical-negligence/

4.    Monaco Solicitors

Monaco Solicitors is a medical law firm in Sydney, specialising in medical negligence. The lawyers at Monaco Solicitors understand that the loss of a loved one or personal injury can be devastating, and act with compassion and empathy to ensure you are represented effectively. Monaco works on a no win no fee guarantee and has had a fabulous track record when it comes to success rate in making claims (98%).

Not just that, the total value of all the compensations secured by them is in millions of AUDs. They are perhaps one of their kind as they have videos of lawyers talking about what they do while fighting medical negligence cases. They can assist you with a range of legal matters including medical negligence claims, personal injury claims, defamation, criminal law matters, insurance claims and debt recovery.

The firm also offers FREE advice so that you can be sure whether you have a claim as per the law or not. Not just that, facility of FREE 1st time consultation is also available. For common questions that you may have, refer to their FAQ section.

Address: 5/75 Elizabeth St

Phone: 1300 769 665

Website: https://monacosolicitors.com.au/services/medical-negligence/

5.    Taylor and Scott Lawyers

They have made divisions into medical negligence sector that are claims associated with retirement and nursing, providers of treatment, doctors, and hospitals. While these are main issues they handle, T&S lawyers also work when there has been a delayed diagnosis, faulty surgery, anesthesia, etc.

Also, they have a number of articles that examine minute points associated with negligence. The firm, you would be surprised to know, has been helping the people of Sydney since more than a century. They are a top Sydney medical negligence law firm, who have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for their clients. They have the right experience and knowledge to ensure that you recover the highest amount of compensation for your injuries. If you have been injured due to medical misdiagnosis or negligence, call them today for a free initial consultation.

Their values are transparency, integrity, and honesty and their legal professionals are also specialized and skilled. The firm also has its offices in other locations than the city of Sydney itself.

Address: 12/276 Pitt St

Phone: 1800 600 664

Website: https://www.taylorandscott.com.au/compensation-lawyers/medical-negligence/

6.    Law Partners

Perhaps they are one of the most prolific practitioners of medical negligence law as they cover a large number of issues associated with it. Also, they are certified by a number of legal organizations too besides being a winner of a number of awards.

They are a firm of medical lawyers based in Sydney CBD. They act exclusively for victims of medical negligence and their families. In the last years, they have worked on thousands of cases and received compensation for their clients. You can also avail a FREE on call discussion with them that is obligation free. The success rate they have in securing compensation for their clients is at 99% (highest that we have seen).

And yes, they operate on a no win no fee basis. Overall, a firm that is reliable and that has been built on a solid foundation. They have also shared the story of one their clients, Tanya on their site. Their team is available to speak with you 24/7, including nights and weekends when necessary. If they do not provide an answer to your query, they will find someone who can.

Address: Citigroup Centre, 45, 2 Park St

Phone: 2 9264 4474

Website: https://lawpartners.com.au/

7.    LHD Lawyers

Located in Sydney’s CBD, the LHD Lawyers office is conveniently situated close to public transport and legal institutions. LHD Lawyers provide a personalised service for their clients and their lawyers and their support staff are available on a regular basis to discuss your concerns and help you achieve the best outcome. They offer risk-free, obligation-free initial consultations, so you can get to know us before you make any decisions. A firm that has been operational since the last 3 decades, LHD has helped thousands of Australians and changed their life for the better. The compensation related claims that they fight are fought on a no win no fee basis exclusively.

They believe that if you’ve been injured and it wasn’t your fault, you deserve compensation to help you through the tough times – and to hold the wrongdoer accountable for their actions or negligence. If you would like to speak to one of our medical negligence lawyers about your matter, please contact them using the details below.

Address: 8/151 Castlereagh St

Phone: 1300 273 248

Website: https://www.lhd.com.au/office-location/sydney/

8.    Firths The Compensation Lawyers

Another dedicated compensation law firm that also helps people dealing with negligence related cases. Also, they will do a FREE case review too for you if you want. All that you need to do is fill a simple form on their website. Stephen Firth is the founder and lead lawyers at the firm.

If you’ve been injured by a medical professional’s negligent actions, you could be eligible to make a claim for compensation. The amount of compensation you can claim depends on how severe your injuries are and how much they impact your life. That’s why it pays to have the best medical lawyers in Sydney working on your side, as they have the experience to win you exceptional compensation.

Firths Compensation Lawyers has helped thousands of people get the care and support they need after being injured by medical negligence. If you or someone you love has suffered an injury or illness because of a doctor, nurse or other health provider’s mistake, they can help you get results.

Address: The Chambers, Level 6/370 Pitt St

Phone: 1800 631 888

Website: https://www.firths.com.au/services/643/medical-negligence

9.    NSW Compensation Lawyers

They have a professional team of lawyers who are expert in handling the cases related to compensation, medical negligence and workplace injuries. The experts at NSW Compensation Lawyers are dedicated to helping their clients with all the legal matters such as motor vehicle accidents, motor cycle accidents, work place injury, public liability claims and superannuation claims. If you or any of your family member has suffered from an injury and it is not your fault then you have the right to claim for compensation.

Thus, if you are looking for medical negligence lawyer and compensation lawyer then get in touch with NSW Compensation Lawyers by visiting their office and booking an appointment with them. They provide free no obligation consultation to their clients where they will explain all the terms and conditions of your case so that you can make a better decision.

Address: 4/7 Secant St, Liverpool

Phone: 2 9601 0088

Website: https://www.nswcompensationlawyers.com.au/offices/liverpool/

10.  Shine Lawyers

The firm has a specialist accreditation from the law society of New South Wales. Their blog section has some great content too about how the Australian legal system works. Overall, a decent firm who gives you access to senior and well-experienced lawyers.

They are one of the leading medical negligence lawyers in Australia. Shine Lawyers have a team of experienced lawyers who can assist you with your claim for compensation for the injuries you have suffered due to the negligence of others. To help you understand your rights and options, contact them today or fill out their enquiry form online and one of their friendly staff will be in touch with you shortly.

Address: 6/299 Elizabeth St

Phone: 2 8754 7200

Website: https://www.shine.com.au/service/medical-negligence-lawyers


We hope the information contained in this guide was useful and has given you a chance to explore some of the best medical lawyers Sydney has to offer. While choosing a legal firm for your medical practice may seem overwhelming, it does not have to be. These are a few important factors to consider when choosing an attorney, but choosing one is ultimately a matter of personal preference. The important thing while choosing the right lawyer is that you should be comfortable while dealing with him or her. This is because you wouldn’t want someone whose aim is to win the case regardless of what you feel about things.

And yes, don’t forget to ask about similar cases like yours that they have successfully in the past as that is the best performance parameter. We wish you luck for your compensation claim.

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