National Names Index

Available through the ASIC website, the National Names Index (NNI) is an index of Australian corporate and registered business names, and some incorporated associations. Corporate names include companies, trusts, managed investment schemes, foreign companies and registrable Australian bodies.

The NNI can be used to find very basic, free, information on each organisation including:

  • its registration number (eg, ACN, ARBN, ARSN) – for all organisation types
  • where ASIC has been advised by the Australian Business Register that an organisation has been allocated an Australian Business Number (ABN) based on its ACN/ARBN/ARSN, the ABN will also be displayed
  • a company’s current status (eg registered or deregistered) – with some exceptions for trusts and managed investment schemes
  • name reservations lodged with ASIC
  • date of deregistration for deregistered companies and schemes
  • the town or suburb of a company’s registered office – not for managed investment schemes or trusts and for only some registered business names and incorporated associations
  • a complete list of documents lodged by a company since 1 January 1991 – for all except registered business names and incorporated associations
  • for listed companies documents/announcements lodged with the stock exchange are also shown
  • jurisdiction – the organisation responsible for administration of the law underwhich the organisation is created

The NNI is also useful to search and see if a desired company name is available.

ASIC provides information free of charge wherever possible. However, the Corporations (Fees) Regulations 2001 require that fees are prescribed for anything other than very basic information. Fees are paid into Government revenue.

For additional information such as the details of officeholders or the addresses of the company then a full company search (company extract) will need to bepurchased through an Information Broker or an ASIC Service Centre.

*Originally written by Company Secretary, an Australian virtual company secretary service.

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