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10 Best Property Lawyers in Canberra

These are the 10 Best Property Lawyers in Canberra.

People often find themselves in a position where they need advice on buying or renting a property. The process can be tricky and you want to make sure that everything is done correctly to avoid having money withheld from you by the tenant in the future. So, who can you turn to for help? Property lawyers are the go-to professionals for this kind of situation. They are specially trained in laws surrounding buying, renting and selling of property.

This is what makes them the best option to talk to when you have any legal questions regarding your property. A good property lawyer will always be looking out for your best interests and always put you first. Before listing these 10 best property lawyers in Canberra, we spent time finding out which ones are the most reliable by reading customer reviews, case studies and past work history, so we could provide you with the best possible advice.

1.    Baker Deane & Nutt

Baker Deane & Nutt are property lawyers in Canberra. They are also known for their great customer service as well as the quality of work they do. They have a great reputation for being friendly and knowledgeable about the different types of property law. They have been around since 1989 and have always worked hard to give clients the best possible service. Baker Deane & Nutt has always prided themselves on providing high-quality legal advice at affordable prices.

One of the leading law firms in Canberra, their property lawyers mainly cater to the conveyancing needs of people in Canberra. Besides Canberra, they also have an office in Queanbeyan. They explain how buying and selling involves preparing contracts, exchanging contracts and settling the transaction. They don’t just stop here and further tell us about what their lawyer would do in case one is buying property or selling it.

Also, you can get in touch with them if you wish to update a title or subdivide land. Bill Baker and Lorraine White are the leading partners at the firm. You can also fill a simple form on their website so they can get in touch with you.

Address: 1/1 Farrell Pl

Phone: 2 6230 1999

Website: https://www.bdn.com.au/

2.    O’Connor Harris

They are a well-established law firm in Canberra with a team of expert property lawyers. They are committed to delivering excellent solutions for any property related issue by using the most innovative, practical and cost-effective methods. If you want help with commercial and building & construction law too besides property law, then they are firm you should contact. They mainly work in agreements related to residential tenancies, strata titling, subdividing and developing property, and leases in retirement village.

They can help with a wide range of property law matters. Whether you’re buying or selling, or if there’s a dispute or problem with a property, they can assist you at every step of the way. To contact them, you can either call them, fill their contact us form or email them at [email protected]. Their news section also has some articles that will tell you more about the complications and details of Australian law.

The firm is quite old and was created in 1982. Another best thing is that they only operate in Canberra and hence, have solid grip over how the law works there. You can also read their testimonials on their website to gain further insight.

Address: Level 6/161 London Cct

Phone: 2 6247 6077

Website: https://oconnorharris.com.au/property-law/

3.    Meyer Vandenberg

Meyer Vandenberg is one of the leading law firms in Canberra with over 30 years’ experience and expertise. They have always been at the forefront of legal practice in Canberra, providing a full range of services to individuals, businesses and government. Their lawyers are well known for their expertise and dedication to client service. Their team includes some of the most experienced lawyers in the ACT region, and an impressive number of accredited specialists.

They provide a wide range of legal services including property law, commercial law, litigation, family law, wills & estates, employment law and government services.  Many of their lawyers have also won multiple awards for their work in property law. The resources section on their site can be checked for knowledgeable articles, content and videos.

Alisa Taylor is the one who leads the property division of the firm. Needless to say, they are one of the best property lawyers in Canberra. Do feel free to read client testimonials on their website too.

Address: EY Building, Level 2/121 Marcus Clarke St

Phone: 2 6279 4444

Website: https://www.meyervandenberg.com.au/

4.    Emma Brown Legal

Emma Brown Legal is an award-winning law firm that offers an array of services across a number of legal disciplines. These include property, commercial, family and employment law, as well as estate planning and general litigation. With respect to property law, they mainly deal in conveyancing. Almost all their conveyancing services have a fixed fee. Emma has worked predominantly in the areas of commercial and retail property, leasing and development law.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about any kind of hidden charges with them. They do acknowledge that buying or selling a property is significant event for a majority of Australians. They offer advantages like that of being affordable, efficient and reliable.

The firm is committed to ensuring that clients receive individualised attention, which enables them to provide tailored advice that meets each client’s needs and expectations. You can reach them out via [email protected] or by fax at 02 8282 4312 too. Besides, like most firms, they have a contact us form on their website as well.

Address: Level 7/10 Hobart Pl

Phone: 2 8488 0828

Website: https://www.eblegal.com.au/

5.    Aulich

They do have a confident way of pitching their property law services as they tell us how the industry is filled with people who make promises that don’t hold. They too mainly deal with buying and selling property and the associated legal issues. They offer a variety of different services, including buying and selling property, subdividing land and preparing family law property orders.

Aulich offers its clients the chance of becoming someone who deals in property in a risk- and worry-free manner. They are ready to guide you through each step as you progress with the transaction and their well-qualified team is always at your disposal.

One thing that we would like to point out is that they aren’t a dedicated property law firm as they deal with personal injury, criminal and civil cases too. They will help you with the conveyancing process in a very professional manner. Contact them at their office by calling, emailing or dropping in to discuss your needs.

Address: Ground Floor, 1 Farrell Pl

Phone: 2 6279 4222

Website: https://aulich.com.au/property/

6.    Capital Lawyers

Capital Lawyers is a boutique Commercial and Property Law Firm located in the heart of Canberra City. You need to choose a law firm that can deliver on their promises and has the experience necessary to ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your investment. Capital Lawyers are the industry leaders in all legal fields and have over 25 years of experience serving the ACT community. They too again deal with a variety of types of legal issues including the buying and selling property. What they are willing to do for you is organizing your lender besides covering their proceeding with insurance related to your case.

Capital Lawyers are a well-established law firm who offer high quality legal services at affordable rates, which means that you do not have to worry about spending too much money when hiring their lawyers.  You can also get a free quote from them besides calling them to discuss about your deal. They have a useful links section that has links to official sources. In total, they have represented over five thousand cases to date.

Address: 9/1 Hobart Pl

Phone: 2 6262 5355

Website: http://capitallawyers.com.au/

7.    Griffin Legal

Griffin Legal is a property law firm in Canberra, providing services to both individuals and businesses. They too mostly deal with basic property law related things like disputes related to contracts and building, transactions related to estate, acquisition, sale of land, agreements related to loan, issues pertaining to planning and retail and commercial leases. They have been in business for over 30 years and are well known for their property law services. They are also the largest local property law firm in Canberra and have a reputation for providing quality services. They provide a range of services for individuals, businesses and government agencies in the ACT region.

They aim to take the stress out of buying or selling a house, commercial property or business by giving you peace of mind knowing your matter is being handled by an experienced lawyer who will guide you through the process from start to finish.

They also have a newsletter if you are interested. Besides, you can drop your enquiries on [email protected].  Along with Canberra, they have an office in Melbourne too.

Address: Level 1/10 Moore St

Phone: 2 6198 3100

Website: https://griffinlegal.com.au/

8.    Elringtons

They offer a whole plethora of services that can be checked on their property page of their website. Besides that, they have a number of conveyancing guides available too that you should read to know more about buying and selling property.

They deal with all aspects of property law and transactions including: Buying or selling residential, rural and commercial real estate (including houses, units, townhouses, vacant land, commercial buildings and factories). Transfers of property between family members or friends. Preparation and registration of subdivision plans (strata title and community title), easements and covenants. Preparation of contracts for the sale or purchase of residential, rural and commercial property. Advice on the stamp duty and capital gains tax implications of your property transaction.

Do you need a commercial lawyer with the skills and experience to provide you with legal advice on the purchase, sale or leasing of commercial property?  You can also schedule a call back by simply filling up a form on their website. Also, they have dedicated articles talking in detail about conveyancing and property law (besides the guides that we already mentioned).

Address: 7/221 London Cct

Phone: 2 6206 1300

Website: https://elringtons.com.au/services/property/

9.    Conveyancing Canberra

Conveyancing Canberra is a firm of Property Solicitors based in Canberra, ACT. They are specialist property law lawyers who provide expert legal advice in all areas of property law, including residential and commercial conveyancing, building contracts and developments, off the plan purchases and sales, strata title matters, leasing, mortgage refinancing and more.

Their Director is an accredited specialist in Property Law with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. He is highly professional and dedicated to providing you with a personalised service that exceeds your expectations.

They understand that it can be daunting dealing with legal matters that affect your biggest asset and the decision on who to choose for your conveyancer or solicitor is not one to be taken lightly. Conveyancing Canberra take pride in their reputation for providing strategic legal advice and exceptional client service.

Address: Canberra House, 40 Marcus Clarke St, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

Phone: +61 2 6188 3570

Website: https://www.conveyancingcanberra.com.au/

10.    BAL Lawyers

Lawyers at BAL Lawyers are experts in conveyancing. BAL Lawyers deal with all types of real estate transactions and have the experience and knowledge to ensure your property transaction is completed smoothly. They specialise in property law and conveyancing including buying and selling residential and commercial properties, building contracts, subdivisions, leasing, strata titles and more. With over 15 years’ experience in the legal sector, BAL Lawyers can provide you with advice on a wide range of legal issues. They offer friendly and professional service at affordable rates.

BAL Lawyers have been assisting clients with property conveyancing services for years. They pride themselves on their professionalism, integrity and cost-effectiveness. The firm specialises in property law, conveyancing and commercial leasing. They also provide legal services in the area of commercial and business law.

Address: Level 9/40 Marcus Clarke St, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

Phone: +61 2 6274 0999

Website: http://www.ballawyers.com.au/


Yes, buying and selling property is a major life event for ordinary Australians and hence, going with one of the best property lawyers in Canberra is the way to go.

Yes, conveyancers can help you too but they wouldn’t be able to give your related property advice. Besides leasing property too is another thing in which the importance of drafting agreements and contracts isn’t unknown.

While selecting the most appropriate law firm, do clarify things related to payment and fees. Also, it would be better if you also enquire about similar cases like yours that they have fought in the past.

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