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The 6 Best Websites To Find Legal Jobs & Internships in Australia

Internships are a great way to put into practice the theoretical knowledge one gains from school as well as to form working relationships with prospective employees. As we mentioned in a previous article, in today’s labour market, internships have become a precious commodity. Finding a good internship to apply for is hard enough, even without adding the uncertainty of whether you’ll get it.

That being so, the internet has made it a bit easier to connect with potential employers all around the world. Numerous websites consolidate internship opportunities from thousands of employers, some doing so with more success than others. In this article, we share with the very best of those websites, thus making your due diligence work even easier.

1. Google

This list would be a complete sham without including google in it. Google is simply the most powerful search engine there is, so chances are that whatever kind of job you’re looking for, you’ll find it there. Google’s strength in our opinion also serves as its drawback. Google gives you access to millions of individual employers each with their page.

While this is much more than any other site will give, you’ll have to go through each of the employer’s sites individually, a task that can be daunting. Even so, Google is a great site for this purpose.

2. Internships.com.au

Having been established more than twenty years ago, Australian Internships (the company behind internships.com.au) is an industry leader in linking students with the Australian job market. The company has a presence in more than twenty cities around the country. It boasts partnering with more than seven thousand organisations! To date, Australian Internships has arranged more than thirteen thousand internships.

What we love about this website is that the company behind doesn’t simply curate companies with intern positions open. Instead, they have a hands-on approach such that each arrangement is specifically negotiated to make sure the intern has their interests well represented. Each intern is given an Internship Program Supervisor, to make sure that they have a point of contact at all times.

3. au.indeed.com

This website succeeds where google fails. Indeed.com brings together a host of employers either looking for employees or intern. Each employer is ranked, making your due diligence work that much easier. What’s more, for those looking for paid internships, you can filter employers by how much they pay. We love indeed.com because it simplifies an otherwise arduous task.

4. Linkedin

This list would not be complete without Linkedin. So important is the site, that we recommend that you have a profile with them immediately. While companies such as Facebook and Twitter target the social media scene, Linkedin early on wanted to link employers to employees. It is the largest website that does this.

When you think Linkedin, think quality. Because they charge quite high fees to post internship opportunities and/or jobs, you have the peace of mind knowing that the companies listed are most likely legitimate. You will need Linkedin not just for internships but more so when you’re ready to formally join the labour market!

5. Glassdoor

Glassdoor doesn’t just curate job listings, it excels in analysis. On their site, you’ll find all manner of reviews from company reviews to CEO reviews. It’s great to see that they also have a mobile application.

6. Internmatch.com

Internmatch.com, as the name suggests, specialises in internship finding. The company has a presence in Australia and is arguably one of the best sites for internships in the country. The website has an amazing user interface, which should make your work quite hassle-free. The websites search engine is quite advanced as it lets you filter for the specific type of legal internship that you want.

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